AscendixRE Review: an Interview with Stephen Songy from OakPoint

Stephen Songy from OakPoint shares his experiences with AscendixRE CRM and explains how our CRM helps them to enhance team communication and their sales processes.


OakPoint is a premier real estate advisory and investment firm based in Nashville, Tennessee. The firm’s founding partners have completed over $2.5 billion of transactions on behalf of their clients. OakPoint provides customized solutions for its clients on a nationwide basis.

Ascendix: What is your CRE background/focus? How long have you been at it?

Stephen: My focus is on serving corporate and healthcare occupiers, providing a wide range of solutions to meet their needs. I’ve been in the real estate services industry for about 8 years. Prior to that, I worked in real estate investment, development, and capital markets.

Ascendix: What is the office dynamic at OakPoint? (Sharing, competitive, mature, etc…)

Stephen: OakPoint is a small, high-growth company. We are very collaborative in nature and typically work in teams for various projects.

Ascendix: What is something very few people know about you?

Stephen: I’m a technology nerd (which is perhaps why I was given the responsibility of setting up the system). I enjoy following what’s coming up next in the world of technology and big data, such as AI, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain.

Stephen Songy
Corporate Advisor
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Nashville, Tennessee
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We like AscendixRE's flexibility. We coordinate as a team and have a continuous improvement program to better leverage the system. We can make desired customizations quickly and easily.

Stephen Songy, Corporate and Healthcare Services Advisor, OakPoint
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Ascendix: What problem or challenge were you facing prior to investing into Ascendix as a CRM?

Stephen: OakPoint didn’t have a central CRM system in place, and the team recognized the need to have one, for many reasons.

What we liked about AscendixRE was the CRM’s out-of-the-box functionality, with market intelligence and portfolio administration capabilities included.


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High Flexibility for AscendixRE Salesforce App Development Case Study | Ascendix


Ascendix: Since CRM implementation, in what ways has your efficiency or effectiveness increased?

Stephen: The system has promoted the greater organization of our business development process. It has also enhanced our internal team communication and coordination on business development efforts.

Ascendix: Your favorite feature of AscendixRE?

Stephen: Flexibility. We coordinate as a team and have a continuous improvement program to better leverage the system. Typically, we can make desired customizations quickly and easily, with no additional cost.

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