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Ascendix is a certified Salesforce AppExchange partner and consultant. Have established this relationship with Salesforce in 2014, we not only build and support our own applications on the AppExchange but offer this same service for our clients. Whenever you want to create a new Salesforce app, migrate your existing solutions to Salesforce or need assistance with upgrading your current AppExchange apps, we are well-positioned to help.

Our AppExchange App Development Services:

  • Salesforce app development
  • Migration of your existing products to Salesforce
  • Building new functionality, upgrading, bug fixing of your existing AppExchange apps
  • Consulting on becoming an ISV or OEM partner for Salesforce
  • AppExchange App Listing launch and optimization
  • Smooth deployment of managed packages in Salesforce

What Is AppExhchange Salesforce Ascendix

What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

AppExchange is a marketplace where Salesforce users can install Salesforce apps into their Orgs to extend its functionality, automate some business processes, and solve their unique challenges. Here you can find apps created by Salesforce team as well as by Salesforce AppExchange Partners (both ISV and OEM) who make them available for a fee (and sometimes for free).

How To Create An AppExchange App?

Building your app is a multi-step process that includes not only Salesforce application development, but also compliance and security reviews. Our AppExchange consultants will help to pass this process successfully, with minimum time and efforts.

To add your app to the Salesforce AppExchange you will need:

  • Join the AppExchange Partner Program.
  • Develop your Salesforce custom app. Be ready to provide a documented architecture of the app for the AppExchange team to review.
  • Create your app’s documentation / business plan. You will need to provide your app description, pricing information, technology use cases and your go-to-market strategy.
  • Pass Compliance Process (might take a couple of weeks). Salesforce legal team will review your solution to ensure it does not violate intellectual property rights and meets the highest standard of trust.
  • Sign a partnership agreement with Salesforce.
  • Pass AppExchange Security Review (4-6 weeks). Salesforce carefully examines all AppExchange apps to make sure they meet strict security requirements and protect customer data. Besides, every time when you update your app, you should expect the new security scan and your code inspection.
  • Design and publish your AppExchange listing. We will share with you tips and tricks, if needed we will help you design your AppExchange listing to make the most out of it.
  • Learn how to use the License Management Application (LMA). LMA is the place where you will store information about all your leads, subscribers, and place new orders.

Appy Salesforce AppExchange App Development Consutlant Partner Ascendix

Do you want to build or optimize your AppExchange App? We need to talk!

Why AppExchange App Development?

There are three major reasons why companies decide to build Salesforce apps:

  • Sell to over 150,000 Salesforce customers worldwide that are ready to pay for high-quality software and service. According to Salesforce, 87% of their customers and 95% of the Fortune 100 use at least one AppExchange app. Having an app on AppExchange might become a permanent source of revenue and even your key business. Pair this with support of Salesforce team who will do their best to help you succeed.
  • Influence a buying decision of potential users by integrating your product with Salesforce. Today’s Salesforce users expect your app to be integrated with their CRM platform. Do not let them select your competitor because they have an AppExchange app.
  • Improve the user experience of your current users and their product satisfaction. Did you know, that on average salespeople spend 20% of their time using CRM software? Help your users solve their challenges right from Salesforce, where, most likely, they spend much more time than using your product.

Our AppExchange Apps

Ascendix Search

Upgrade your Salesforce with Advanced Search Functionality, Bulk Actions, Easy Export to Excel, Map Search, and more!

Learn More >

AscendixRE CRM

Commercial Real Estate CRM based on Salesforce, a one single tool to manage commercial real estate business.

Learn More >

Why Ascendix Technologies?

We’ve built AppExchange apps since 2014. AppExchange app development is one of our core activities. We know all of the ins and outs and will help you identify the best app architecture, the right tools, update strategy to create the app your users will love.

Ascendix Salesforce app development certifications

We have 2 AppExchange apps that generate a steady revenue stream. In fact, we started our Salesforce partnership by launching an AppExchange app. Later, we started offering Salesforce app development and consulting services. The Salesforce Partner ecosystem is a very expansive and offers multiple opportunities for you as an AppExchange partner. We have already been through this process multiple times as a product company, support thousands of users and will help you build, launch, maintain your AppExchange apps and enjoy all hidden opportunities an AppExchange partner can expect.

Leverage Our US-based and Offshore Teams.We understand that budget matters as well as the quality of the apps you might want to develop. Years ago, we decided to outsource our product development to offshore locations to decrease the costs. It worked so well so we set up our own office and development center in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Working with us, you can select multiple engagement models that meet your expectations.

You Can Start Small. We are huge believers in pilot projects. That is the best way to make sure we are a good development match ensuring we can build awesome products together.

Delegate monitoring of all Salesforce changes to us. Salesforce never stops innovating. They have three major releases a year and merge new tools quite often. Our team of Salesforce consultants monitors all changes to stay aligned and to ensure an uninterrupted experience for users of the AppExchange apps we build and support. Save multiple hours per month using our help.

Our Salesforce App Developers


Artur Ambartsumian Director of Salesforce Practice bat Ascendix

Artur Ambartsumian, The Director of Salesforce Practice at Ascendix

Artur has gone through all steps of the Salesforce career at Ascendix. Having started it 8 years ago as a .Net developer, soon after he took the lead of Salesforce engineering & app development department and became the Salesforce solution architect. Now, Artur is in charge of the Salesforce Practice in our European division.

Eduard Panin Senior Salesforce Solution Engineer and AppExchange App Developer at Ascendix

Eduard Panin, The Senior Salesforce Solution Engineer and AppExchange App Developer at Ascendix

Eduard is one of our leading AppExchange app development experts with experience in Salesforce, React, Node.js, and Java. He combines his key responsibilities with being a Salesforce master mentor at Ascendix Technologies. During these years, he delivered multiple small- and large- scale solutions being a strong follower of clean code practice.

Vitalii Kondratiev Salesforce App Developer at Ascendix

Vitalii Kondratiev, the Salesforce Developer at Ascendix Technologies

Vitalii is a certified Salesforce Administrator, a Platform App Builder, and the Platform Developer I,II. He has helped with Salesforce app development of diverse solutions both for our and clients' needs of various complexity.

Denys Modlinskyi Data Architecture And Management Designer at Ascendix

Denys Modlinskyi, The Data Architecture And Management Designer at Ascendix

Denys is our Salesforce Database and Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience. He has successfully performed numerous data-related tasks for our clients' projects like data migration, data integration of various systems, and development of mappings for CRM entities.

Phillip Teng Salesforce Implementation Engineer At Ascendix

Phillip Teng, The Salesforce Implementation Engineer At Ascendix

Phillip is our Salesforce Implementation Engineer with 5+ experience. During his Salesforce practice, he has assisted our clients with analyzing their digital needs and system requirements for AppExchange app development, successful implementation and adoption of their solutions.

Salesforce managed package Deployment Ascendix

AppExchange App Update & Deployment Strategy

Salesforce has three major software releases a year (Winter, Spring, Summer) with new features and performance improvements that are well documented (usually, it is a 500-600 pages document). Our team rigorously examines all documentation to ensure uninterrupted work of AppExchange apps we build and support.

Before each Salesforce release, we recommend validating your app and adjust to meet the changes of Salesforce functionality and User Interface. Salesforce offers you multiple ways to introduce new features, improvements, and fix bugs in your AppExchange apps. Each option has its pros and cons, might be fully automated, or will require certain actions from your users.

We will help you select the optimal release strategy for your app. If needed, our AppExchange developers will oversee all updates of your product.

Salesforce Managed Packages or Unmanaged?

If you are looking to create an AppExchange app with ability to manage user-based licenses, protect your code, and upgrade it in the future, then a Salesforce managed package is your choice. Using Salesforce managed packages, you protect your intellectual property rights for Apex code and only your AppExchange developers can view and edit it.

Our team will help you create managed packages in Salesforce, pass security review, plan its upgrade strategy, and more. We can also build Salesforce unmanaged packages for you. But note that you cannot sell them and manage licensing.

Unmanaged packages are used to distribute open-source projects and let anyone access and edit the code. You will not have any control over installed unmanaged packages, and they could not be upgraded.

Salesforce App Integration Guides

AppExchange app development and app integration can a challenge. Especially, if you don't know where to start and what Salesforce app to select. Our guides are created for those who want to manage app integration like a pro and always be aware of new Salesforce trends.

Salesforce Integration Guide

Salesforce Integration Guide: Essential Considerations to Power Up Your Org

Salesforce integration helps companies to unify and manage the important business processes within one platform. Due to it you can seamlessly integrate and run sales, marketing, finance, accounting, project management, and human resources activities and connect different departments under one hood. In this post, we will go over Salesforce integration essentials and help you select the best integration approach for your project.

Best Salesforce Apps

8 Must-Have Salesforce Apps Your Business Needs to Boost Productivity

The introduction of the smart phone became an indispensable part of our lives, as it introduced an entire ecosystem of apps. There is an app for everything: banking, utilities, real estate and so forth. They, in turn, allow us to have a great deal of efficiency and access to information all in one place. Likewise your smartphone, Salesforce’s universe has its own galaxy of apps designed to enrich its core — CRM product. And our senior Salesforce consultant Chris Petersen shares her list of all-time favorite Salesforce apps.

Salesforce AppExchange app selection

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There are over 3,000 apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. How do you know which are best suited for your organization? How do you effectively search for them? What are some key factors in evaluating apps? This article will explore all the nuances of installing AppExchange apps, and how to avoid some pitfalls in the process.