Ascendix Search July Feature Summary

March 3, 2023
3 min

Ascendix Search Release Update 18 is now available!

OpenStreetMap is our default map provider, we’ve improved our report writing tool Composer, added a new search criterion “Starts with” for text fields, and now let you view all notes as a tab in the record detail area.

Watch the video to see a summary of the major updates:




In this Update:

  1. OpenStreetMap is Our Default Map Provider
  2. Composer Improvements
  3. View Notes as a Tab in the Record Detail Area
  4. New search criteria operator “starts with” for text fields

OpenStreetMap is Our Default Map Provider


With Google changing billing requirements for map keys, we have changed our default map provider to use OpenStreetMap via the Leaflet JavaScript library. It is free to use, doesn’t require any additional setup, and the library adds better shape management features improving the user experience:

  • Search your data using the map by either the current viewable area or shape (circle, rectangle, or polygon)
  • Display any saved shape on the map by loading a previously saved search
  • Change the shape by grabbing and dragging
  • Change map location via a search box
OpenStreetMaps Interface

OpenStreetMaps Interface


How to search Salesforce data with OpenStreet maps:

  1. Select the type of shape you want to use or enter a search term in the Search field on the map, e.g. Dallas or United States.
  2. Draw shapes on a map, click the edit button to be able to move and resize your shape.
  3. Click any space inside the shape to grab and drag the entire shape. Make sure to save the edited shape to get the expected results.
  4. Click the ‘Filter by Map’ button.

For rectangles, any edge can be grabbed to increase/decrease the width/height.

For polygons, any point can be grabbed to change the shape.

OpenStreetMap is easy, powerful, and free. Try it now!

Can I Keep Using Google Maps?

Sure! You can keep using Google Maps (requires a key).

Salesforce Admins can switch to Google Maps/OpenStreetMap whenever they wish:

Navigate to Settings > Mapping > Select Map Provider


Selecting a Map Provider in Ascendix Search

Selecting a Map Provider in Ascendix Search


Beginning on June 11, 2018, you’ll need to enable billing with a credit card and have a valid API key to keep using Google Maps. With this new plan, you will receive the first $200 of monthly usage for free. According to Google, it should be enough for most users. You can also set daily quotas to protect against unexpected increases.

Сheck out a guide for existing users here and learn more about Google Maps pricing here.

Get an Advanced Salesforce Search Now

Get an advanced map search tool to maximize your Salesforce efficiency. Request a Demo


Composer Improvements


Composer, our Report Writing Tool for Salesforce, has new helpful features and is ready to handle peak loads without performance issues for end-users.

  • Upload new report templates using drag and drop
  • Keep using Salesforce while we generate your report
  • Get a public link to your report
  • Share your reports with all users from your Org

To add a new reporting template, go to Settings > Composer > Templates. Upload or drop files and click Save when the download is finished.



View Notes as a Tab in the Record Detail Area


Before this release, users couldn’t view existing notes within Ascendix Search. We added a new tab ‘Notes’ to solve this! Now notes can be viewed and updated from within the detail area for the selected record.

Create notes by clicking the New button in the Note tabs.


View Notes as a Tab in the Record Detail Area Ascendix Search

View Notes as a Tab in the Record Detail Area Ascendix Search


Want to add the same note to multiple records? Select records you need or type their names in the Related to the field.

Click Save, and you are done!



The New Search Criteria Operator “Starts With” for Text Fields

Easily find records starting with the inputted value with “Starts with.”

That’s it for today. We are working on some great features so stay tuned!

Happy Searching!


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