How Steinborn/TCN Uses AscendixRE CRM to Get More Deals

Kary Bulsterbaum, an Associate Commercial Broker at Steinborn/TCN Commercial Real Estate out of Las Cruces, New Mexico has been an Ascendix Salesforce Foundations client since Fall 2014. He shares his experience using AscendixRE and incorporating it into the busy lifestyle of a broker.


Ascendix: Do you or your firm specialize in a commercial real estate segment or vertical?

Kary: Our team primarily specializes in industrial and office properties within our market segment or at least this is the higher percentage of our deals. We are a small town however and do have experience in retail and multifamily segments as well.

Ascendix: What were 2 of the deciding factors that lead you to choose AscendixRE Foundations for Salesforce?

Kary: Leading into my decision I had personally met Wes, Ascendix CEO & Founder, at previous TCN conferences who is our independent commercial referral network affiliate. I identified with his approach and experience and liked how he carried himself. Furthermore, you could tell he had a good feel for commercial real estate sale cycles, elements, and the industry.

The fact that the software itself had a correlation to Salesforce was a huge bonus in addition to the support of the Ascendix staff itself. It was a best of both worlds experience in terms of small company interaction, experience, and world-class software.

Kary Bulsterbaum
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This product is basically my "business brain." The software is CRE-focused and tailored for the world I live in business-wise above all else. It makes me look smarter and smarter with my customers day in day out.

Kary Bulsterbaum, Associate Commercial Broker at Steinborn/TCN Commercial Real Estate
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Ascendix: What was your experience getting up and running with the solution?  

Kary: This product is basically my “business brain.” I am a big-time note taker. Everybody in business needs a CRM of some kind.

The verticality of the Ascendix CRE product is the best part. I address items such as contact data, customer preferences, property records, past deals, customer interaction, reports, past activities, available properties, calendar items, critical action steps and so much more all in one place.

The software is CRE-focused and tailored for the world I live in business-wise above all else. It makes me look smarter and smarter with my customers day in day out.

I get a lot of comments such as “thank you for thinking of me” because of strategic ticklers and notes that flag inside this program. I have also brought deals to the table I would not have had a shot at if it were not for the overall management of this software.

CaseStudies-Steinborn-TCN1 ascendixre results
High Flexibility for AscendixRE Salesforce App Development Case Study | Ascendix

Ascendix: Did you recommend xRE Foundations to two of your colleagues, why?

Kary: For the reasons stated in the previous question above. It truly is a one-stop-shop resource for having your entire business at your fingertips.

Ascendix: Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

Kary: I wish I could tell you I lead a rock star lifestyle. If I am up past 10 pm that is grounds for major news. If free time permits itself I probably have a golf club in my hand at a unique golf course to play which are part of the world allows you to do. I am a big-time sports junkie related to all types of recreation and hope I always will be.

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