Top-Level Salesforce Consulting Services from a Dallas-based Consulting Company

All-inclusive Salesforce consulting services such as implementation, integration, customization, administration, AppExchange app development from CRM consultancy with 20+ of experience under the belt.

Ascendix Technologies is a certified Salesforce implementation consultant, administrator, platform developer, app builder, data architecture and management designer, and an AppExchange app developer partner from Dallas, Texas.

Since our founding in 1996, we’ve helped multiple small businesses and large enterprise companies implement Salesforce and adapt it to their teams’ needs. Throughout our decades-long journey, we’ve curated well-thought customizations, configurations, and best custom development practices.

Ascendix Technologies is among the few with extensive expertise across multiple CRM platforms and exceptional experience in AppExchange app development.

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Our Salesforce Consulting Services:

Leverage our Top Salesforce Consultants and Admins from the United States and Europe to solve ANY requests.

Salesforce Optimization Consulting

Our team will advise you on the best practices of using default Salesforce functionality, applying code-based customizations or trying one of our ready-to-use products built on top of Salesforce.

Salesforce Optimization Consulting

Our team will advise you on the best practices of using default Salesforce functionality, applying code-based customizations or trying one of our ready-to-use products built on top of Salesforce.

How Ascendix and Salesforce Help Transform Business

Sales Transformation

We help B2B and B2C companies by connecting Salesforce technologies that enable real-time insights into sales operations, improve salespeople's effectiveness, and build stronger sales strategies to increase revenue and profitability while compressing overall costs.

Service Transformation

Our team provides companies with a roadmap to align customer-centric strategies with cutting-edge technologies offered by Salesforce. We help adjust functions to improve customer service team experience to foster long-term relationships and have a desirable impact on the business.

Marketing Transformation

We assist B2B and B2C companies of various sizes to drive marketing activities by uniting Salesforce’s capabilities with top-notch digital marketing tools, strategies, and best practices. It helps increase lead flow as well as ROI and improve nurturing, upselling, and cross-selling operations.

Salesforce Clouds Focus

Our Salesforce experts will assist you with implementing and optimizing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community (aka Experience Cloud), Revenue (aka Billing & CPQ ) Cloud, Einstein Analytics (aka Tableau CRM), and Pardot (aka Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) .

Why Ascendix Technologies

Global Delivery Capacity

With Salesforce consultants located across the globe, we are able to localize delivery while at the same time providing competitive cost structures with blended or offshore staffing models.

20+ Years in the CRM Space

Unsurpassed tenure in the CRM marketspace translates into unsurpassed CRM Consulting expertise.

Services/Product Balance

Our mix of experience in both services and Salesforce app development provides a unique advisory perspective.

We Own AppExchange Apps and Support Thousands of Users

Years ago, we created an AscendixRE app to convert Salesforce into a convenient CRM for commercial real estate businesses. We know firsthand what challenges users might experience with prospecting, document management, data search, and different integrations. With this knowledge, we always go the extra mile for our clients.

Exposure / Experience with Multiple CRM Applications

While Salesforce is a great platform and a market leader, no single CRM system is perfect. We’ve worked with no less than 10 CRM platforms that provided us with a diversified perspective on how to solve various business problems.

Some of Our Salesforce Consultants

Rita Ramos

Salesforce Administrator

Mauro Fonseca

Salesforce and Pardot Consultant

Dmytro Yudin

Lead Salesforce and Pardot Consultant

Catia Lemos

Salesforce Consultant

Eduardo Padinha

Salesforce Consultant

Joseane Silva

Salesforce Administrator

Karina Babich

Salesforce Consultant

Vanessa Sonoda

Salesforce Consultant

Technology We Deploy

Leverage our in-depth experience in the implementation, optimization, and customization of Salesforce, as well as in developing our own Salesforce-based software, to build your custom web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Since going live with our data, Ascendix has continued to improve the experience by rolling out new features, addressing follow-up questions, and assisting/empowering our internal database management group with the knowledge to utilize the software to its fullest. I would unconditionally recommend Ascendix, both for the software and the management and support team. Read More

David Noble, Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

Ascendix Apps - Available on AppExchange

Ascendix Search app interface laptop

Ascendix Search for Salesforce

Ascendix Search is one of our AppExchange apps. We built it to simplify and power the search experience for Salesforce users. Each user can create targeted lists of prospects or other objects without the help of a Salesforce admin which saves lots of hours every week. Other helpful features include Exporting to Excel, bulk record editing, and using maps and charts for searching your data. If you are an active Salesforce user, you should definitely try our app.

Ascendix Search app interface laptop
AscendixRE commercial real estate crm key image

AscendixRE: Commercial Real Estate CRM for Salesforce

AscendixRE is a Salesforce-based CRM for commercial real estate companies. It has all the necessary fields, objects, and workflows for commercial real estate companies. Moreover, our partnership with Salesforce makes it possible to offer AscendixRE with an embedded Salesforce license for a lower cost than if you bought a generic Salesforce license.

AscendixRE commercial real estate crm key image

Salesforce Consulting Services FAQ

What are Salesforce Consulting Services?

Salesforce consulting services are services related to CRM implementation, optimization, and data migration strategizing, assistance with Salesforce Clouds and editions selection and Clouds, and recommendations on the best user adoption practices. CRM consulting services can provide independent (freelance) consultants or certified Salesforce consulting partners.

What is Salesforce Consultant?

Salesforce consultant is a certified CRM consulting partner or independent (freelance) consultant that helps create a consistent CRM implementation and customization strategy, select or build the most effective end-to-end Salesforce solutions, reduce the risks of CRM rollout failure as well as provide the best course of action to ensure its success.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Salesforce Consultant?

At Ascendix, we will help you choose the best Salesforce consulting cost option due to the several engagement models we use to serve our clients: onshore, offshore, and blended team structures to ensure the best quality of our services for the best price.

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