Duke Long Podcast: CRE Software and Solutions by Ascendix

Duke Long invited Ascendix Technologies CEO Wes Snow to discuss available software for commercial real estate and solutions by Ascendix.

Watch the video to learn about:

  • CRM software now and 22 years ago
  • AscendixRE CRM
  • Ascendix Search app
  • Composer
  • Property Listings
  • CRM Consulting and app development for CRE companies


Wes Snow, CEO and President at Ascendix Technologies

Wes Snow, Co-Founder & President at Ascendix Technologies

Wes entered the Duke Long’s Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People list as a recognized commercial real estate technology leader in 2017, 2018, 2019. He is a frequent guest of podcasts, webinars, and various conferences where he shares his tips and best practices on CRM, modern technologies, and his experience with offshore development.


Duke Long, Owner Duke Long Agency. EIR Second Century Ventures/Reach

Duke Long has over twenty-plus years of experience in both real estate and technology. He is the broker and owner of The Duke Long Agency. Duke is a frequent speaker on various commercial real estate events and the host of the Duke Long Commercial Real Estate with a Little Attitude Podcast.

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Brokers about Ascendix

Barry Spagna
CRESA New York

What Was I Waiting For. I was using a combination of excel and outlook for CRM, a system that was time-consuming and not very effective. On the urging of my colleagues, I decided to give Ascendix a try. I kept kicking the can down the road unwilling to have to deal with the headaches of switching over to a new way of working. What a difference! The overall experience from migrating my hodge-podge of data from my excel sheets, implementation, training, and troubleshooting any issues which are caused by my own ignorance has been extremely positive. The customer service has been exceptional, I could not ask for more. AscendixRE has made me more organized, efficient which has caused me to have a new focus on my new business development.

David Noble
Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

The Ascendix team is as invested in our success as we were. Ascendix’s helped us successfully implement a shared database across multiple offices in multiple markets. Since going live with our data, Ascendix has continued to improve the experience by rolling out new features, addressing follow-up questions, and assisting/empowering our internal database management group with the knowledge to utilize the software to its fullest. I would unconditionally recommend AscendixRE, both for the software and the management and support team.

Cory LaDuke
Cushman & Wakefield / Pyramid Brokerage Company

AscendixRE has drastically improved efficiency in my day to day brokerage operations. One of the main reasons I elected to move forward with Ascendix instead of a competitor is because of their level of customer service. The Ascendix team is very responsive to questions, and the Concierge works quickly and does a great job of accurately importing data. AscendixRE keeps me organized because it allows me to track calls, letters and emails with ease. Additionally, the stacking plan feature is extremely beneficial to brokers who want to see a visual representation of tenancy in office buildings. Early on in my tenure with AscendixRE, I was asked by a client to produce a stacking plan of their building. I was able to produce this plan within 24 hours because of the simplicity with importing lease information into Ascendix. My client was happy with the quick turnaround time and producing the stacking plan would have been a much more difficult task if I wasn’t using Ascendix.

Karen Weaver
Metropolitan Capital Advisors

Far More Organized. The decision to use AscendixRE over other CRM's was easy. The usability, design, and power of the website is incredible compared to others. Our company has been working with Marissa who is absolutely stellar. She has been so helpful and efficient. Marissa has been there every step of the way, and we are so appreciative. The platform has helped us consolidate our contacts, accounts, deals, and capital sources into one place. This has increased efficiency and minimized hassle. The brokers and analysts are able to find the information they need in a few quick clicks. Every commercial real estate company should be using this platform. We could not be more thankful, and we are so excited that we made the right choice with AscendixRE.

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