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Best CRM Software Solutions for Your Unbeatable Business Success


At Ascendix, we offer ready-to-use CRM systems, CRM customization, and build custom software solutions considering not only the technical side but also specifics of each business domain. It helps us to cater to all unique needs and goals of your organization with our advanced business software solutions.

We are ready to lead any project to success regardless of its industry, and we have already done it for the clients in the following niches with our best CRM software options:

Real estate crm software services

Real Estate

Dominate the real estate market with AscendixRE CRM for real estate agents that unites all the tools that every broker should have at hand. Tailor your technical toolkit to your budget with our adaptive pricing options.

commercial real estate crm software services

Commercial Real Estate

Make your company the #1 choice of your clients by offering them outstanding service powered by your teams’ talent and our commercial real estate CRM software solutions for your individual needs.

Investment sales crm software development services

Investment Sales

Exceed expectations and create unforgettable customer experience with your software for real estate investors that will speed up your lead management and automate marketing activities.

Capital markets crm software development services

Capital Markets

Personalize the way you work with your borrowers, lenders, and equity providers and track all the transactions in CRM for Capital Markets.

Residential and commercial mortgage banking crm software development

Residential and Commercial Mortgage Banking

Manage your lenders, investors, and owners on an entirely new technological level and impress them by delivering impeccable service and support with CRM for Mortgage Banking.

Property Management crm software development services

Property Management

Facilitate property management by making record data clean, accurate, and up to date in one place. If you want to gain absolute control over your data, we will select and customize your CRM for property management.

Public and Privately Traded REIT crm software development

Publicly and Privately Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

Channel your energy into creating successful business strategies and experience the freedom you deserve from mundane tasks with your real estate investment CRM system. At Ascendix, we guide you through all stages: from CRM consulting to CRM adoption.

Tenants in Common Investments crm software development companies

Tenants-in-Common Investments (TIC)

Inspire trust by having a central data repository for in-depth insights into your clients’ information and respond quickly to market changes with our real estate investor CRM solution. Our experts will discuss with you all your project challenges and tailor CRM software to your requirements.

Financial services software development services

Financial Services

Accelerate your decision-making process with our financial software solutions on any organizational level: from small companies to enterprises.

Wealth and asset management crm software development services

Wealth & Asset Management

Understand your customers’ life cycle, stand out by delivering personalized service to your clients and trace growth projections within your software. Rely on our development team and get the wealth management CRM system of your dreams.

Credit unions crm software development services

Credit Unions

Improve credit data management by getting a single source for data in your personal credit union software and turn it into a 24/7 lead-nurturing machine with Ascendix.

Financial planning software development services

Financial Planning

Get rid of multiple disintegrated systems and get deeper overview of your client’s financial health and future goals with financial planning software solutions created with your business in mind.

Banking crm software development services


Visualize key performance metrics, identify trends and deliver value in the transaction banking environment using our omnichannel banking software solutions exclusively developed or customized for your organizational goals.

Insurance crm software development services


Manage with ease and use your clients’ information to your benefit with our progressive insurance software solutions adapted to your specific demands by our team.

Travel and Transportation crm software development services

Travel & Logistics

Get 360-degree visibility into your business due to the transparency and flexibility of your data inside our all-in-one travel & logistics software solutions designed solely for you.

crm software development for construction companies


Forget about disparate systems, miscommunication, and isolated work of your departments and experience new level of business efficiency with the help of our custom software solutions.

crm software development services for SaaS and Technology Companies

SaaS & Technology Companies

Experience benefits of top functionality, usability, and security in your SaaS software solutions to stay ahead of the digital competition.

crm software development for Professional Services Companies that Serve B2B

Professional Services Companies that Serve B2B

Be successful, competitive, and innovative with our comprehensive software solutions that will ensure your data integrity and workflow automation.

crm software development industries

Did Not Find Your Industry in the Above-Mentioned List? Then We Have Something Special for Your Business!

What You Get with Our Software Solutions


Unified 360-Degree Customer Information

Know your clients’ major life events, specific goals and needs and to build stronger relationships with your customers with our software solutions.

Centralized Document Management

Stop relying on siloed systems and getting buried in tons of spreadsheets and start managing all documentation flows in our CRM software.

Data Security and Legal Compliance

Ensure protection of your clients’ personal information and compliance with legal restrictions and regulations specific to your business domain with our technological solutions.

Consolidated Software Systems

Eliminate time vortex, inefficiencies, and inaccuracies by uniting all the tools and systems under our all-inclusive CRM system.

Automated Core Business Processes

Take your workflow to a new “point-and-click” level and free your mind for big business ideas and strengthening of professional relationships.

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitate communication with your clients and improve integration between departments using our advanced Deal, Collaboration Rooms, and Chats.

In-Depth Stats and Reports

Get detailed insights from your CRM data, identify trends and weak points and track your key performance indicators to stay on top of the data that matters.

Improved Activity and Account Management

Track key contact information, transactions, and interactions with your clients to provide a full picture of the organization with which you work.

Advanced Search Functionality

Enjoy an easy search for your customers' records in a just few clicks with built-in powerful search and filtration tools in our CRM software.

There are many more features you can expect from your CRM system or custom developed software and app.

Ascendix Technologies’ Portfolio

  • 24+ Years of Extensive CRM Consulting and Custom Software Development Expertise
  • 17 CRM Multi-Faceted Products and Apps
  • 14 Years in IT Outsourcing
  • 20+ Clients' Countries
  • 130+ Highly Experienced Employees
Ascendix Technologies software development certificates

Saimir Colliers International Ascendix Review Dynamics 365 CRM consutling services

ColliersView for Colliers International Indiana

Ascendix Technologies and Colliers International Indiana’s partnership has a long history together. It started 13 years ago with the initial deployment of real estate CRM AscendixRE on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Having success with that, Colliers decided to bring to life the concept of an appealing and easy-to-use property listing portal software with multiple integrated tools.

This is how we started collaborating on ColliersView.

Data migration for Cresa New York

Data Migration from Excel to AscendixRE CRM for Cresa New York


Prior to becoming an Ascendix Technologies partner, Cresa had been experiencing challenges with CRM customization tailored to commercial real estate needs.

We helped Cresa New York to successfully move over 8, 000 records to their new commercial real estate CRM software solution with 95% data accuracy. Our team helped Cresa to build their own custom database and now supports it with further maintenance.

Calson Properties Property Management Automation Jordan Christensen

Property Management Automation for Calson Properties


Calson Properties hired Ascendix to automate their property management, email campaigns, and contact management. To reduce software development costs, we configured our AscendixRE CRM for real estate agents and created custom functionality.

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