7 Best CRMs for Commercial Real Estate Brokers in 2022

May 12, 2022
11 min

To help you match specific CRM features with the needs of your business, we have compiled the list of the best commercial real estate CRMs every agent and broker should consider.

We analyzed commercial real estate CRM requirements, reviewed and compared key features and pricing to help you make an informed choice of the top broker CRM for your business.

Best Commercial Real Estate CRMs

To compile a list of the best commercial real estate CRMs, we considered industry-specific options and analyzed the built-in features, pricing, and clients’ testimonials.

AscendixRE CRM

AscendixRE Home Page New

AscendixRE Home Page

AscendixRE CRM is one of the best commercial real estate CRMs based on Salesforce. It is a perfect tool for brokers and agents because AscendixRE is tailored to meet CRE industry requirements. For example, it contains:

  • Smart Prospecting Tools
  • Reporting Functionality
  • Advanced search of Contacts/Companies/Properties/Leases/Inquiries and more
  • Secure virtual Collaboration and Deal Rooms for signing NDAs and contracts
  • Centralized data management and communication with your stakeholders, clients, partners, tenants, and investors.

What also makes AscendixRE the best CRM for CRE is a 15-year experience in the commercial real estate space and a strong partnership with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Due to this, our commercial CRM can be scaled to any organization/firm/brokerage sizewith 100% – guarantee of your data protection.

Key features of AscendixRE commercial real estate CRM

The platform comes within-built features for brokers, so you don’t have to pay extra to tailor it for commercial real estate needs.

  • Contact & Account Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Mass Records Update & Editing
  • Lead Management
  • Calendar & Contact Sync
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Bulk Emailing & Campaign Management
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Lead Management, Distribution & Segmentation
  • Enhanced Drip Campaigns
  • Customizable Property Listing Portal
  • Map Search.

Get a full overview of AscendixRE features in this video.


AcendixRE new pricing

AcendixRE Pricing Plans

AscendixRE pricing plans include 2 hours of consulting and interactive training (within a flexible time of signing up) available in xRE Foundations.

With AscendixRE Enterprise and AscendixRE Unlimited plans, you get data prep consulting, CRM best practices, minimal configurations like field add/removal, form layout, and more.

All three plans offer an opportunity to import accounts and contacts using original data template mapping.

Request AscendixRE CRM Demo 

See how AscendixRE can help you close more deals and improve your prospecting.



Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM in the world. It is used by millions of companies from different industries. And commercial real estate isn’t an exception.

Salesforce CRM covers specific needs of commercial real estate professionals and allows brokers to keep track of meetings, pipeline, conversion ratios, etc.

Salesforce is amazing for making call sheets, searching, nurturing, and managing leads, organizing marketing campaigns, updating commercial property information, and more.

As Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM, it uploads data of your prospects and clients onto the cloud. So, you can access important information from any device, from any location, making it a fitting choice for commercial CRM on the go.

Salesforce has special precautions towards data security, so your sensitive data is securely stored.

Key Features

Salesforce for real estate brokers offers industry-oriented features built around CRE brokers’ needs. For example:

  • Contact Management – Ability to create customizable records of contacts/accounts, schedule tasks, and manage deals
  • Good Alert System – Notifies you about all updates/changes in CRM
  • Lead Management – Helps you to track the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline; provides rules-based lead scoring
  • Salesforce Automated Workflow – Ability to automate your daily tasks and sync them with your calendar in Salesforce CRM
  • Email Integration – Allows you to create personalized emails to contacts directly from your Salesforce CRM
  • Secure Files Sync and Share – Share files/documents/reports in secure Salesforce environment, sync with built-in apps, easily export data from Salesforce to Excel


Salesforce offers a few pricing plans from $25-$300/user/monthly depending on the preferred features list.

Salesforce pricing

Salesforce Pricing



Hubspot for commercial real estate offers industry-oriented sales and marketing features, from real-time pipeline updates and activity tracking to inbound tools like form builders and chatbots.

Brokers can use HubSpot as commercial real estate contact management software. Specifically, you can manage contacts, track emails, access email templates, utilize lead analytics, and integrate your HubSpot CRM database with your email apps.

Key features

  • Activity dashboard – Helps you track your performance and analyze data in bulk. With activity dashboard, you can get full visibility of your processes to forecast the income and results
  • Pipeline management – Ability to create deal records, assign tasks, and track progress in your dashboards
  • Customizable database – CRM keeps all your contacts in a centralized database, so you don’t need to dig through numerous inboxes to find information
  • Email automation – Ability to tie emails to the software to capture communication to all your customer contacts.


HubSpot for commercial real estate offers three pricing plans: Starter, Professional, Enterprise. The price varies according to the number of marketing contacts included, and the features.


HubSpot CRM pricing

HubSpot CRM Pricing


Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM for commercial real estate offers features to fine-tune lead conversion rates, automate workflows, manage contacts, and manage deals from stage to stage. Zoho CRM integrates with Zapier, Outlook, G-Suite, Twitter, and Facebook.

Key features

  • Lead management – Ability to capture leads, identify leads that will convert, and follow up with detailed contact information
  • Zoho’s analytics – Helps to measure the performance of every sales activity, and break quotas down into achievable targets with reports, analytics, and forecasts
  • Process management – Ability to define the stage of the sales team in the pipeline
  • Lead scoring – The solution gives you the ability to see which leads your sales team should focus their efforts on
  • Omnichannel – This solution helps you to interact with clients in real-time through social networks, emails, telephones, and customer portals. Also, brokers get notified when someone interacts with their brokerage brand
  • Predictive Sales – With the help of AI assistant Zia, brokers can predict the likelihood of success for every lead and deal in their CRM. Zia observes sales activities and makes predictions concerning each deal.


Zoho offers several different pricing options:

  • Free Edition (CRM for entrepreneurs) – Forever free up to 3 Users
  • Standard Edition (Sales tracking for Small Businesses) – $14/user/month (billed annually)
  • Professional Edition (Complete CRM for any SME) – $23/user/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise Edition (CRM for multi-level organizations) – $40/user/month (billed annually)
  • Ultimate Edition (CRM for large-scale organizations) – $52/user/month (billed annually).

Rea CRM Software


REA CRM is a commercial real estate contact management software with an integrated property acquired by RealNex CRM.

As a part of RealNex, REA CRM software gives brokers the ability to push and pull data between different platforms. The RealNex bundle gives you the ability to harness your CRM, financial analytics, and property listing/e-marketing functions all under the same roof.

REA CRM software solution is suitable both for a single broker setting up shop or the traditional global brokerages.

Key features

  • Cloud-based CRM
  • Advanced tracking system – Ability to track properties, clients, and manage the pipeline
  • Accessibility – On-demand access from any mobile device
  • Synchronization with third-party tools – Outlook/Gmail Sync
  • Easy data entry – With this feature, brokers can enter data using powerful import engine that delivers information to the RealNex CRM database.


REA CRM software pricing starts from $99.00/mo to $199.00/mo. There is no free version or a free trial.

Apto Commercial Real Estate CRM

Apto is a commercial real estate CRM built on Salesforce. It provides a web-based solution for managing customer relationships, back-office, deals, listings, properties, and more. Recently, Apto was acquired by Buildout.

Apto commercial real estate system allows brokers to manage the full lifecycle of a deal, set up appointments, automate daily tasks, forecast sales, etc.

Key Features

“Built by brokers, for brokers”, Apto offers a wide range of features built around how commercial real estate industry. For instance:

  • Contact Management – Helps brokers to quickly find contact information in CRM and enter information once as well as organize all information and link between contacts, businesses and properties
  • Prospecting Tools – Ability to make connections quickly – like strategic call lists and contact info- and win more deals, make proper commission estimates, etc.
  • Deal Management – Provides brokers with visibility into deal progress and the necessary actions to drive each one forward
  • Reports & Dashboards – This solution helps brokers to pull performance metrics, run reports on different criteria, and track commissions so that every team member can see the results
  • Back Office – The back-office functionality includes a Book Deal Engine to track gent split calculation, transactions details, invoice creation, and more.


Apto offers a relatively straightforward pricing structure.

For a flat $129/month per user (billed annually), users gain access to:

  • Apto CRM
  • Apto Prospecting Console
  • Apto Deals
  • Apto Property Sites
  • One Standard Data Migration

Apto Data access is an additional $50/month per user (billed annually).


ClientLook allows you to manage every integral aspect of your commercial real estate business, including your properties, leads, clients, and deals. ClientLook has tailor-made sections for each business component to maximize business management efficiency in every area.

In addition, the software can also be integrated with several other CRE apps and services.


  • Contact management – This feature allows brokers to build relationships between people and properties, check the updates, and search Contacts quickly
  • Property Tracking – Brokers can search for properties, enter every property detail, manage and track property listings
  • Deal Tracking – Deals allows CRE specialists to keep track of all contacts and emails related to a particular Deal
  • Integrations with third-party tools – ClientLook integrates with tools like The Analyst PRO, RPR, MailChimp, HubSpot, Google.



ClientLook CRM Pricing

ClientLook CRM Pricing

Commercial Real Estate CRM Requirements


To begin with, any commercial CRM is designed to help brokers manage and forecast the interactions with prospects, clients, tenants, investors, and other brokers seamlessly.

Instead of a messy datebook, or Excel spreadsheet, modern brokers use commercial CRM for streamlining the process of engaging with key people and nurturing them to close the deal successfully for both parties.

Choosing the best CRM for CRE is easier when you know what makes a good CRM. With this in mind, we created a list of commercial real estate CRM requirements that help you to get a feel and understanding of the process and flow.

So, what features should commercial real estate CRM have?

Commercial Real Estate CRM Business Requirements

Commercial Real Estate CRM Business Requirements

Property Database Integration

Built-in property database allows users to connect clients with properties. When choosing commercial real estate CRM programs, pay special attention to integration and customization. The property database must be as integrated as possible.

Top broker CRMs allow you to create a custom local database and link it to your existing deals and prospects. Also, pay special attention to commercial real estate database features.

Technical Support

Commercial real estate CRM implementation and customization require technical support from the provider. Experienced companies offer their clients CRM Concierge services and CRM consulting services.

Pay attention that technical support should include onboarding and training documentation as well.

Without proper support, you won’t get the most out of your system.

Customizable Fields

As many systems are hard-wired to accommodate CRE industry specifications, customizable fields are a vital feature to consider in a commercial real estate CRM.

To use a commercial CRM, you need to adapt it to your needs – set up the required fields to create a record with any data you need, instead of surfing across multiple systems.

Easy fields customization is a sign of an advanced commercial real estate CRM.

Marketing Tools

Integration with your existing commercial real estate marketing tools and synchronizing with new tools is a vital requirement for choosing the best commercial real estate CRM.

This feature ensures you follow up with prospects regularly and track your activity. A good CRM must contain a well-rounded range of sales and marketing tools, so check them thoroughly.

List of Marketing Tools Integrated with AscendixRE CRM

List of Marketing Tools Integrated with AscendixRE CRM

Follow-Up Activities

Follow-ups are another noteworthy feature of commercial real estate contact management software.

You can’t expect to remember every call and meeting you’ve arranged or every deal that needs some clarification. That’s what follow-ups are for.

All you need is to set up a reminder on a record and forget about it until the time comes.

For example, in AscendixRE, you can follow-up Contacts related to specific Companies and Accounts. You’ll see your follow-up activity grouped by the date for each record.

If a commercial CRM system you’re considering has a wide range of follow-ups, that’s a positive sign.

Example of Follow-up Activities in AscendixRE CRM

Example of Follow-up Activities in AscendixRE CRM

Mass Emailing

The CRE industry is all about establishing trusted relationships using various means of communication. One of them is emailing.

Brokers send dozens of emails daily through commercial real estate CRM. But what makes a good mass mail succeed is personalization.

Clients become more loyal to brokers that avoid faceless emails. You have all the data inside a CRM, so why not link every email with the customer record and send personalized emails?

If CRM is properly integrated with email tools, it isn’t a difficult task.




CRE brokers and agents are constantly on the run. Therefore, the best CRM for CRE must be accessible anywhere, either through a web browser or as a mobile app, and perform the same functionality as its desktop version.

So, when you’ve learned commercial real estate business requirements towards CRMs, it’s time to analyze the commercial CRMs, that meet these requirements and include even more features.

Why Salesforce for Commercial Real Estate: Tools Review [Webinar Recording]

Learn how commercial real estate companies can benefit from Salesforce, what tools are available for brokers and how Savills Ireland uses Salesforce.


How to Choose the Best CRE CRM?

If you’re uncertain about how to choose the best commercial real estate CRM, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The first step is to define the business needs your CRE CRM has to cover. Then, you need to find CRM vendors and evaluate them properly. The most effective way to do that is to follow the commercial real estate CRM checklist that we’ve compiled for you.

The requirements provided in this checklist are the most common for the average company. We prepared a comprehensive commercial real estate CRM checklist and comparison of the top CRE software, so you can pick solutions that line up with your business needs.

Our commercial real estate checklist includes:

  • Contact Management
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Real Estate Database Management
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Reporting
  • Customer Support

Feel free to evaluate any commercial real estate software according to this list.

As different commercial real estate CRM programs focus on different capabilities, we decided to compare the 7 best CRE CRMs according to the checklist mentioned above.

Commercial CRM
Contact Management
Flexible Pricing
Database Management
Lead Management
Sales Automation
Customer Support
Zoho CRM
Apto CRM
Best CRE CRM Key Features

Hope this comparison helped you to assess the functionality of commercial real estate broker software.

Final Words

The success of your CRE business is closely connected with the commercial real estate CRM software that you choose. The selection requires time that brokers usually don’t have.

That’s why we created a checklist of commercial real estate CRM business requirements:

  • Check CRM provider’s reviews on independent platforms from verified reviewers and ask for clients’ references
  • Evaluate all pros and cons thoroughly
  • Look for the best price-quality balance. Remember that every feature has its price. You don’t have to choose a commercial CRM with the longest list of features because you’ll not use all of them to boost your ROI.
  • Search for CRM providers that have reliable customer and technical support.


AscendixRE combines top-notch flexible CRM features, in-depth real estate expertise, and excellent customer support.

Our experienced CRM consultants are ready to help you with all stages of CRM implementation, migration, and optimization. Just tell us about your challenges, and we’ll definitely find the best technology solution!


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