Self-Assessment Pardot Implementation Checklist: Cheat Sheet for Marketers [PDF]

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By leveraging the power of Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement), your business can streamline your marketing processes, improve lead qualification and conversion, accelerate growth, and achieve higher marketing results.

However, if you see that your Pardot implementation doesn’t bring the expected results in marketing efficiency and return on investment, you need to check if you use Pardot’s full potential and if everything works as planned.

In our Pardot implementation cheat sheet, you’ll find:

  • Steps on how to prepare for Pardot setup
  • Checklist for the basic and advanced Pardot audit based on Salesforce’s recommended standards and our key findings.

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What You'll Find in Our Pardot Implementation Checklist

Top Marketing Automation Benefits Ascendix

If you noticed that your Salesforce – Pardot connection doesn’t work adequately, automation rules seem to be too weak to cover your needs, or Salesforce feeds your Pardot wrong and unstructured data, which ruins your lead segmentation strategy, it’s time to conduct a thorough assessment.

Our questionnaire includes check-up questions about:

  • Pardot technical setup in Salesforce
  • Necessary Salesforce configurations
  • Data mapping and management
  • Lightning and Visualforce page layouts
  • Pardot user roles, campaign, and fields & objects setup
  • Lead segmentation, grading, and scoring
  • Pardot forms, landing pages, and email list configurations
Top Marketing Automation Benefits Ascendix
David Noble
Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

When searching for a replacement to our existing CRM system, our situation presented several challenges, the most significant of which was the fact that our individual offices were all using different systems. Different systems meant different processes and different workflows for the users. It also meant that the data migration process would be multiplied by the number of systems that we used. After our initial discussion with the Ascendix team, we quickly realized that we were speaking with a partner in this process, someone as invested in our success as we were.

Robert Sattler
Principal, Cresa New York

Ascendix helped us move things from Excel spreadsheets to Salesforce. We felt comfortable that Ascendix would not disappear when we needed the help. They really worked with us to get everything over as consistently as we possibly could. I remember I was thinking that we would probably have 50% success with our data imports, but we got it to 85-90%, so everything is converted over. We just felt like they were very hands-on and if we needed something, we could just pick up the phone and call them.

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