AscendixRE CRM for Landlord Representation Brokers

AscendixRE CRM meets the needs of landlord rep brokers to securely store and track data about numerous assets, tenants, partners, leases, deals, inquiries, and commissions. Our CRM is designed to simplify the complex nature of relationships across the commercial real estate industry. 

Track All You Need to Win the Deal

AscendixRE CRM offers multiple tracking options for landlord rep brokers. The more data you can enter and track, the more chance you get to close the deal successfully. So, with AscendixRE CRM you can:

  • Track all properties in one place
  • Track Marketing Activity you’re performing on behalf of a specific Listing, Account, or Company
  • Control Deal workflow and pipeline for prospective tenants within the space
  • Track the correspondence until you win the Deal
  • Easily convert inquiries into Deals
  • Log in the Vacancies and Availabilities within a specific building.

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AscendixRE Features for Landlord Rep Brokers

ascendixRE customized types of clients

Categorize Accounts and Contacts

Accounts can be clients, prospects, tenants, other brokerage firms, landlords, etc. You decide who they are by tagging their type to them. The list is customizable, so you can add or choose any type you need. It helps you segment your Accounts or companies, so you aren’t commingling clients with tenants.

AscendixRE CRM filters the information and collects it in pre-created lists based on the client you choose.

ascendixRE customized types of clients
ascendixRE listing pursuit
ascendixRE listing pursuit

Track the Listings You’re Pursuing

You may have many deals of different types. To not be messed up, you can create a listing pursuit. When the listing pursuit closes, the system automatically creates a listing record — an agreement that you have, highlighting all the details of that record.

ascendixRE new property record

Add Unlimited Number of Properties and Win the Listings

For example, a particular landlord has different properties. As you need to track it, you can create a property record, tag its type, apply a name, etc.

Connecting property data with landlords gives you a clear understanding to know when you’re pursuing the listing and which property it is for.

When you win the listing for a particular property, the connections you’ve created for that property record beforehand help you compile the information for the leasing agreement.

ascendixRE new property record
new availability
new availability

Add Info About Availabilities and Leases

With AscendixRE CRM, you can make the inventory of the property that you have. Additionally, you are able to add new leases that contain information about the unit, space, leasing terms, and rent. Once you’ve already got that information on a spreadsheet, it can be imported into a report.

deal stages

Create and Track Inquiries at One Touch

If your advertising or your marketing is working well, then you might want to log people inquiring about a particular space or listing.

The inquiries may come over the phone or by email, so you create an Inquiry record related to a specific Listing to track and operate with them properly.

This feature’s goal is to let you capture all the activity Prospects do towards your Listing and Space.

Having that, you either convert the Inquiry or disqualify it. When you convert your Inquiries, AscendixRE CRM allows you to create three records with one click.

deal stages
ascendixRE track comissions
ascendixRE track comissions

Extended Commission Calculation

Included in Enterprise and Unlimited plans, this feature allows you to make automated calculations of commissions you’ll get for a specific Deal.

The record contains information about the User, Net Commission, Fee Percent, and House. Based on that, you get an immediate calculation.

xRE lanldlord kanban deals

Segment Your Landlord Rep Deals Using Kanban

Kanban allows you to view the data in the pipeline. With Kanban, landlord rep brokers see the deals grouped by stage and the total dollar values. Moreover, you can easily move the parts from one column to another when you have changes in the Deal stages.

xRE lanldlord kanban deals
rent lease rental period
rent lease rental period

Monitor Lease Periods

Lease period tables are based on the inputs you’ve made. AscendixRE CRM lets landlord rep brokers go into each lease period and manually update the numbers as they see fit, such as financials, rent, expiration dates, and more.

reports listings with deals

Custom Reports about Outbound and Inbound Activities

We created templates for different types of reports landlord representatives use:

  • Reports for listings
  • Activity reports
  • Inquiry reports
  • Listings with deals

Apply numerous filters and generate the report you need in a few seconds.

reports listings with deals

Looking for an Ideal CRM for Landlord Brokers?

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AscendixRE CRM has three pricing plans. Each plan includes a Salesforce license, so you won’t need to buy it apart.

  • $79/mo Foundations: All-you-need landlord’s reps CRM functionality, including property and listings tracking, Outlook/Gmail integration, a mobile app
  • $99/mo Enterprise Plan: Includes Ascendix Search app, Report Generation app, Commission Tracking, Concierge Service Support
  • $129/mo Unlimited Plan: Includes property listings portal and secure deal rooms to bring tenant reps brokers and tenants in one place.

AscendixRE has given me the ability to create follow-up reminders to reach out to former clients has been invaluable. I have been able to use that same dashboard to let me know which deals I have not been paid for. It reminds me every time I pull up my dashboards, which means I don’t let my hard-earned commissions slip through the cracks by forgetting to follow up with landlords who still owe.

Brandon Vandermyde, Senior Vice President, NAI Excel


Can I Integrate Ascendixre CRM With Third-Party Tools for Landlord Rep Brokers?

Yes, you can. To get a specific list of tools, feel free to contact our managers.

Does AscendixRE Landlord Rep Broker CRM Allows to Forecast My Deals Data?

Sure! With AscendixRE, you get an overview of all Deals, Listings, Leases, Prospective Properties, Commissions, and all communication in one place. When you need to track, update, and forecast your Deals, you enter the information and it’s depicted as stages of the Kanban system.

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