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With 25+ years in IT and a great passion for innovations in custom software development, our sister company Ascendix Tech specializes in designing, building, testing, supporting, and enhancing software solutions for businesses across 20+ industries, with a special focus on PropTech and real estate.

Ascendix Tech offers upscale outsourced product development services to companies spanning across 70+ countries. Our team of over 200 experts, located in Europe and Dallas (USA), is dedicated to developing software solutions from from scratch or improve existing systems to meet your evolving needs.

Our commitment to superior delivery quality ensures that each project is tailored to fit clients’ timelines and budget constraints. Whether it’s web, mobile, or desktop application development, you can outsource your custom software development needs to Ascendix Tech and expect reliable, scalable, and impactful solutions.

You can also outsource custom software development to Ascendix Tech for effective project validation and building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). If you opt for custom software development outsourcing at Ascendix, we will build custom functionality for your specific needs to make your MVP app cover all end-users’ needs.

Industries and Domains We Are Well-Versed In:

By hiring Ascendix Tech team for custom software development outsourcing, you get access to solid competencies in a wide range of industries and domains. We develop industry-specific software for 20+ industries. Click the icons to explore the range of outsourced development services we offer in the industry you’re interested in. Industry competences:

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Our Custom Software Development Life Cycle

You can outsource our team either for all phases or for a specific phase.

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1. Research, Discovery & Scoping Session

In the first stage, we conduct project scoping to define the project goals, milestones, constraints, and deliverables. Also, we gather your requirements, needs, and preferences regarding the software development project. We perform interviews, workshops, and analyze use cases to define the user interface, functionality, and other aspects to build the best custom software product for your business.


2. UX/UI Design and Prototyping

Then we proceed to UX/UI design and prototyping which allows us to develop an efficient user journey map that grants the best user experience for your clients. This way, we guarantee to build an easy-to-use and intuitive custom app or solution that caters to your end-users’ needs.


3. Development

Once the UX/UI design is ready, our software development team starts building your product based on the project scope, prototype, and your business needs. We do our best to deliver a scalable, maintainable, and secure application by following the latest industry standards and using a top-notch tech stack. This way, we create easy-to-use custom software tailored to the needs of your end-users and clients.


4. Quality Assurance and Testing

When the software development process is over, our QA software testers start validating your custom app. We perform stress load, functionality, and usability tests to ensure your application runs smoothly without any errors and bugs.


5. Monitoring and Deployment

Our DevOps engineers monitor and deploy the modules, changes, updates, and patches to verify the proper functioning of your application and fix all possible errors. They also test the compatibility of your application with different types of devices (desktop, smartphone, laptop).


6. Maintenance and Support

The final phase of the software development lifecycle is maintenance and support of your solution. Once the solution is launched, our team conducts maintenance and post-production support.

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Why Choose Ascendix for Outsourced Product Development Services?

Solid Project Development Expertise

Solid Project Development Expertise

Having 10+ years of providing software development outsourcing services, we have faced a wide variety of business and technical challenges and delivered dozens of successful, customer-oriented, and industry-tailored custom software solutions. Our team knows how to deliver upscale outsourced development services.

Solid Project Development Expertise
Different Engagement and Staffing Options
Different Engagement and Staffing Options

Different Engagement and Staffing Options

At Ascendix, we always try to optimize your software development budget by providing flexible engagement models: managed delivery, dedicated team, and fractional team. Whether you want us to completely undertake your project development, facilitate your internal team of technical specialists or need to hire developers for fraction — we are flexible and open for everything.

Vast Domain Expertise

Vast Domain Expertise

Since 1996, we have been creating different bespoke software solutions for Commercial Real Estate, Proptech, Real Estate, Insurance, Financial, Services, Travel & Transportation, Logistics, Construction, SaaS & Technology companies. Our solid domain expertise makes Ascendix Tech one of the best software development outsourcing companies.

Vast Domain Expertise
Latest IT Industry Standards
Latest IT Industry Standards

Latest IT Industry Standards

Our software engineers continuously monitor emerging technology trends, updates, and the release of new tools to develop the most user-friendly, fast-loading, engaging, secure, and scalable custom software solutions for your business.

Clean and High-Quality Codebase

Clean and High-Quality Codebase

The performance of your future custom software greatly depends on the codebase quality embedded during the outsourced development process. It is important to make your app scalable for future advancements and changes since scale-free software leads to large limitations for your business growth. For these reasons, our custom software development company creates a clean, error-free, and flexible codebase that helps your solutions reach high maintainability and scalability.

Clean and High-Quality Codebase
24/7 Support of Your Software
24/7 Support of Your Software

24/7 Support of Your Software

Our software developers and QA testers will carefully monitor your app performance and track its efficiency. If you want to keep your custom software supported, we can provide maintenance services on a regular basis.

Pilot Project Development

Pilot Project Development

If you are wondering whether your business idea is viable, we recommend you start with a pilot project. It allows you to verify your concept in a time- and cost-effective way by receiving valuable feedback from your end users. At Ascendix, we are fully equipped to handle your pilot project development and construct the core functionality for your custom software. This way, you save time and money, receive valuable feedback from users,  and make informed decisions about scaling your custom application.

Pilot Project Development

We did some audits about how good the Ascendix service was and got very good feedback. But the main part why I was going with Ascendix was not technical or about our requirements. It was their spirit and the passion of work. That was for me important. In digitalization, the smallest part of success is really the IT skills. It sounds weird, but I think the biggest part is passion and structure. And in the end, it was the reason why I decided to work with Ascendix Technologies.

Tobias Stueber, CEO,

Core Technologies We Use

We have been providing custom software development outsourcing services for many years and it has allowed us to grow solid technical expertise. We continually track the release of existing technologies and stay abreast of emerging ones to ensure we deliver cutting-edge solutions for your business, always on time and within budget.

How Could your Business Benefit from Outsourced Product Development Services?

Save Development Time and Сosts

Software development outsourcing provides you with reasonable time and cost savings. First, hiring an offshore team of professionals is much cheaper than hiring, training, and housing employees. This way, you do not need to purchase and take care of technical suppliance in terms of computers, peripherals, and workspaces. Second, strict deadlines, 24/7 delivery, and a fast onboarding process are the key factors that enable you to save pretty much time on custom software development.

Reduce Roll-out Time to Market

Modern tech market is rapidly evolving. Hence, to make your solution competitive, you need to embrace this fast-paced business environment. For these reasons, an outsourced custom software development company is a perfect solution for your business to accelerate the development process and get to the market quickly.

Get High Flexibility

Custom software development outsourcing is about great flexibility within your project. Unlike hiring full-time in-house developers, outsourcing enables you to hire one or several developers, QA testers, designers, and DevOps engineers for your project.

If you need to supply your in-house team of software developers with remote professionals, you can also succeed and benefit from this blended engagement model. Moreover, once the project is over, you can decide to retain an outsourcing development company for future collaboration or search for a new contractor. This way, high flexibility is a strong benefit of software development outsourcing.

Software Development Outsourcing FAQs

What is outsourced product development (services)?

Software development outsourcing involves hiring a third-party service provider to perform custom software development tasks. These tasks can range from conceptualizing and designing a software product to coding, testing, and maintenance. Outsourcing allows companies to leverage external expertise, reduce costs, and focus on core business operations.

What are outsourcing programming services?

Outsourcing programming services involve hiring external software development firms or individual developers to handle programming tasks and projects on behalf of a company. These services can range from simple software development tasks to complex projects requiring expertise in various programming languages and technologies. Outsourcing programming services allow businesses to leverage external expertise, reduce costs, and accelerate project timelines by delegating programming tasks to specialized professionals or teams outside of their organization.

Why outsource software development?

Outsourcing software development allows businesses to leverage external technical expertise, reduce development costs, and accelerate product delivery. It enables organizations to focus on core competencies while mitigating the risk and overhead of in-house development. Additionally, it provides flexibility and scalability according to project requirements.

What is application development outsourcing?

Application development outsourcing is the process of hiring a third-party service provider to design, develop, and manage software applications. This allows businesses to access specialized expertise, reduce development costs, accelerate project timelines, and focus more on their core operations while maintaining flexibility and scalability.

Do you offer support and maintenance services after development?

Yes. If you want to keep your custom software updated, healthy, and error-free, then we can offer you 24/7 maintenance and IT support services. Our reliable concierge and IT support teams will take care of your application’s uptime, performance, and general compliance with the current regulations.

Can I hire one or several software developers instead of a whole team?

Sure. If you want to start a small project or you need several custom software developers to supply your internal technical team, feel free to contact us and discuss the engagement models that will suit you best.

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