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Ascendix empowers commercial real estate brokers and Salesforce users with the solutions you need to be more effective.

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AscendixRE CRM

AscendixRE CRM is built on top of Salesforce CRM. Use the Salesforce login page to sign in and to reset your password.


Currently, MarketSpace is available as one of the features of our AscendixRE Unlimited subscription so you can publish, update, and access property listings right from your AscendixRE CRM. Alternatively, you can log in to MarketSpace directly by providing your Organization ID:

Ascendix Search

Ascendix Search is an app for Salesforce users. Login to your Salesforce to access it. Depending on set up, you can see the Ascendix Search app as one of the tabs or by clicking App Launcher and locating its name.