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The best CRM for commercial real estate brokers on top of Salesforce®. Prospect, Automate, Track, Report, and Personalize the Experience of Your Clients.


AscendixRE is an easy-to-use, yet powerful CRM for commercial real estate brokers. It is highly customizable and easily adapts to your needs, while being intuitive and straightforward.

The CRM is built on top of Salesforce and takes into account the needs of the commercial real estate firms. It means complete commercial real estate functionality in addition to world-class experience, security, and the up to date tools to boost the productivity of your brokers.

Perfect Fit For:


AscendixRE CRM clients from commercial real estate

We'll support you every step of the way, offer upload help, training, concierge service and can customize AscendixRE to match your needs.

When Choosing AscendixRE, You Get:

  • A cloud-based CRM you can access anywhere and from any device.
  • Prospecting tools to mine targeted lists of contacts to make calls and send emails to.
  • Automated workflows: schedule follow up meetings for prospects automatically and "auto-assign" marketing tasks to various people associated with the marketing of a new listing.
  • Track inquiries, activities, deals, properties, listings, and leases in one place.
  • Visualize stacking plans, display properties on a map, automate general commission calculations.
  • Integrate email, calendar and contacts from Outlook/Gmail.
  • Robust reporting functionality.
AscendixRE Brokers Dashboard

AscendixRE pricing


Our pricing plans make AscendixRE affordable for any brokerage and it is definitely one of the best value propositions on the market. No user minimum. Salesforce license is included!

Finally a Software That Gets it


I am a commercial broker and have used various platforms for CRM. I switched to Ascendix for a number of reasons. I wanted a platform that would notify me and my clients by email of critical dates, rent increases etc. No other platform was able to do that. The ability to provide virtually full lease administration services without the high cost to my clients is critical. The ease of use of the software is also wonderful and the ability to easily customize things has been a huge plus. I also appreciate that the cost of this platform is well below the full Salesforce subscription but it has everything I need to run my business. I could not be happier with my experience.

Lora Munson, Colliers International Utah

Deals: Track Relationships Even More Richly

AscendixRE supports all common commercial real estate deal types: landlord, buyer, seller and tenant representation, asset management, lease administration, property management, listing pursuit, capital markets, financing, consulting and more. No need to decide what fields to create. Everything is prebuilt for you.

deal tracking for commercial real estate brokers agents with AscendixRE CRM for Salesforce

  • Have a global view of all deal flow in one place.
  • Update the sales stage with drag and drop and see the projected dollars in your pipeline in real time.
  • Know about all related listings, prospective properties, financial information, sales/lease terms and all involved connections from the buyer and lender side.
  • Attach related leases, listings, deal periods and even commissions.
  • Track your team activities and tasks and know who from your team is related to the same accounts or properties. Don’t miss an opportunity to benefit from the insider info. Impress with your expertise and knowledge.
  • Prioritize your time and get more meetings, more activity, and a bigger pipeline.

deals tracking commercial real estate crm AscendixRE

Track Inquiries for Lease and for Sale

track inquiries for lease and for sale

Lease and Sales history tracking shouldn’t take up a lot of, and AscendixRE makes sure of that.

  • Save the most critical information for your lease or sale inquiries: contact info, activity history, property type and class, expected square footage and rent, region and a required move-in date. All these fields are prebuilt for you.
  • Need something else? Easily add any fields and values to make CRM truly yours.
  • Create markets and regions that are meaningful to your brokerage.
  • Add as many new fields as you wish.

Convert Inquiries at a glance

Are you ready to begin the sales process? Press ‘Convert Inquiry’ the button and choose if you want to create an account, contact, or deal for this record. By default, we’ll save lease or sales preferences. AscendixRE will create and automatically link the chosen records for you. It is easy, fast and all valuable info is saved!

What Was I Waiting For?


I was using a combination of excel and outlook for CRM, a system that was time consuming and not very effective. On the urging of my colleagues I decided to give Ascendix a try. I kept kicking the can down the road unwilling to have to deal with the headaches of switching over to a new way of working. What a difference! The overall experience from migrating my hodge-podge of data from my excel sheets, implementation, training and troubleshooting any issues which are caused by my own ignorance has been extremely positive. The customer service has been exceptional, I could not ask for more. Ascendix has made me more organized and efficient which has caused me to have a new focus on my new business development.

Barry Spagna, CRESA New York

Run Your Brokerage On the Go

If you wish, keep working in Outlook or Gmail while we create new contacts, accounts and save the history of your communication automatically. Get a grounding of your interactions and conversations with every person without leaving your Outlook or using your mobile phone.

Stay mobile and work with your data wherever you are thanks to our commercial real estate app for iPhone and Android and our handy Outlook and Gmail Integrations!

  • View and work with your CRM records directly in Outlook and via mobile phone.
  • Search your contacts, leads, properties and other records.
  • Create new contacts, leads, and accounts right in your Outlook or in the mobile app. We will automatically prefill the contact detail fields for you.
  • One click and your email correspondence will be added to the CRM.
  • Call your contacts right from our mobile app.
  • Create notes and schedule new events using your voice or by typing.

Commercial Real Estate Property Listings Website by Ascendix

Commercial Property Listings Portal and Secure Deal Rooms

Want to showcase your commercial property listings on your website? Ascendix has a solution: a property listings portal that integrates with AscendixRE CRM and lets you publish and update your listings right from your CRM. Ascendix adds all web leads to the CRM automatically. Leverage our automated workflows to move them through the sales funnel.

Intuitive Prospecting Tool

Ascendix Search is a Salesforce app that is available for all AscendixRE users and helps you mine targeted lists of contacts to make calls and send "targeted batch" emails out.

  • Create call and email lists using multiple criteria
  • Track lease expiration dates and move-in dates of your leads
  • Get properties and availabilities that match all criteria of your clients thanks to a very detailed filtering functionality
  • Locate your records on a map and use that map to narrow down your searches. Draw shapes on a map to get properties or other records from a specific territory.
  • Mass edit and update your records and add multiple notes, events, and calls all at once.

Ascendix Search is included in our xRE Enterprise package or can be purchased separately for $15/user/month. Start your free trial now!

Brokers About Ascendix Search


We have been using the Ascendix Search for over a year now. The largest benefit to us has been in the ability to quickly locate information via the map, without having to filter after the search. For example, we need to find lease/sale comps for a specific area that may cross over into multiple zip codes. Go to the map, draw the polygon and there are the comps we need. In addition, finding lease expirations for prospecting purposes via the same search process. The less time we have to spend looking for information and the more time we can spend on actionable items exponentially increases productivity!

Hal Penchan, Altschuler and Company

Generate Property Reports & Flyers in a Few Clicks

Generate high-quality property tour books, availability and activity reports and other commercial real estate brochures right from AscendixRE with Composer.

Composer is a commercial real estate brochure software that generates branded reports and real estate flyers within a few clicks. It pulls data and images from AscendixRE and creates files automatically.

commercial real estate reports flyers brocure generation via Composer report writer for Salesforce

Features include:

  • Generate property availability, leases, accounts, and activity reports with a few clicks
  • Fill your property's data and images automatically
  • Send the generated files to your prospective clients, and property owners right from your CRM
  • Use preset templates, no need to create them.

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