How to Hide a Field in Dynamics 365: Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

August 4, 2021
2 min

In this post, we’ll explain how to remove fields from your form in Dynamics 365 CRM and make them not searchable, so the users don’t see them. Our Dynamics CRM Consultant, Marissa Cleaver, recorded a short video and guides you through the whole process.

As you might know, Ascendix Technologies is not only Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant, but we also have our apps for Dynamics 365, in particular, our AscendixRE CRM that converts Dynamics CRM into a commercial real estate CRM. Don’t be confused when Marissa mentions AscendixRE in the video. The process of hiding fields is entirely similar to other Microsoft Dynamics users.

Let’s dive right in:


Why Removing Fields from Dynamics 365 is a Bad Idea


What you don’t want to do is select a field and hit a Remove button. The reason for this is that a field may be used in JavaScript and, therefore, for removing it might start throwing errors.



Don’t Remove Fields From Dynamics 365 If It Might be Used in JavaScript

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Hide the Field if You Don’t Need It


So the best thing to do is hide the field.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Anywhere on your form click the Insert button and select a section. This is going to be hidden so you can probably use just a Four Columns section.



Dynamics 365 – Adding the Four Columns Section


Step 2. Double click on the new section to open up the properties and type “HIDDEN” in the Label. By doing this, you’ll call this section Hidden so that you know that the fields in it won’t be shown to users.



Dynamics 365 – Renaming a Section


Step 3. Uncheck the Visible by default button and click OR. That will make it a hidden section.



Dynamics 365 – Saving and Publishing a Form

This way it will make sure that the hidden fields won’t be visible on your form anymore.



How to Make a Field Not Searchable in Dynamics 365


Further, you can also make the hidden fields not searchable.

And you can do it from your form by double-clicking on it and going to the Details Tab. Then click on the Edit button.



Dynamics 365 – Editing Field Properties


Set the field Searchable to No. And don’t forget to save your changes.



Dynamics 365 – Making a Field Not Searchable


That’s it! Now, this field won’t only be hidden on the form, but it won’t also appear in the Advanced Finder searches as columns that you can search for. It will also clean up the number of fields that Advanced Finder will show and simplify choices for your team.

Tracking only information that you need and simplifying the process as much as you can is a prerequisite to a successful CRM adoption by your team.

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