AscendixRE Land Management CRM Software for Land Brokers

The best CRM software for land planning, management, and development on top of Salesforce®. Make this digital-first platform a power horse of your land-buying and selling operations. Keep track of all your land brokerage operations from any device. Manage farm, ranch, recreational, timber, acreage, commercial land, and any other property data in one place — AscendixRE Land CRM.

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AscendixRE Land: CRM for Land Brokers

AscendixRE Land is the only Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for land brokers. Our software was created in partnership with leading land brokers and consultants and has all the key functionality to assist you in land management and selling farms, ranches, timberland, and commercial land.

Our land management system comes on top of Salesforce to ensure top-notch security and user experience. And it also means that you don’t need to install your software and can access your data anywhere and from any device.

With AscendixRE Land CRM land brokers, managers, planners, and developers can always be on top of their deals and deliver excellent customer service to their customers. Our land management software enables tracking landowners, land buyers, vendors, properties and listings, deals, sales, tasks, and all your communication in one place.

AscendixRE Land CRM Is a Perfect Fit For

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Land Agents & Managers
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Land Planners
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Agricultural Land Brokers
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Residential & Commercial Land Brokers
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Timberland Brokers
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Mineral Rights Brokers
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Recreational Land Brokers
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Land Development Brokers
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Land Auctioneers

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AscendixRE Land CRM Features Designed to Streamline Your Land Management

Streamline Your Business with Secure and Cloud-Based AscendixRE Land CRM

Streamline Your Business with Secure & Cloud-Based CRM

Looking for a cloud-based land acquisition CRM software that you can access from anywhere and on any device? Look no further than AscendixRE Land. Built on top of Salesforce, our platform is specifically designed for land agents who are open to negotiation of land acquisition at any time. Use the cloud-based nature of our land software and:

  • Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection: at home, at the office, on the go, or even when traveling.
  • Set up your CRM quickly with no IT team involvement required and minimal technical expertise.
Streamline Your Business with Secure and Cloud-Based AscendixRE Land CRM
Say Goodbye to Manual Tasks wih AscendixRE Land CRM

Say Goodbye to Manual Tasks with Automated Workflows

With our land management software, you can automate follow-up meetings with landowners and buyers and “auto-assign” tasks to land brokers and managers. AscendixRE Land CRM also offers automated approval processes, so you can focus on what really matters – closing deals and growing your business. With task automation, you’ll:

  • Streamline repetitive tasks, such as data entry, scheduling, and follow-up activities.
  • Free up valuable time and resources, allowing land management brokerages to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Reduce the likelihood of missed disposition and land acquisition opportunities, irrelevant communication, and wasted time.
Say Goodbye to Manual Tasks wih AscendixRE Land CRM
Mine Targeted Lists of Contacts with AscendixRE Land CRM

Mine Targeted Lists of Contacts with Smart Prospecting Tools

You most probably have more than one list of values: contact details of landowners, land buyers, vendors, listings, properties, and availabilities for lease and sale. This information is too important to be damaged or lost.

With AscendixRE Land you can:

  • Mine targeted lists of contacts to make calls and send emails.
  • Get automatic notifications or when it’s time to follow up with your contacts.
  • Monitor and plan your sales activities with ease.
  • Analyze incoming data to find and target the most promising planning applications and development prospects, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.
Stay Organized and Efficient Tracking All Data in AscendixRE Land CRM

Stay Organized and Efficient Tracking All Data You Need

AscendixRE Land CRM offers extended real estate database features, letting you track properties, listings, sales, leases, land, and capital sources – all in one place. Plus, you can add custom objects to track all essential information about farms and ranches, undeveloped tracts, and transition or early development stages in one centralized location – AscendixRE Land CRM – to stay organized and efficient. And additionally, you can:

  • Keep your customer data up-to-date and accurate, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving the effectiveness of your sales efforts.
  • Get valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences to find suitable land for clients, negotiate deals and contracts, provide advice on land investments, and identify market trends to appraise and price land accurately.
Get a Complete Overview of Your Business with AscendixRE Land CRM

Get a Complete Overview of Your Business

Get a complete overview of your business with AscendixRE Land CRM pre-built charts and graphs to track your progress. Use our reporting tools to build custom charts and track essential data, so you always know where you stand and can make informed decisions.

With robust reporting tools available in our land management software brokers can:

  • Gain a better understanding of their customers, identify trends and patterns, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Analyze network capacity at a local and national level
  • Spot purchase, planning, and development constraints, areas for improvement, and operation optimization.
Get a Complete Overview of Your Business with AscendixRE Land CRM
Stay Organized with AscendixRE Land CRM

Stay on Top of All Your Deals

AscendixRE Land CRM supports all common commercial real estate deal types for your land brokerage.

  • Have a complete view of all deals and their land management stages.
  • Move each deal from one stage to another with drag and drop. The system will automatically calculate the projected dollars for you.
  • Have a 360-degree overview of all land assets and properties including pictures, related inquiries, deals, landowner details, all communication, and more.
  • Track your team activities and tasks in real-time within one land management software. Get up-to-date data about all land assets and properties.
Stay Organized with AscendixRE Land CRM
Land and Property Report Integraton with AscendixRE Land CRM

Land and Property Reports

Do you want to create high-quality property overview reports for potential buyers and activity reports for landowners? Check out our Composer add-on for AscendixRE Land.

  • Generate reports, real estate flyers, and brochures by pulling data and images from your CRM.
  • No manual work. Composer will create it for you.
  • Send reports to potential land buyers and your clients right from AscendixRE CRM.
MapRight LandId Integration with AscendixRE Land Integration

MapRight Integration

MapRight (now Land id™) expands the mapping capabilities within AscendixRE Land.

With this integration, land brokers are able to create custom maps for their properties using MapRight and then link them to land records within their land management system.

  • See your map renderings within the property records right in AscendixRE Land.
  • View the up-to-date property boundary and ownership information.
  • Discover property lines, acreage, property type, legal descriptions, land asset use, and more.
  • Add and store generated visuals of locations directly in our land management system.
  • No technical support is needed to integrate MapRight. It is easy!
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Stay Flexible and Mobile

For many brokers, their mobile phones and Outlook are the most-used tools. As one of the best land management software, AscendixRE Land is also available on smartphones.

  • Create and modify properties, landowners, potential land buyers, vendors, and listing brokers right in your Outlook or using your mobile phone.
  • Check all relationship history, communication, and connections.
  • Access property and land information on the go.
  • Use voice recording to add notes and new meetings on the go.
  • No need to switch between your CRM and Outlook/mobile phone. Everything is synchronized!
AscendixRE Land Display
Mailchimp Integration with AscendixRe Land CRM

Mailchimp Integration

AscendixRE Land CRM lets create and send emails directly from your land software eliminating the need for manual imports and exports between the two systems. All you need is to add new email recipients to your mailing lists, synchronize your data, and keep your mailing lists up to date.

With this integration land brokers can create more targeted and effective email campaigns by segmenting your audience based on customer data stored in your AscendixRE Land CRM.

So you can save time and be sure that all leads will get your emails as you planned with our land management software.

Mailchimp Integration with AscendixRe Land CRM
Powerful Searching and Mapping Tool Within AscendixRE Land CRM

Powerful Searching and Mapping Tool

Ascendix Search is an add-on to AscendixRE Land that will help you to get the most out of your data, search your records using multiple criteria, do a geospatial search, locate your properties, land on a map, plan your itineraries, bulk edit your records, export data to Excel and much more. Create prioritized calling lists with a few clicks.

Ascendix Search is included in our AscendixRE Enterprise package or can be purchased separately for $15/user/month.

Technical Support and Concierge Services for AscendixRE Land CRM

Technical Support & Concierge Services

We’ll support you every step of the way, offer data migration/upload help, training, and concierge service, and can customize AscendixRE Land to match your slightest needs.

Being Salesforce consultants since 2001, we know all ins and outs of the Salesforce platform and will help you make the most out of the CRM system, optimize your land management solutions to meet your individual needs, and integrate it with other tools your team uses.

We’ll also provide you with ongoing and after-launch support and system administration to maintain the land management software stability and extend your land software to align with your growing business needs.

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How AscedixRE CRM Land Helps Brokers Manage Land Resources Effectively

Our land management software will serve as a central repository of all buying and selling information, and documents, making it accessible anytime anywhere. With AscendixRE land management professionals can get real-time visibility, identify target accounts to call and track land allotment & acquisition stages, monitor resettlement and compensation, and calculate payments.

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Property Data Analysis

AscendixRE Land CRM is designed to assist land management professionals like agricultural, commercial, and residential land brokers with various land management tasks, such as mapping, land use planning, and property data analysis.

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Land Data Management

Our land management software provides a platform for recreational land brokers to access and manage data related to land resources, generate reports, and make informed decisions about land management practices.

Improved Land Search@4x

Improved Land Search

Our land management system helps land agents & managers facilitate the search and evaluation of suitable properties for clients, provide advice and guidance on property investments, and negotiate deals and contracts more effectively.

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Improved Land Management

AscendixRE Land CRM can be a valuable tool for land development brokers who want to improve their land management practices, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance environmental sustainability.

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Enhanced Collaboration

With AscendixRE Land CRM natural resource managers can speed up collaboration with stakeholders, such as landowners, government agencies, and conservation organizations, to develop and implement conservation strategies.

ffective coordination@4x

Effective Coordination

AscendixRE Land CRM enables developers and land source managers to negotiate land purchases and sales more effectively and coordinate better with other professionals such as engineers, architects, and surveyors to plan and execute projects that involve land use.

Centralized Information Tracking@4x

Centralized Information Tracking

With our land management software mineral rights brokers can streamline the management and tracking of information related to mineral rights, oil and gas leases, and other natural resources.

AscendixRE Land provides a one-stop shop to handle the journey of a customer from listing through closing all while quietly behind the scenes keeping your staff on task to stay in compliance. It really has taken the work out of report creation and allows us to just focus on analyzing the data it produces. Read More

Nathan Mrnak, COO of Base Camp Country Real Estate

Why Ascendix?

Ascendix is a team of professionals ready to provide your company with tailored CRM software for land brokers. Our rich background in the real estate technology market enabled us to create truly outstanding software products even for the most complex domains like Commercial Real Estate and Capital Markets.

Our CRM solutions are used by thousands of brokers worldwide leading them to increased operational transparency, efficiency, and confidence in their selling, buying, leasing, and investment decisions.

AscendixRE is a feature-packed intuitive CRM platform for Land Brokers. Managing clients, properties, deals, vendors, reports, searches, mapping… this is your land brokerage business, here, in one platform, you can track, manage, and grow. AscendixRE Land IS the CRM Land Brokers have been waiting for.

FD Bell, Broker – Southeast Land Director/Consultant – Academy of Land Specialists

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20+ years in CRM consulting & custom software development
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16 years in the real estate technology business
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17+ CRM products and apps
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Certified Salesforce AppExchange app development partner
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In-house team to deliver professional services
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Deep understanding of land brokerage challenges, nomenclature, and terminology
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Solid expertise in data security, compliance & threat assessment

Challenges Our Land Management CRM Helps Overcome

There are hundreds of traditional CRM solutions on the market that are designed to improve land management operations. But most of them share a common set of challenges you will unavoidably face implementing conventional CRM systems. And here is how AscendixRE Land CRM is going to address them to be the best fit for your real estate business.


Unlike many conventional land management software solutions which may be inflexible and may not be able to adapt to your changing needs or requirements, AscendixRE Land CRM will easily adjust to your growing needs. AscendixRE Land is the ultimate CRM solution for all land management business needs. Built on top of the industry-leading Salesforce platform, this software offers unparalleled real estate functionality, top-notch user experience, and unrivaled security.


After purchase, you may suddenly find out that your land management software can't integrate with the solutions you actively use for your business. AscendixRE Land can seamlessly sync with almost any tool for land management needs. Our land management software will serve as a central repository of all buying and selling information, and documents, making it accessible anytime anywhere.

Data Security

AscendixRE Land is powered by the Salesforce platform and shares the same security standards for preventing cyber attacks, data breaches, and compromising sensitive information. With AscendixRE land management professionals can get real-time visibility, identify target accounts to call and track land allotment & acquisition stages, monitor resettlement and compensation, and calculate payments.


Inexperienced and non-tech-savvy brokers may be afraid to invest in land management software solutions because of their complexity. Say goodbye to the headaches and inefficiencies of your current land management software and hello to streamlined workflows and increased productivity with AscendixRE Land. We will help you get completely comfortable using AscendixRE Land providing personalized onboarding and software training.


Even the best land management software solutions can offer quite a generic set of off-the-shelf features that may not satisfy all the software requirements of the land broker. AscendixRE Land is designed by professionals for professionals meaning that with our CRM system, you'll get completely personalized land management software functionality and navigation you'll love.

AscendixRE Land Pricing

AscendixRE Land CRM New Home Page

Our purpose-built land management CRM is specifically designed for brokers who are buying, leasing, investing, or selling land assets. Moreover, our land management software is tailored to your needs and uses terminology that you are familiar with.

If you’re tired of struggling to make your current CRM understand your needs and communicate effectively, it may be time to consider upgrading to our system, which is available starting from $79 per user per month. No user minimum.

AscendixRE Land CRM New Home Page

Land Management CRM Software FAQ

What is land management CRM software?

Land management CRM software is a type of software that helps organizations manage and track land-related data, such as land ownership, leasing, sales, and usage. It is a tool that enables land managers to organize and automate their workflow, allowing them to easily access, analyze, and report on data related to land management.

Why choose AscendixRE Land CRM for land management?

AscendixRE Land CRM consists of the best practices of Ascendix expertise combined with Salesforce platform robustness. Whether you need custom fields to manage smartly land allotment or want to add more criteria in the searching scenario, our in-house team can customize a CRM to make it a driven force of your success. We promote high flexibility and customization to tailor the solution to the client’s exacting needs.

What to look for in land management software?

The land management CRM software typically includes features such as contact management, document management, task and event scheduling, inventory management, and reporting tools. These features allow land managers to stay organized, communicate with stakeholders, and track progress towards their goals.

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