AscendixRE Stacking Plan Software: How to Use This Real Estate CRM Feature

January 16, 2024
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A stacking plan is a chart or schema that displays floors in the building with all tenants and available space to lease or sell, the square footage occupied, lease expiration, the company’s name, occupancy/vacancy rate, and more.

Stacking plans simplify the selling and leasing of spaces in commercial buildings. A building owner or broker can create it via software.



Stacking Plan Example (The screenshot of AscendixRE)

The solution used to generate stacking plans might go as one of the features of modern commercial real estate CRMs.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how AscendixRE CRM handles stacking plan generation and updates them automatically. The Demo is included! 

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Why Stacking Plan Software?

Stacking plan software helps brokers automate stacking plans and better represent available space, track lease expirations and find new tenants. Moreover, with stacking plan software brokers can:

  • Generate up-to-date stacking plans at once
  • Eliminate spreadsheets
  • Better represent how much space is available
  • Simplify lease expiration tracking
  • Identify tenants that require attention
  • Reduce costs on stacking plan creation
  • Focus on closing deals

Staking plan software helps you reduce the time needed to create a stacking plan and makes sure it will contain up-to-date data (if you entered it into the system) so you will always have an up-to-date visualization of leased and vacant space.

Also, it significantly speeds up the process of the creation of stacking plans on request. E.g., in AscendixRE CRM, you just need to make sure the system contains additional information about leases and availabilities.

Once it is done, you’ll be able to see the correct Stacking Plan, Export it to Excel or PDF.

The stacking plan feature is extremely beneficial to brokers who want to see a visual representation of tenancy in office buildings. Early on in my tenure with Ascendix, I was asked by a client to produce a stacking plan of their building. I was able to produce this plan within 24 hours because of the simplicity with importing lease information into Ascendix.  My client was happy with the quick turnaround time and producing the stacking plan would have been a much more difficult task if I wasn’t using Ascendix.

Cory LaDuke, an Associate Real Estate Broker at Pyramid Brokerage Cushman & Wakefield

(Cory didn’t have lease information entered that’s why it took him some time to format and import it first. Again, if you track all leases in the CRM, the stacking plan is available right away.)

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AscendixRE Stacking Plan Overview

A stacking plan within AscendixRE, the commercial real estate CRM, is a feature that is available for AscendixRE Enterprise users at no cost. Instead of having your data in multiple sources, AscendixRE lets you create stacking plans for any commercial real estate property in the system.

The best part is that once set up, the system will update stacking plans automatically when you or your team add new lease, availability, or edit records.

We recorded a detailed overview of the stacking plan functionality and how it works. Keep reading if you prefer text. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Also, we’ll be happy to offer you a free trial so you can test it on your own!


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You can create a Stacking Plan for any Property in AscendixRE.

In the image below you can see a Stacking Plan of our demo Property Preston Park Financial Center within a specific timeframe (highlighted).

You can always change the date forward or back to see that the stacking plan would change depending on the tenants at that time and the vacancies/availabilities.



AscendixRE Stacking Plan Interface (Click to Enlarge)

How to Create a Stacking Plan

To create a Stacking Plan for a particular property, simply fill in the Floors Above GroundAverage Floor Size (SF) fields under the Floors section of the Property.



Make sure to enter Floors number and an Average Floor Size to Create a Skeleton of a Stacking Plan


When the floor information is added, go to the Stacking Plan tab. Here you’ll see a skeleton of the Stacking Plan.



Newly Created Stacking Plan


At this point, you’ll need to populate the stacking plan with Leases/Tenants in the building, Vacant spaces.

To create a new Lease, click the corresponding button in the menu, enter the Unit Name/Number, and link to the Property.

Make sure to fill in:

  • Size (SF)
  • Floor – start typing Floor and the number of the Floor, e.g., Floor 2 and you’ll see it in the list
  • Tenant (not obligatory)
  • Commencement Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Other essential information



Creating a new Lease in AscendixRE


Once you click Save, the Lease will be added to the Stacking Plan.

To add a new availability, click New Availability button right on the Stacking Plan or Click the plus sign on the needed floor.



Adding New Availability


You’ll need to fill in the Unit Name/Numbervacant space to add Availability to the Stacking Plan. Also, we recommend you fill in the Available from date if the availability will happen in the future.

By default, all available space is in yellow. Leases will be color-coded based on the lease expiration date.

You can find the legend below the stacking plan under the LDX title.

Besides this, you can Export your Stacking Plan to Excel or to PDF. Then you can send it to your prospective tenants or use it for analysis.



Stacking Plan in Excel


That is! In a few clicks, you could easily generate stacking plans for every property.

Combine it with advanced workflows, lease expiration dates notification, and the ability to create highly targeted lists to call or email in AscendixRE and you’ll appreciate the value of this CRM software.

Commercial Real Estate Stacking Plan Software FAQ

What is a stacking plan?

A stacking plan is a comprehensive layout tool in property management. It visually represents occupied and vacant spaces in a building, streamlining leasing strategies. Essential for commercial real estate, a stacking plan promotes efficient use of space in multiple properties, aiding in decision-making for future tenants and property managers.

What is a stacking plan in real estate?

A stacking plan in real estate is a dynamic visualization tool displaying occupancy status and tenant details across a building’s floors. Crucial for real estate professionals, it enhances leasing strategies, space optimization, and decision-making, improving overall property management effectiveness.


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