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You must have heard the worrying news about the consolidation between Rethink, Apto, and Buildout. What does it mean for existing users of the platforms: total disruption or new opportunities?

If for you as an ongoing customer of Apto or Rethink the future behind this major update looks more blurry than encouraging, it is high time you start looking for alternatives.

We created a document with an in-depth comparison of 3 top-rated commercial real estate CRMs built on top of Salesforce – AscendixRE, Apto, and Rethink. While all 3 products possess a great deal of commercial real estate functionality, there are some distinguishing characteristics that should be pointed out.

Key takeaways:

  • Rethink vs. Apto vs. AscendixRE CRM features overview
  • Price comparison
  • Hidden costs of Apto CRM and Rethink
  • Benefits of having 1 core product instead of 3 separate tools
  • Reasons for choosing a CRM that is produced and supported by one company.

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How Do We Evaluate CRE CRMs?

We looked at everything from the current market positioning and pricing to the specific tool sets for the commercial real estate industry each CRM system provides. Primarily, our research is based on the following criteria:

  • Market positioning. AscendixRE CRM is positioned as a standalone customizable CRM platform on top of Salesforce, whereas Rethink CRM and Apto were acquired by Buildout in 2021 and 2022 accordingly and are now sold as a part of the Buildout product family. It led to massive shifts in the marketing positioning of both products. Find more on the topic in our e-book.
  • Ease of use. Agents don’t have much extra time to learn a complicated CRM system from scratch, so the more it coincides with their natural workflow, the quicker they get a grasp of it. We analyzed the ease of use of AscendixRE CRM as 1 core product and assessed Apto and Rethink as parts of Buildout.
  • Price. We weighed the price of each solution and drew a conclusion if it is a viable candidate compared to its rivals.
  • Features and functionality. We thoroughly analyzed what features AscendixRE CRM, Rethink CRM, and Apto CRM offer to address the specific needs of commercial real estate professionals.
  • Professional services. We examined available professional services provided by each CRM solution and their price. As many CRM providers don’t have an in-house team for product development, they outsource it. In this guide, we explain why choosing a vendor that provides in-house professional services is better.

Clients' Testimonials

David Hanna
Senior Vice President, Foundry Commercial

Thank Goodness for AscendixRE. After having tried to slog through Apto for far too long which was complicated to use and provided awful service, AscendixRE has been a breath of fresh air. As a team with only two licenses, I like how easy and simple the interface is to use and set up right out of the box, but also how simple it is to make modifications. The onboarding and ongoing customer service has been excellent with quick turnaround times and easy-to-follow directions. My engagement with this CRM has increased dramatically as I'm easily able to log calls, inquiries, to-do items, etc, and easily and quickly add new contacts, companies, properties all of which help me become more efficient and serving existing clients and going after new ones.

Howard West
Newmark Knight Frank

Great functionality, customizability, maps are a big plus, support is great. After using excel spreadsheets for years, earlier this year I decided to choose a CRE CRM. I tried a number of them, including Apto, Clientlook, REthink, and so on. None of them offered the customization and functionality that I wanted. My Ascendix has a satellite screen on which I see properties, click on them, and then manipulate the information. This very useful since I can visually scan properties that I'm overlooking. The system also pulls in relevant news articles, provides a nice overview of your property lists, includes a broker screen with pertinent information, and so on. Additionally, Ascendix is helpful in assisting with any customization.....this is a huge plus! I'm definitely happy with this system.

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