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Turn your Salesforce customization & configuration project into a success with professional help from our seasoned CRM consultants.

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Together with Salesforce, we, at Ascendix enable companies to innovate and challenge their markets regardless of the business domain while supporting their sales & marketing efforts.

In the 25 years that we have been in the CRM space we've helped 200+ companies of various sizes configure & customize Salesforce and adjust it to their individual needs.

Ascendix Technologies is a Dallas-based certified Salesforce consulting & and AppExchange app developer partner.

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Salesforce Products We Can Customize & Configure 


Ascendix experts can optimize the Salesforce solutions like: Sales Cloud,  Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, (Community Cloud) Experience Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, App Cloud, Health Cloud, Pardot and Einstein Analytics to address your key business challenges.

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Business Domains We Specialize in


Ascendix helps achieve sales, marketing and service success for both B2B and B2C organizations considering the specifics of each of the following niches:

  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Investment Sales
  • Capital Markets
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Travel & Logistics
  • SaaS & Technology Companies
  • Professional Services Companies that Serve B2B
  • Retail

Salesforce Integration Help

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Salesforce Configuration and Customization Services Delivered by Ascendix:


Our consultants can assist you with modifying your Salesforce solution by using default point-and-click tools (by configuration) or custom code-based development using Lightning Platform (by customization).

Considering your unique corporate needs, the complexity of your business processes and the amount of data you use, we will suggest the most optimal way for creating necessary Salesforce functionality like new objects, fields, tabs, validation rules or custom features and flows.

Our experts can also help you with the configuration & customization of:

UI Optimization


Standard Salesforce interface is one of major platform weaknesses mentioned by users. Our team of Salesforce consultants will tailor your Salesforce interface to fit your business needs by creating fields, changing field labels, modifying the page layouts, reorganizing tabs, etc.

Security & Permissions


By permissions as well as by auto-sharing configurations, you will be able to make records private but also auto-share other records based on certain field criteria. Our Salesforce experts will help you create org-wide sharing or group sharing rules and roles as well as field level security.

Email Templates


We will create custom email templates and set up email integrations with either Outlook or Gmail. Also, you will be able to manage email attachments easier via Salesforce customization.

Task Automation


We will automate daily and mundane tasks like sending email notifications or assigning follow-up tasks with Workflow rules , Process Builder, and Apex triggers to reduce time spent on manual duties.

System Integration


We will integrate your Salesforce solution with third-party systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), payment processing systems, social media etc, via REST/SOAP API web services, default tools like Files Connect or custom coding.

Salesforce Einstein AI


Our team will complement your Salesforce instance with Einstein AI that will help you to achieve better insights into your sales, marketing and service activities while also predicting their success.

Reports and Dashboards


We can build custom reporting functionality and dashboards for you to get better visibility into specific data that can't be achieved with standard reporting functionality.

Data Import & Modeling


We can help design rules for initializing data imports from spreadsheets or a previously used system and for organizing the way your data will be stored.

Bulk Data Processing


We enable bulk processing by building rules for mass updating records based on actions in the system via Process Builder, Flow Builder and bulk triggers.

Approval Processes & Reminders


We will set up and automate Salesforce approval processes and approval reminders based on your organization's demands and requirements.

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Our Technology Stack


Our in-depth technical expertise and experience proven by multiple CRM optimization and customization projects as well as the successful developing and marketing of our own Salesforce-based products allows us to consult on the best Salesforce customization and configuration approaches of your web, desktop, and mobile software.

Since 2001, we've been successfully using multiple Salesforce technologies like Apex code, Lightning Components, Visualforce, Heroku, and Lightning Web Components as well as technologies like Xamarin, ElasticSearch, JavaScript, Java etc.

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Why Choose Ascendix

  • 25 years in the CRM business
  • 19 years of Salesforce experience
  • 17 CRM products and apps
  • 130+ professionals on board
  • Salesforce Certified Developers, App Builders, and Admins
  • Onshore and Offshore engagement models for cost compression
  • Top CRM consulting & custom software development company on

David Noble, Vice president of market research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


"Since going live with our data, Ascendix has continued to improve the experience by rolling out new features, addressing follow-up questions, and assisting/empowering our internal database management group with the knowledge to utilize the software to its fullest. I would unconditionally recommend Ascendix, both for the software and the management and support team."

David Noble, Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

Ascendix Search App for Page

Our Salesforce Best Practices


Ascendix Search for Salesforce


Ascendix Search is one of our AppExchange apps. We built it to simplify and enhance thegeneral Salesforce search. With Ascendix Search you can create targeted lists of prospects or other objects without the help of a Salesforce admin and save lots of hours every week. Additional features include Export to Excel, mass record editing, and using maps and charts for searching your data.

AscendixRE Salesforce CRM

AscendixRE: Commercial Real Estate CRM for Salesforce


AscendixRE is a Salesforce-based CRM for commercial real estate companies. It is a one-stop-shop tool that has all necessary fields, objects and workflows for real estate brokers. What's more, our partnership with Salesforce makes it possible to offer AscendixRE with an embedded Salesforce license for a cost lower than if you bought a generic Salesforce license.

Principal at Calson properties Jordan Christensen

Salesforce Property Management


Calson Properties hired Ascendix to adapt Salesforce to the needs of their property management company. We've developed custom functionality to automate their business activities, contact management, and email campaigns.

"Ascendix has been a fantastic partner through this process. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about the Salesforce platform and always works to find the best solution."


Jordan Christensen, Principal at Calson Properties

Salesforce Customization & Configuration FAQ


What is Salesforce Configuration?


Salesforce configuration is modification of the solution's standard functionality with the help of available point-and-click tools. It can imply creating new objects, field, reports and validation rules, enabling default email templates, installing basic AppExchange apps etc.

This approach doesn't require custom coding and in-depth technical knowledge or programming skills compared to customization.

We offer Salesforce configuration services for companies to adjust their UI (user interface) and data model (the way your data is stored in Salesforce) to better fit their business logic in a more cost-effective way and without large impact on the system.


What is Salesforce Customization?


It is a more elaborated and, correspondingly, more expensive way of modifying a Salesforce instance in comparison to configuration and implies using custom coding.

In case you need functionality that is not readily available in Salesforce and that can't be created with basic configuration, we suggest opting for Salesforce customization.

Usually, CRM customization is required for larger and more complex projects that involve the integration of multiple external systems and significant functionality enhancements.


What are Salesforce Customization & Configuration Benefits?


By tailoring a Salesforce solution to your business needs so you can increase revenue and productivity due to the integrity of key business processes. Task automation allows your team to have more time for strategizing and business development instead of performing repetitive daily actions.

Holistic insights into your sales & marketing data enables you to forecast the success of performing certain business activities and its impact on your performance in the long run.

Our consultant set customer delight as their top priority and will hear you out to learn in detail about your business model, goals, and requirements and also perform a comprehensive health check of your solution at the beginning of the cooperation.

We will help to select and build the most effective CRM customization plan and implement ideas on improving your solution in the shortest time possible.


What System Challenges Can I Overcome with Salesforce Configuration & Customization?


The most frequent CRM-related issues that can be solved with system configuration and customization are:

  • Modification of clunky and non-user-friendly UI
  • Enhanced data and system security
  • Automation of manual repetitive tasks
  • Optimization of data processing and importation
  • Consolidation of multiple disintegrated systems
  • Improvement of data analyzing and activity tracking

Our Salesforce consultants will define the best course of action for your CRM configuration or customization project to ensure its success. Also, we will provide ongoing and post-customization user training and support to guarantee the adoption of new system functionalities by your team.


How Much Do Salesforce Configuration and Customization Services Cost?


At Ascendix, we will help you select the most optimal service cost option due to the several engagement models we serve our clients: onshore, offshore, and blended team structures to ensure the best quality of our services for the best price.

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