Advanced Salesforce Searching Tool

Find what you're looking for faster and easier within your Salesforce CRM. Ascendix Search increases the searching and reporting capabilities of, filling in the gaps to allow you to work like an advanced search specialist

Ascendix Search

Although Salesforce has a great global search facility, there are several limitations when it comes to more advanced searches.

There may be some workarounds to get the list views you need, but that usually requires extra effort that is too complex for the average user. Ascendix Search bridges this gap and allows any Salesforce user to search their CRM with ease while seeing meaningful views of their data.

Why Is Search Better?

In a constant pursuit to increase the value of Salesforce for users, we've focused on an area of the core product that has some gaps, that being search capabilities.

While the global search function is great for single criteria searching, there are limits to what can be done with it when multi-conditional searches are needed. Salesforce offers a list view builder but with limitations. Lastly, you have the Salesforce report writer which is functional but can be too complex for users.

Watch & Learn!

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Easy to Use Templates

We've simplified the complex search by allowing administrators to build templates that "flatten" out the database and make available commonly requested searches for users who simply fill out values in the fields provided to conduct their searches. Search allows users to get to the information they need without involving the admin to create a report. We support the build-out of search templates for not only the core objects but custom objects as well.

Preview Panels for List Views

View a list of records along with a preview panel for a highlighted record within that list. Instead of having to toggle from a list view to a detail form, the end user can now flip from record to record to see the detail.

Multi-Conditional Search

Build views based on attributes not related to the core record type you are building the view for. The list view building tools in Salesforce limit you to attributes within the lease object and do not allow you to traverse objects to include other filter criteria.

Add Additional Columns in List View

Salesforce limits the columns to be included in a list view to just those associated with the record from which you are creating the view. With Ascendix Search, columns can be added from parent objects to further enhance the value of the data being presented.

Expanded Search Operators

We've added operators like "between" and "Next X Days, Last X Months" to decrease complexity in building search. While some of the operators exist in the report writer of, they are absent in the list view building tools.

"What If" Search Analysis

Salesforce requires the user to create and save a list view before revealing the result set of the criteria defined. With Ascendix Search, you have the ability to run various "what-if" scenarios to see the results before saving the search. This removes several steps for the user and eliminates the creation of meaningless views in the system.

Ascendix Search. Map your Salesforce data. Geolocate Salesforce Data

Ad-Hoc List Creation

Create Ad-Hoc lists to group records together on a subjective basis rather than have them driven by a search criteria.

Export Views to Excel

In the out-of-the-box version of Salesforce, you have to recreate views as reports in order to export them to Excel. With Ascendix Search, you create the view and have the ability to export all of the records or just those you've selected from the list view to be exported to Excel.

Map Search

Use geometric shapes such as circles or polygons to define which area to search for various records.

Scheduling Activity for Multiple Records

Select multiple records from a list view and schedule events, tasks and even notes for each record in one movement.

Sending Emails to Multiple Recipients

Select multiple contacts or leads from a list view and send an email to all as a group or as individuals. Leverage templates to increase efficiencies.

Viewing Related Lists for Records in a List View

From a list view, you can view the related lists for records without toggling back and forth form list view to detail forms.