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For almost 15 years, we have been helping top commercial real estate companies build custom software and apps.

Your Commercial Real Estate Technology Partner

Ascendix Technologies is a сommercial real estate technology company from Dallas, Texas. We live and breathe commercial real estate and help commercial real estate firms solve their everyday challenges with the help of technology.

For almost 15 years, we are a Technology Consultant of choice for almost all top commercial real estate companies and have solutions for:

  • Sale/Tenant Representation
  • Lease Administration
  • Capital Markets & Commercial Mortgage Banking
  • Investment Sales
  • Property Management
  • Property Owners & Operators
  • Development and Construction
  • Retail
  • Land
  • Organizations with Large Commercial Real Estate Holdings

Plan to develop custom software? We'll help! Our team has a deep understanding of how the commercial real estate industry works, so you won't need to spend your time on explaining basics. Instead, we can brainstorm together to see available options to implement your project.

Below are some of the most common requests from our clients from commercial real estate:

  • Custom CRM software that takes into account specifics of your work
  • Document management, portal software, and deal rooms
  • Brochure & report generation using your branding and prebuilt templates
  • Property listings portals
  • Custom property management platform
  • Map search
  • Prospecting automation
Have something else in mind? No problem! Our team specializes in custom software development of software and apps of any difficulty.  

Stiles CRM services case study Ascendix Technologies

Refined Lead Generation for Stiles

"The previous CRM was difficult to navigate and impossible to adopt, but the new system has proven to be an essential operating tool. The shared client files have maximized business opportunities and enriched our lead generation techniques. Our progress wouldn’t be attainable without Ascendix Technologies’ continued support."

Adrienne Zalking, the Head of Marketing at Stiles

Professional Services for Commercial Real Estate

CRE CRM Implementation, Configuration, Customization, and Integration Services


Ascendix Technologies has been in the CRM business since 1996 and can complete projects of any difficulty. We are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners and have hands-on experience with all leading CRM systems.

Combine this with our CRE tech expertise to understand why no one else can compete with us in CRM services for brokers.

We help companies select, implement, customize, and adopt CRM software. Quite often, we help companies that have invested in Salesforce, Salesforce-based CRMs or Dynamics 365 to tweak their CRMs.

We can also develop custom CRM software from scratch


Custom Software Development


We'll build your custom commercial real estate software and commercial real estate apps to help you automate key business processes. Some examples include automated reporting, branded reports & brochures creation, vendor management, event management, deal rooms, and contract management.

No limits!We offer both onsite, offshore development and mixed engagement and staffing models to meet your quality and budget expectations.


CRE Tech Software solutions


We have ready solutions to help you generate reports and brochures from your CRM data.

We can integrate your CRM and your website to automatically publish property listings to your website. We can build interactive stacking plans, display properties on map and almost anything else your CRE brokerage might need.


CRM Concierge services


We not only create CRE software, but also our Concierge team will help you support your team, effectively onboard new employees, and optimize software adoption and usage.

Not ready to invest in custom software? Make sure to check our ready-to-use commercial real estate software that starts from $15/per user. 👇

Commercial Real Estate Technology Trends

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Our CRE Software

AscendixRE CRM - from $49/user

A complete CRE CRM solution on top of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. AscendixRE is easy-to-use and mobile-friendly, with Outlook/Gmail integration and all key CRE functionality to track properties, sales, leases, availabilities, listings, deals, leads, and all communication in one place.

Ascendix Search App for Page

Ascendix Search: Powerful Salesforce Search for $15/user

Ascendix Search helps you get meaningful search results from your CRM data. It is easy to build a list of prospects to call, available properties, track lease expiration, plan your road show, and analyze data using charts and maps. As a result, your data works for you, helps to sell more and increase your productivity. Ascendix Search is available for all Salesforce users.


Composer: CRE Reports & Brochures for $25/user

Composer lets you generate various CRE reports and brochures using your CRM data. Now, you can create and send property tour books and activity reports within minutes. Using this commercial real estate software, you get professional materials to promote your properties and to report to stakeholders and significantly reduce your time to produce them.

MarketSpace by Ascendix commercial real estate website listings marketing

MarketSpace: All-in-One Tool For Property Listing Marketing at $99 user/mo

MarketSpace is a revolutionary tool for marketing your Listings and Availabilities and enhanced communication with tenants and investors. With our advanced multi-channel property listing software you'll bring your commercial real estate business to the next level and will comfortably collaborate with clients, tenants, and investors wherever you are.


A Sixfold Increase in CRM Adoption for JLL

"Our initial challenge involved poor CRM adoption. We needed help integrating our real estate information into our system, so we could track properties, leases, sales, and other opportunities. Ascendix has provided CRM solutions that no one else has been able to. The technologies they’ve employed have significantly simplified our CRM usage."

Commercial Real Estate CRM Benefits

How Commercial Real Estate Software Can Help Tenant Reps

  • Enable quick and accurate recall of past conversations
  • Centralize the corporate knowledge of relationships with various constituents
  • Profile and organize tenant requirements for future use helping with new and renewing leases
  • Track ongoing deals and separate them from prospects and leads so that the appropriate relationships get the right attention at the right time
  • Enable reminders and ticklers for follow up
  • Reduce administrative reporting with tenants by automating lease comp reports, property tour books
  • Centralize tracking of lease comps
  • Execute structured marketing strategy for staying in touch with tenants over time
  • Enable visualizing of data in a geographic context for decisions driven by location of the property
  • Generate dynamic property tour books to present and update prospective properties to the tenant

How Commercial Real Estate Software Can Help Landlord Reps

  • Centralize tracking tenants in the CRE market
  • Centralize property owner repository tracking the property or properties they own
  • Track your listings and the associated marketing activities, inquiries, and deals in progress for those listings
  • Automate owner reporting requirements
  • Automate publishing of listings to website
  • Automate CRE flyer and other marketing-oriented documents generation
  • Build targeted marketing communication
  • Communicate with tenant rep broker and the tenant via Virtual Deal Room during the deal flow process

How Commercial Real Estate Software Can Help Investment Sales

  • Enable Buyer profiling to track future investment requirements
  • Pull together targeted lists to communicate new listings for sale
  • Track Property Owner for pursuit on future listings
  • Track properties related to the owners
  • Track listings and the marketing activity being conducted, the inquiries generated, and the deals being worked with prospective investors
  • Automate activity reporting to the owner
  • Centralize Pipeline Management for visibility across the brokerage
  • Streamline the communication and exchange of information during the deal cycle with Deal Room functionality
  • Integrate the website for sale listings to be visible for prospective investors

How Commercial Real Estate Software Can Help Property Owners & Operators

  • Track deal flow and tenant relations with tools for front office leasing brokers to
  • Centralize all relationships within the organization including tenants, future tenants, brokers, and investors
  • Track and document critical dates of property management task with reminders

How Commercial Real Estate Software Can Help Organizations with Large Commercial Real Estate Holdings

  • Organize and track large portfolio holdings
  • Track tenants in REO

How Commercial Real Estate Software Can Help Capital Market & Commercial Mortgage Banking

  • Capture and centralize capital source providers outlining preferences for capital type, property type and geographic parameters
  • Centralize tracking of client profiles and correspondence
  • Create groupings of capital sources based on like profiles to assign to client deals
  • Track Deal where various capital sources can be tracked and updated as to their interest in the deal

What Sets us Apart

  • CRE Experts. We focus on CRE tech and have a successful portfolio of projects done for top commercial real estate companies.
  • 15 Years in CRE Tech. Whenever you need your own CRM software, a commercial real estate app, or any other software we’ve most likely done something like it before.
  • Our Own CRE Software. We offer ready-to-use commercial real estate software which is highly customizable and can be scaled as you need.
  • One-Stop Shop. Want to customize or configure our software? We're here to help! We don’t outsource professional services to third parties and take full responsibility for the results.
  • Cost-Effective Service Model. Our team works in different time zones: in Europe and the USA to access top talent, achieve fast turnarounds, and to optimize budget costs.
  • High Quality. You can always expect high quality and exceptional customer service.

Transwestern CRM services case study Ascendix Technologies

Transwestern about Our CRM Solution & Services

"We were having some trouble with our CRM in the commercial real estate market and were looking for a company with that expertise. Ascendix helped set up, configure, and now support our CRM. They’ve helped us build a more user-friendly interface so that we’re cognizant of who our users are and how they best interact with the CRM."

Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions, Transwestern

Commercial Real Estate Brokers Trust Us

Top CRE brands choose Ascendix Technologies as a CRE tech solution provider and use our commercial real estate software everyday. We'd love to show you our products in action & discuss your needs: сontact us.

Ascendix Technologies Top CRE Clients

CRM And Custom Software for Commercial Real Estate

At least 30% of brokers still use Excel and Outlook to track their business. This means you can quickly get a competitive advantage by utilizing the right CRM software and apps! Share your needs with us, and we'll offer possible options based on your requirements and budget expectations. Why Ascendix? Because no one else can offer both ready to use commercial real estate software and managed services!

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