How We Work: Onshore/Offshore Teams

Our team is located in the US, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Eastern Europe which allows us to offer fast turnarounds, access to top-notch professionals, and attractive pricing for high-quality services.

Ascendix Technologies is a diverse group of Salesforce consultants, admins, and developers from the US and Europe, driven by a single vision – providing bespoke Salesforce consulting and custom software development services, taking roots back in 1996.

We understand unique technology needs around data management, business processes centralization, and niche solution development and are happy to bring decades of industry experience to help you think through these challenges.

If you need Salesforce consulting or an AppExchange app development partner, choose the desired engagement model and a location and leverage the power of technology with Ascendix. On our end, we’ll guarantee access to highly skilled resources, crisp communication, and round-the-clock progress.

As we say in Texas, this isn’t our first rodeo, so we are confident you will have a positive experience using Ascendix Managed Services.

Why Ascendix?

US-based project management combined with highly skilled European-based Salesforce consultants and developers eliminates the risks of offshore development models while maintaining a cost-effective resourcing program.

Direct interaction with stateside resources ensures crisp communication and maximizes the overlap of business hours for meetings​. The Salesforce and development team located in Europe results in lower cost structures and round-the-clock progress on deliverables​.

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Cost Savings.
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Round the Clock progress.
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Access to more plentiful talent pools.​​
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Insulate from stateside turnover.
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No need to set up your offshore office.

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Working with Ascendix, you access the top talent in the United States and Europe. You can outsource your Salesforce or app development project to our offshore dedicated team or select the fractional team model.

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Ascendix Engagement Models

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On-Demand Team

You have project-oriented work with a defined scope and timeline.

  • You need temporary access to Salesforce consultants or a technical delivery team.
  • Our team takes on more control and responsibility for the successful delivery of the project.
  • Best when there is no formal project roadmap for continuous development over time.
  • Great when implementing specialized products like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
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Dedicated Team

You need a technical delivery team for an extended duration.

  • An alternative to hiring short or long-term Salesforce admins, and developers internally.
  • The client assumes the responsibility for team direction and development goals/objectives.
  • Continuity of resources provides cost savings.
  • Can be implemented as a virtual extension to an existing internal development team or as a complete team.
Fractional Team Engagement Model Ascendix

Fractional Team

It is our budget-friendly and innovative hiring model that helps our clients amplify all the benefits of the Dedicated Team model and get:

  • A mix of dedicated resources for a fraction of time (10%, 25%, 50%) tailored to the project’s changing needs.
  • An adjustable monthly service package that can be modified over time with no long-term commitments.
  • Ability to compose various experts in the team based on the project’s changing needs and necessary workload.
Fractional Team Engagement Model Ascendix

Staffing Options

Working with Ascendix, you can select the level of control over your project and define if you prefer to work with our Dallas team or wish to outsource your project to one of our European offices to cut your costs.

Blended Team

US Team: Project management and business analysis, Salesforce consulting

Polish Team: Development & QA, Salesforce administration

Portuguese Team: Salesforce consulting & administration

Offshore Team

Salesforce Consulting, Administration, Development, Project management, Business analysis, and QA are done by our Polish and Portuguese teams.

How We Work

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1. Discovery

Tell us your requirements, needs, and expectations. We’ll discuss your options and compare available solutions vs. custom development so you can select the best fit for your company.


2. Skill Set Assessment & Proposal

We’ll define and document technologies to use, a project scope, timeline, budget, and team composition.

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3. Recruitment & Resourcing

At this stage, we’ll assign team members that will work on your project. If needed, we’ll recruit new team members for our offshore office.

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4. Engagement Start

We’ll regularly update you on the project progress to make sure we are on the same page.

Our Tech Stack

Ascendix Team consists of Salesforce and Dynamics 365 Consultants, Admins, and data engineers. We also have experienced developers that can help develop custom functionality and integrate your systems. Learn more about our tech stack.

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How We Attract Top Talent

We heavily invest in our employees and carry out rigorous recruitment and follow strict selection criteria to make sure you’ll work with a world-class team.

Continuous investment in our employees and competitive benefits keeps turnover low. In addition, there’s strong integration between the stateside and Eastern European employees through visits of key personnel, cultural exchange clubs, sports, and other employee programs.

Access to a pool of highly skilled employees coupled with our tenured stateside presence insulates you from typical communication issues.

  • Challenging projects.
  • Working Schedule. 40 hours per week, flexible working hours.
  • Retention and Career Development. Trial period monitoring and evaluation, regular performance reviews, and a clear career path.
  • Training, Classes & Certifications. Paid participation in external certifications, training, and seminars, English courses.
  • Paid Absence & Overtime.​ 20 paid vacation days per year, 5 paid sick days per year, paid overtime, and observing local bank holidays.
  • Company Events. Team buildings and parties, sports programs, available equipment for active rest.
  • Mentorship and internship programs. Ascendix has a Salesforce university to grow our Salesforce admins and developers.
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Ascendix Porto Portugal

How We Stay Productive Across Different Locations

To ensure the company’s continuous growth across all locations and meet all our commitments to clients, Ascendix has developed a set of best practices that we diligently follow:

  • We keep our distributed offices aligned through instant messaging and videoconferencing daily and weekly.
  • We have a flexible working hours policy to achieve the maximum overlap in business hours (our offshore offices start at 10–11 am and that creates a 5-6 hours overlap with our Dallas-based division).
  • We conduct regular team-building activities to strengthen the culture of our shared values and goals.
  • All developers from Ukraine work from safe locations.
  • We extra resources in the development process of our customers’ projects as a backup free of charge, so you can rest assured that the work is progressing forward even in case of force majeure.
  • All clients’ sensitive data and code are encrypted and saved in the cloud.
Ascendix Porto Portugal

Our IT Outsourcing Success Story


Today, Ascendix Technologies is a diverse, multinational, and multicultural community of skilled software developers, Salesforce consultants, and admins speaking different languages but united by a shared passion for technology and innovation.

But we weren’t always like this. Remember the old hair club for men commercials where the guy would say, “I’m not just the owner, I’m a member”? That’s us when it comes to Ascendix Offshore Development Services!

As a professional services company first and foremost, we realized that local US-based resources were either not enough or too costly or not qualified enough for the continued evolution of our consulting project and support of our products.

So 10 years ago, we undertook our first steps toward outsourcing. That was a long way that took us to 7 locations across 3 continents until we finally landed in Ukraine, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Poland.

We had many roadblocks and barriers along the way, among which was our tough decision to leave Ukraine – our first outsourcing destination and a unique milestone on the company’s growth roadmap. We relocated to Poland, which lured us with its untapped potential for managed IT services and eventually buoyed our commitment to set up an Ascendix office there.

Want to learn more? Read our post We Outsourced Software Development to 6 Countries: Here’s What We Learned

Now, with multinational teams across the States, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Poland, we are uniquely positioned to provide stellar services around Salesforce consultation and software development to small, medium, and enterprise-level companies around the globe while ensuring crisp communication and round-the-clock progress at all times.

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