Xamarin App Development

Ascendix helps you build applications customized to meet your business goals, integrated with all major mobile platforms, and thoroughly tested to minimize errors. Using a Xamarin toolset, we ensure cost-effective development and fast delivery.

Our Xamarin App Development Services

  • Xamarin mobile app development. Get mobile apps fast and for all platforms at once.
  • Xamarin outsourcing. Hire Xamarin developers in Eastern Europe and benefit from the right resources for your current and coming projects.
  • Xamarin integration. Employ additional capabilities to your mobile app such as search, location-based solutions, customer engagement, and more.
  • Xamarin support and maintenance.Work with a capable support team for your app.

Xamarin App Development Guarantees

  • Faster cross-platform development with up to 90% of shared code.
  • Enhanced user experience with native UI and high performance for different platforms.
  • Reliable Microsoft support with a wide expert community.
  • Modern development and testing techniques.
  • Easy migration of existent native apps.

Why Choose Xamarin

What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a set of tools that help to implement a native approach which streamlines development for target platforms such as IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can build your app for Apple Wear and Android Watch because wearable devices are supported as well. Don’t miss this opportunity if your clients love wearing smart devices. The common codebase, shared libraries, and carefully developed native features make such an integration not only possible but also a smart solution.

With the right look and feel on any device, your users will have a native, convenient experience and, therefore, use your app more frequently. This will give you an excellent opportunity to deliver your message to the target audience when needed.

More than 15,000 companies benefit from Xamarin tools, so why not give this well-accepted app development framework a try? If you are still pondering, consider these features of Xamarin mobile solutions.

  • Standard, intuitive interface. Let your clients feel that you care about them and increase their loyalty.
  • Native performance. Make the user experience smooth so that people want to use your app again and again.
  • Required functionality. Help your customers resolve their problems and find useful tools.
  • API integration. Provide almost the same experience for your users no matter what platform they decide to use today.
  • Testing in cloud. Ensure that your solution has minimum errors and works fine on a wider variety of devices.

6 Benefits of a Mobile App for Your Business

  • Engaging your clients
  • Improving customer experience
  • Establishing an effective communication channel
  • Promoting your brand
  • Keeping pace with your competitors
  • Generating additional income

Why Work with Ascendix

This is not our first rodeo – we have success stories of developing mobile solutions to be proud of. We offer:

  • Professional developers with an average 6-year professional background.
  • Convenient overlap of working hours with our clients worldwide.
  • Fast delivery through the effective development lifecycle.

Your project is in hands of a team of professionals: Ascendix project managers, business analysts, UI/UX specialists, developers, QA experts, and support managers are at your disposal during all the stages of your project lifecycle. We develop efficient business solutions, establish realistic project expectations, and provide global delivery capacity within the deadline.

Find a Perfect Xamarin Developer to Your Team

While Ascendix is a Xamarin application development company with a specialized software development team, we can help you find and hire a Xamarin developer that will work under your control and only for your company as long as you need with:

  • Sufficient knowledge of C#, objective C, VB, and .NET framework.
  • Experience with target mobile platforms.
  • Ability to meet your working hours to ensure efficient communication.
  • Motivation to build high-quality apps that solve your business problem.

Approved candidate will work from our office in Ukraine or in the US having access to the substantial Ascendix resources and know-how.

Written once, your Xamarin mobile app will run everywhere staying native. Meet a trusted implementation partner.

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