Our Team

We are 200+ CRM consultants, developers, admins, CRM support specialists with over 24 years of expertise. We offer professional CRM consulting services and develop apps and software. Also, we are creators of AscendixRE CRM for commercial real estate, Ascendix Search app for Salesforce users. You can work with our team from the US, Ukraine, or with mixed teams.

Wesley D. Snow

Co-Founder & President

Todd Terry

Co-Founder & CTO

Jeff Donato

VP of Professional Services

Olena Kolis

Outside Sales Rep
+1 (469) 916-7353

Olha Prodan

Outside Sales Rep
+1 (469) 916-8277

Anna Trotsko

Outside Sales Rep
+1 (469) 916-8279

Artur Ambartsumyan

Director of Salesforce Practice

Ross Goldberg

Director of Product Development

Scott Stafford

Sr. Implementation Engineer

Mac McGlynn

Sr. Solution Architect

Martha Cruce

HR Director & Office Manager

Chris Edwards

Senior CRM Consultant

Andrew Zhuravok

Senior Solution Architect

Nikolay Sikorsky

Director of Innovation and Architecture

Sergey Sindikayev

Managing Director

Tatiana Vichkanova

Delivery Manager​

Natasha Nozdracheva

Project Manager

Yasa Kusuma

Software Developer

Daniil Artemiev

Sr. Implementation Engineer, DevOps

Oleg Gorchenok

Lead Java Developer

Denys Modlinskyi

Database Developer

Eduard Panin

Sr. Application Developer

Sergey Sherenkov

Software Developer, Dynamics 365

Marissa Mills (Cleaver)

Sr. CRM Consultant

Phillip Teng

Implementation Engineer

Valeria Kokina

Director of Marketing

Jennifer Bowman

CRM Consultant

Kateryna Voronkova

Business Analyst

We Are Hiring!

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