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Salesforce license is included. You will be billed annually

xRE Foundations

Core CRM Functionality



  • Lease, Sale, Property, Listings, Availabilites, Capital Sources Tracking
  • Pre-Build CRE Fields & Reports
  • Traditional CRM Functionality
  • Salesforce License
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xRE Enterprise

Optimal plan!



  • Ascendix Search
  • Ascendix Composer
  • Stacking Plans
  • Up to 20 Custom Objects
  • Commission Calculations
  • Mailchimp Integration
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xRE Unlimited

For advanced users



  • Property Listings Portal
  • Secure Deal Rooms
  • Automated Lead Capture
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Concierge Service
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FeaturesxRE FoundationsxRE EnterprisexRE Unlimited
Salesforce License
Account, Contact, Inquiry, Deal Management
Properties, Listing, Lease, Sales, Availabilities, Preference Tracking
Multi-Family Functionality
Property Image / Photo Support
Prospective Properties/Investors Related to Deal
Prebuilt CRE Fields
Custom Fields
Outlook & Gmail Integration
iOS, Android app
Dashboards and Reports
Data Deduplication
Workflow/Process Automation
Enhanced Email Marketing - powered by Mailchimp
Ascendix Search
Ascendix Composer
Concierge Service
Up to 20 Custom Objects
Stacking Plans
Commission Calculations
Virtual Deal Rooms / Collaboration Rooms
Public Listing Portal
Automated Lead Capture

Users About AscendixRE

Paul Gibbs
The Excelsior Group

White-Glove Customer Service! It's not often you find a company that truly cares about customer service as AscendixRE does. Wes and Chris truly went above and beyond the call of duty during the onboarding phase and after. I never felt like I had a question that was too big or small for them. While I was only one person, they treated me like I was part of a huge company. My only recommendation is for Wes to write a book on customer service as a playbook for other companies!

Robert Sattler
Principal, Cresa New York

3 Hours a Week are Saved. AscendixRE is a big-time saver. It’s also easy to run reports and especially to pull my comps. I can now focus on preparing for the deal instead of wasting time combining excel sheets and creating reports from scratch. In addition to making more informed decisions with the organization of the data, I would guess I’m saving about 3 hours a week and a lot can get done in 3 hours!

Cory LaDuke
Cushman & Wakefield / Pyramid Brokerage Company

AscendixRE has drastically improved efficiency in my day to day brokerage operations. One of the main reasons I elected to move forward with Ascendix instead of a competitor is because of their level of customer service. The Ascendix team is very responsive to questions, and the Concierge works quickly and does a great job of accurately importing data. AscendixRE keeps me organized because it allows me to track calls, letters and emails with ease. Additionally, the stacking plan feature is extremely beneficial to brokers who want to see a visual representation of tenancy in office buildings. Early on in my tenure with AscendixRE, I was asked by a client to produce a stacking plan of their building. I was able to produce this plan within 24 hours because of the simplicity with importing lease information into Ascendix. My client was happy with the quick turnaround time and producing the stacking plan would have been a much more difficult task if I wasn’t using Ascendix.

Howard West
Newmark Knight Frank

Great functionality, customizability, maps are a big plus, support is great. After using excel spreadsheets for years, earlier this year I decided to choose a CRE CRM. I tried a number of them, including Apto, Clientlook, REthink, and so on. None of them offered the customization and functionality that I wanted. My Ascendix has a satellite screen on which I see properties, click on them, and then manipulate the information. This very useful since I can visually scan properties that I'm overlooking. The system also pulls in relevant news articles, provides a nice overview of your property lists, includes a broker screen with pertinent information, and so on. Additionally, Ascendix is helpful in assisting with any customization.....this is a huge plus! I'm definitely happy with this system.

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Support and Service


ServicesxRE FoundationsxRE EnterprisexRE Unlimited
Onboarding2 hours of consulting/ interactive training (within 30 days of signing up)30 day access to client adoption team to personalize training, business scenarios, best practices, data prep consulting, minimal configurations like field add/removal and form layout
Data ImportAccounts and contacts import using original data template mapping
Self-service help center
Email Support
Phone Support
Concierge Service

We’ll support you every step of the way, offer upload help, training, concierge service, and can customize AscendixRE to match your needs. You can also hire our team to develop custom functionality, integrate your CRM with any other systems that matter for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I See AscendixRE Demo?

Sure, you can do that in a few clicks. Just fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

How Can I Import My Contacts Into AscendixRE?

It is easy! Put your records into a CSV file, select the appropriate AscendixRE fields, and import the file! For our Enterprise and Unlimited plans, we offer import help at no cost. Need help? Contact us

My Team Has Unique Needs. Can You Customize AscendixRE?

Sure! In fact, we do it quite often and can develop custom functionality, integrate AscendixRE with other systems, and act as your CRM Admin. Contact our sales team to discuss your needs. Learn how we helped JLL, Transwestern, Hanna Commercial, Stiles, Colliers Indianapolis, and many others here.

If I Terminate My Subscription, How Will I Get My Data?

You can export all of your data (including attachments), any time via CSV file.

Is Salesforce License Included?

Yes. Each AscendixRE plan includes a Salesforce license, so you won’t need to buy it separately.

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