Commercial Real Estate Flyer Software and Reports

Branded CRE brochures, property tour books, availability, lease, and activity reports all within a few clicks.

Generate branded commercial real estate flyers, property profile reports, brochures, and lease comp reports with a few clicks right from AscendixRE or Salesforce.

  • Attractive reports within a few clicks
  • Enter data in CRM and you are ready to go!
  • All data & images are pulled from your CRM
  • Send reports and brochures to multiple recipients right from your CRM or download them in various formats
  • Sent emails are tracked as activities in Salesforce.
  • Use prebuilt report templates to generate the reports or brochures. New templates and microsites functionality are coming soon.
  • Available for anybody who is a subscriber to Salesforce’s Sales or Service Cloud.


What Documents Can You Create?

Composer can generate any type of documents as long as all the data you need is in your AscendixRE CRM. Our team will create templates according to your requirements and by following your branding. The best part is that Composer comes at no cost for all AscendixRE Enterprise users!

We’ve developed a publication tool for our Salesforce-based version of AscendixRE that allows the end-user to take our robust searching tools and extend their journey by allowing the result sets derived from the search tool to be pushed out to templates ranging from Property Flyers, brochures, Owner Listing Reports

Wes Snow, CEO & Co-Founder, Ascendix

Why Composer?

  • Save 10+ hours every month.
  • Keep your clients up to date with little effort.
  • Generate attractive reports and flyers in minutes.
  • Composer is easy to use and no training is needed.
  • No need to enter property information or add images manually.
  • Stand out from your competition with professional-looking reports and brochures.
  • No integration is needed. Install our app from AppExchange and start using it right away!
  • Composer is a multifaceted tool. Create marketing brochures, various activity reports, and documents.

Ascendix Search, our productivity-boosting tool, is included!

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Attractive Reports in Minutes
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Various Reports and Flyers
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One-time Entry
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No Integration is Needed
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A Multifaceted Tool
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All Data and Images are Pulled Automatically

Property Availabilities Report Generation


Composer helps tenant rep brokers generate professional-looking property reports with the data right from their Salesforce CRM.

4 Easy Steps to Generate a Property Tour Book:

  • Select the properties or availabilities you want to include in the report.
  • Choose an appropriate report template.
  • Decide to download or to send the report via email.
  • Click the Create button. That’s it!
Composer Report Generation Tool CRM Software | Ascendix
Composer Report Generation Tool CRM Software | Ascendix

The property availabilities report contains the automatically generated map with addresses of available properties, their images, a high-level property overview, and availability details.

All this information is pulled from your CRM.

Next, you can edit your document, add or remove the information.

A few clicks and you are ready to send a professional-looking report with up-to-date information to your prospective tenants.

Report Generation Tool for AscendixRE Salesforce App Development Case Study | Ascendix

Property Activity Reports in Under 5 Minutes

Keep property owners updated on how their property listing is performing. With Composer, you can quickly generate activity, inquiry, and deal reports.

Your activity reports will include:

  • Related deals
  • Completed calls and meetings
  • Property details and graphics
  • All space inquiries
  • The overall volume of activity around the property and listing

Now it is easy to keep property owners updated and happy with your service.

Report Generation Tool for AscendixRE Salesforce App Development Case Study | Ascendix

Try Composer for Free

It is easy to try. We offer a 30-day free trial with no obligations. Start creating various commercial real estate brochures and reports right now.