How We Helped Colliers Indiana Attract Top Brokers Thanks to Their CRM

For the last 11 years, Ascendix Technologies has helped Colliers International Indiana to customize their CRM software and to keep it up-to-date. Back in 2007, we started with Microsoft Dynamics implementation and customized it to meet the specifics of the real estate industry. Today, we keep supporting the system and help Colliers automate their key business processes.


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Saimir Qalliu: I’m the lead for the Indiana office for Colliers International, a real estate services company. We provide brokerage and property management construction services to businesses that want to move to, buy, or sell a building. We help with anything in the commercial real estate arena. What challenges were you trying to address with Ascendix Technologies?

Saimir Qalliu: We had an old CRM platform that we wanted to replace with something savvier and technically up to date. What was the scope of Ascendix’s involvement?

Saimir Qalliu: Ascendix Technologies migrated our business from our old CRM to Microsoft Dynamics, customizing it for both our industry and our specific workflow at the time. They perform regular updates on the platform every 2–3 years and execute any technical improvements that Microsoft pushes through.

Saimir Qalliu
CFO, Colliers Indiana
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Ascendix Technologies migrated our business from our old CRM to Microsoft Dynamics, customizing it for both our industry and our specific workflow at the time. Our process is more streamlined because of Ascendix Technologies.

Saimir Qalliu, CFO, Colliers Indiana
CaseStudies-Colliers1 results meeting, Dynamics presenting What is the team composition?

Saimir Qalliu: We’ve worked with the same team for the past 10 years, including leadership representatives, a project manager, 2–3 developers for updating, and 2–3 for maintenance. How did you come to work with Ascendix Technologies?

Saimir Qalliu: We searched online for companies that worked with Microsoft Dynamics with a background in real estate. We found Ascendix Technologies and liked what they’d done for their other clients, so we interviewed them. They were skilled, responsive to our pitch, and willing to customize the platform to our needs, so we hired them. What is the status of this engagement?

Saimir Qalliu: We’ve been partners since 2007.

CaseStudies-Colliers1 results meeting, Dynamics presenting
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Results & Feedback What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Saimir Qalliu: The platform gives us tremendous recruiting abilities because it’s customized to our workflow and is incredibly appealing to brokers. The system is unlike any other; it keeps track of deals, communications, and knowledge specifically tailored to the real estate industry, putting our brokers ahead of the competition.

Beyond recruiting, the platform makes us much more efficient and effective. Our process is more streamlined because of Ascendix Technologies.

CaseStudies-Colliers3 results meeting notepad How did Ascendix Technologies perform from a project management standpoint?

Saimir Qalliu: They’re detailed and precise in establishing project expectations and the scope of work. They’ve guided us through the project, making sure all deadlines were met from both sides. We’ve never had any issues with their project management. Are there any areas they could improve?

Saimir Qalliu: No, none come to mind. Do you have any advice for future clients of theirs?

Saimir Qalliu: Do as much work internally as possible and make sure to have an in-house person who can lead the partnership.

CaseStudies-Colliers3 results meeting notepad

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