AscendixRE Update: Property Listing Portal Improvement

March 10, 2023
5 min

This April release is all about Commercial Property Listings Portal improvement. We give you more customization options to make property listings look as you wish. Also, now you can display documents for each listing to provide your website visitors with even more information.

Watch what’s new in this video:



In this Update:

  • Listing portal – image viewer improvement
  • Listing portal – display documents in the record details
  • Listing portal – allow for partial phrase searches on text fields

Listing Portal – Image Viewer Improvement


Now admins can configure if the image carousel should display at the top or bottom of your records.

By default, the image carousel is located above the image preview:



Image Carousel in AscendixRE


To change the image carousel location, select bottom in the Placement of image carousel:



Changing placement of image-carousel in AscendixRE property listing portal for Salesforce


Also, you can configure the spacing between images in the carousel:



Changing placement of image carousel in AscendixRE



Besides, we improved the full-screen viewer to display your images even better. The right demonstration of your listings can help you close deals faster!



AscendixRE Property Listing – The New Image Viewer

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Listing Portal – Display Documents in the Record Details


It is easy than ever to provide your website visitors with comprehensive information about your listings. Now you can display documents in various formats for each listing record in the listing portal! We support any formats. A good example might be a property floorplan or property leaflet.

By the way, have you checked our real estate brochure software Composer for Salesforce users that lets you generate various brochures, leaflets, reports using data and images from your CRM? A few clicks and you get your leaflet ready with up-to-date information!


Display Documents: How it Works



AscendixRE Property Listings Documents Display


We created Documents section, which will display public documents associated with the selected records:

  • Documents will display in a grid.
  • Files are sorted alphabetically by Title.
  • When the Title link is clicked the document will open in a new browser tab where the user can preview and/or download the file
  • If no public documents are found, the system will instead display the following message: This record has no documents


Here is How to Add This Functionality to Your Org:


  1. Navigate to Setup -> App Builder
  2. For each configured listing object type (e.g. Property, Availability, or Listing) click the Edit link next to the associated Lightning Page
  3. Add the AscendixRE File Viewer Lightning Component to the page where desired
  4. Click the Save button


Here is How to Add This Functionality to Your Org:


  1. Navigate to Setup -> App Builder
  2. For each configured listing object type (e.g. Property, Availability, or Listing) click the Edit link next to the associated Lightning Page
  3. Add the AscendixRE File Viewer Lightning Component to the page where desired
  4. Click the Save button



AscendixRE – Adding a Section Documents to the Layout


Once configured, this component provides a view of all documents associated with the record and gives the broker the ability to:

  • Upload files
  • Delete files
  • Share files
  • Unshare files
  • Download/view a file
  • Copy a file link to the clipboard

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Here is How to Add Documents to Your Listing:


  • Upload files to the corresponding property
  • Select files and click Share to make them public

Now your files are displayed on the property listing portal!



Ascendix Property Listings – Making Files Public


To remove documents from your listing, go to the corresponding record in your Salesforce, select the document and click Unshare.

The good news is that you don’t need to delete documents from your CRM to stop displaying it on your website.

That’s a great example of how technology can help you improve your online presence without a significant investment of your time and money.

Did we mention that Ascendix Property Listing is super cost-effective? Contact us to learn the details!

Listing Portal – Allow for Partial Phrase Searches on Text Fields


Before this release, listing portal visitors should enter the exact criteria in text fields to get the results. Now admins can configure text fields to be either an exact (equals) or partial (contains) search.

Here is how to configure it:

  • Navigate to Setup > Listing Portal
  • Click the Configure field icon and check/uncheck “Allow partial matches”



Ascendix Property Listings – Allowing Partial Matches


That’s it for today. Happy Prospecting!

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Ascendix Commercial Property Listings Portal: What’s in It For Me?


The competition is high than ever and lots of brokerages already have property listings functionality on their website. The modern buyer expects to get all the required information on their own before investing their time in face-to-face meetings or even phone calls with you.

From the other hand, even if you already have property listings on your commercial real estate website, let’s say you use WordPress website, there should be someone who will make sure all property listings are updated, with correct information and up-t0-date images.

Any change, e.g., in pricing or any additional information that might help to sell this property, will require the update of your listing.

Let’s face it:

What happens in reality? You either have outdated information or update information only on website forgetting about your CRM or spend quite some time to keep the up-to-date information both in your CRM and a website.

Here’s how we solve this challenge:


#1 Get Your Property Listing Website


First, we’ll create a property listing website/section for your website. Our solution will let you customize its branding, location of elements, search fields, the way users interact with the website. Also, you’ll be able to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to attract more traffic to your listing. The website is responsive which means it will look great on all devices. If needed, we’ll develop custom functionality on your request.


#2 Commercial Property Listings Automation


It is the best benefit and what makes our users select Ascendix.

Here’s the deal:

You’ll be able to publish, update all listings, properties right from your CRM. No need to go back and forth from a CRM and your website. All is done in one place and with a few clicks. You don’t need developers or someone technical to do it. Simply add/update information in your CRM and click the button Update/Publish.

That’s it! You get up-to-date listings once you update the data in your CRM.


#3 Prospecting Automation


Do you still add website leads manually to your CRM?

With Ascendix, they will be created automatically. In addition, you’ll see what listings they were interested in.

Next, you can set up automatic follow-ups and leverage the power of Salesforce to automate your prospecting.


Interested to learn more? Contact us to schedule a live demo of our solutions! Are you looking for commercial real estate CRM? Make sure to check our AscendixRE!


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Fantastic upgrades to the Listing Portal! The new Image Viewer improvements and ability to configure image carousel placement make showcasing property listings a breeze. Also, the addition of displaying documents in the Record Details is a game-changer, providing comprehensive information effortlessly. The feature to allow partial phrase searches on text fields enhances user experience. Kudos to Ascendix for simplifying the process and boosting efficiency in commercial real estate management!

Anzhelika Serhiienko

Appreciate your comment and insight!

We are constantly improving our products to meet our clients’ tiniest needs.

Stay updated on our upcoming releases.

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