Ascendix Case Study: CRM Solutions and Support for Transwestern

Transwestern and Ascendix Technologies are long-term partners. We’ve helped to set up and configure their CRM which led to increased adoption across their brokers on the platform. Hear the full story of our cooperation by Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions at Transwestern.


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Transwestern Development Company (TDC®) is one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world. The firm operates as a principal, investing capital alongside its institutional equity partners in the development of speculative and build-to-suit projects, and as a fee developer for clients and user-owners.

Based in Houston, Transwestern has 35 U.S. offices and assists clients through more than 211 offices in 36 countries as part of a strategic alliance with BNP Paribas Real Estate. Introduce your business and what you do there.

Jason Moersch: I’m the VP of technology solutions for Transwestern. We’re a commercial real estate firm providing management, leasing, and consulting services for our clients. What challenges were you trying to address with Ascendix Technologies?

Jason Moersch: We were having some trouble with our CRM in the commercial real estate market and were looking for a company with that expertise.

Jason Moersch
VP of Technology
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The quality is always great. Ascendix acts as a real business partner and takes the time to work with us, understand what we need, and gives feedback on what they think is the best approach. Over time, they have become a true business partner and helped us enhance our solutions to meet our business needs.

Jason Moersch, VP of Technology Solutions, Transwestern
CaseStudies-Transwestern1 results charts What was the scope of their involvement?

Jason Moersch: They helped set up, configure, and now support our CRM. They’ve helped us build a more user-friendly interface so that we’re cognizant of who our users are and how they best interact with the CRM.

Additionally, they helped us move to an updated version—which was a huge conversion—and increase adoption across our brokers on the platform. We leveraged their expertise on best practices and how to best communicate the change with our users. What is the team composition?

Jason Moersch: Our main points of contact were the project manager and technical architect. We spoke with them on an almost daily basis. They have a development team backing them, and we would occasionally interact with Ascendix’s president.

CaseStudies-Transwestern1 results charts
CaseStudies-Transwestern2 results cre How did you come to work with Ascendix Technologies?

Jason Moersch: I’m not sure how Transwestern initially found Ascendix, but they were selected because they offered us a developed solution. They had started building a commercial real estate overlay for Microsoft Dynamics. When we first started working together, we needed that commercial real estate expertise and solution. Over time, they have become a true business partner and helped us enhance our solutions to meet our business needs. What is the status of this engagement?

Jason Moersch: Ascendix began working with Transwestern before I was hired, but I believe it was in 2012, and we are ongoing partners.

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Results & Feedback What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Jason Moersch: They test everything before handing it to us, so everything we receive has minimal errors. The quality is always great. They act as a real business partner and take the time to work with us, understand what we need, and give feedback on what they think is the best approach. They walk with us through the entire project. How did Ascendix Technologies perform from a project management standpoint?

Jason Moersch: We communicate over the phone, email, or online meetings—whatever is best for the situation. They’re very accessible. We talk with the project manager on a weekly basis at least, sometimes closer to daily. They’re always quick to deliver.

CaseStudies-Transwestern3 results web conferencing
CaseStudies Transwestern4 results handshake What did you find most impressive about them?

Jason Moersch: They have very open and honest communication and are always willing to go the extra mile to get our product to the next level. They do more than just the work they’re assigned; they look out for our best interests and care about us as a company. Are there any areas they could improve?

Jason Moersch: There’s always something a company can do better, but there’s nothing I can pinpoint as negative. Sometimes I wish they could be on-site with us at all times, but that’s obviously not cost-effective for either of us. Do you have any advice for potential customers?

Jason Moersch: Always be open with them as to what you’re trying to achieve and your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Ascendix will adapt to whoever they’re working with.

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