Our Engagement Models

Working with Ascendix, you can select the level of control over your project and define if you prefer to work with our Dallas team or wish to outsource your project to our offshore office to cut your costs.

Engagement models

Which Model is the Right Fit for You?

At Ascendix, we adapt to your requirements and are very flexible. As a result, you not only benefit from our custom software development expertise but work with us the way you prefer. On top of gaining access to highly skilled employees from Dallas and our Ukrainian office, our variety allows you to select an offering that will lead to a successful engagement.

On Demand Team

You have more project-oriented work with defined scope and timeline.

  • You need temporary access to a technical delivery team
  • Our team takes on more control and responsibility for successful delivery of the project
  • Best when there is no formal project roadmap for continuous development over time
  • Great when implementing specialized products like CRM or other point solutions

Dedicated Team

You are in need of a technical delivery team for an extended duration.

  • Looked at as an alternative to hiring short or long term technical resources internally
  • The client assumes the responsibility of team direction and development goals/objectives
  • Continuity of resources provides cost savings
  • Can be implemented as a virtual extension to an existing internal development team or as a complete team

Staffing Options

Blended Team

US Team: Project management and business analysis. Ukrainian Team: Development & QA

Offshore Team

Project management, business analysis, development and QA are done by our Ukrainian team.

The Ascendix Advantage

U.S. based project management combined with highly skilled Eastern European based developers eliminates risks of offshore development models while maintaining a cost-effective resourcing program.

Direct interaction with stateside resources ensures crisp communication and maximizes the overlap of business hours for meetings​.

Development team located in Eastern Europe results in lower cost structures and round the clock progress on deliverables​.

Drivers for Exploring Offshoring​

  • Cost Savings
  • "Round the Clock" development pools. Discovery, design, document stateside and develop offshore.​
  • Access to more plentiful talent pools.​​
  • Insulate from stateside turnover. Tied to cost, stateside talent pay scale expectations rise at a rapid pace causing defection of key skillsets.​​​

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is a top-ranked Eastern-European IT leader in terms of quantity and quality of IT resources​.

  • #1 In Eastern Europe in number of IT professionals​
  • 7th place in the world in terms of quality and efficiency of the freelance workforce
  • 11th place in the top 50 world's developers
  • 185,000 software developers in Ukraine
  • 36,000 IT graduates each year
  • 1,000+ events for IT specialists, startups and investors every year
  • 150 tech universities and colleges
  • 1 Hour Ahead of Western Europe, 7 Hours ahead of the US (EST)

Our IT Outsourcing Success Story

After 7 years and 5 countries, Ascendix found the team that changed their perspective on offshoring. The experience was so great that we hired the employees in 2014 and have developed innovative, one-of-a-kind solutions for our customers and ourselves.

We've been there...

Remember the old hair club for men commercials where the guy would say "I'm not just the owner, I'm a member"? That's us when it comes to Ascendix Offshore Development Services!

We tried 5 providers over a 7 year period. We were just about to give up on outsourcing as an option when we were contacted by a provider who promised a different experience. After a review, we decided to give them a project and they finished on time and on budget.

It was a success!

After multiple successful projects, we decided to hire the staff to work with our larger clients and internal products. We immediately adjusted their office hours so there would be an overlap between our offices in Dallas, TX and Eastern Europe. Project management and communication improved and we saw even more efficiency development.

At first, we limited offshore software development services to our top clients and internal projects.

Today, anyone can benefit from the team we put together, whether it is a small project or a full dedicated team.

Have a project in mind? Contact us to discuss what options you have, pros and cons, our quotes and a projected timeline.

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