AscendixRE CRM for Investment Sales Brokers

Supercharge your business with AscendixRE CRM for Commercial Investment Sales Brokers.

Want to close more deals? We have a solution!
With AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM, you’ll spend less time typing and more time selling the properties and closing deals.

Eliminate data entry and reduce your manual work by implementing AscenidxRE CRM into your brokerage.

Source more deals while AscendixRE will inform you about each deal sourcing signal.

AscendixRE CRM is an investment sales broker tool that frees specialists from tedious manual processes and keeps them organized and more productive. On top of that, it has seamless integration with the third-party tools that brokers use every day, such as Outlook, Gmail, and more.

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Why AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM?

New preferences AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM

Customizable Investment Criteria

AscendixRE investment sales brokerage software has a pre-built object called “Preferences.” It helps investment sales brokers capture specific information about investment criteria (maximum and minimum price, area space requirements, property type requirements, multifamily some unit requirements, geography).

What else can you do with this object?

  • Customize “Preferences” and add any criteria you need
  • Create a portfolio of prospective buyers with multiple Preferences
  • Curate the listed buyers that match the plugged-in criteria
  • Track the investment sales preferences
New preferences AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM
Follow-up activities AscendixRE investment sales broker CRM
Follow-up activities AscendixRE investment sales broker CRM

Nurture Your Contacts Effectively

Once you’ve created the Contact record in your investment sales broker CRM, you can plan and track activities, calls, appointments, and tasks that you’ve got for that person.

All your actions are recorded in chronological order, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Additionally, our software allows you to track both Contacts and Companies and synchronize the accounts if necessary.

Contact preferences AscendixRE Investment Sales broker CRM

Easy Search of Buyers

As an addon of AscendixRE CRM, Ascendix Search helps you to be as specific as you need to be. With this tool, you can:

  • Search the buyers that have particular preferences
  • Use pre-built search templates or create a new one
  • Generate a list of contacts whose preferences matched your search criteria
  • Look up with multiple criteria
  • Add as many search filters as you want
  • Export your lists from your investment sales brokerage software to Excel, name them as you’d like to, and mass email if necessary
  • Capture the buyer requirements and curate the lists to streamline your lead generation process.
Contact preferences AscendixRE Investment Sales broker CRM

Minimize Your Time Spent on Data Entry

By using our investment sales broker CRM, you can:

  • Add the properties that person owns in a few clicks
  • Pursue the listing of a particular building
  • Add the contact in investment sales broker software and put as much information as you have about the contact
  • Add a physical asset the person owns and link them to it. Enter as much property information as you need
New listing AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM

Create Property Listings In a Few Clicks

If you need a report, use Composer addon and present branded documents to the owner.

By using Composer you can:

  • Create attractive reports
  • Use prebuilt report templates to automatically generate the reports or brochures
  • Customize the fields in reports according to your needs and generate an ongoing Listing agreement with an actual price for sale, property owner, expiration date, etc
  • And more!


New listing AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM
Deal maturation AscendixRE Investment Sales broker CRM
Deal maturation AscendixRE Investment Sales broker CRM

Track the Maturation of Your Deals

Need to track deals both for Buyer and Seller Reps? With AscendixRE investment sales broker tool, it gets as easy as ABC.

  • Track the maturation of your Deals
  • Categorize your Deals to effectively manage the pipeline and flow of transactions from the beginning to the end
  • Easily create sales comps when you close the Deal
  • Click and drag all the tabs in the CRM in line with the order of operations and their significance.

Control Your Investment Sales from Any Device

A desktop version of AscendixRE CRM is automatically converted into an app. It is available both for iOS and Android users. Our mobile app helps commercial investment sales brokers list, view, and track every deal and activity on the go. Additionally, it sends you notifications, so you never miss anything important.

White glove concierge & support services Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix
White glove concierge & support services Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix

Get Support When You Need It

Contact our Support team anytime you need assistance. Moreover, for subscribers of AscendixRE Enterprise and Unlimited plans, we included Concierge service.

If you have some questions about CRM entry, data load, task management, or report generation, feel free to contact the Concierge service team.

Take Control of Your Commercial Real Estate

Schedule a call with our manager to get professional assistance and investment sales broker CRM consultancy.

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AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM has three pricing plans.

  • $79/mo Foundations: Classical CRM functionality, Lease, Sale, Preference Tracking, Financial Forecasting. Salesforce license is included!
  • $99/mo Enterprise Plan: All Foundations features included, plus Commission Tracking, Stacking Plans, Ascendix Search app, Report Generation app, our Data import and Data Entry Help
  • $129/mo Unlimited Plan: Add Public Listing Portal, Collaboration and Deal Rooms, and Automatic Lead Capture.

AscendixRE has given me the ability to create follow-up reminders to reach out to former clients has been invaluable. I have been able to use that same dashboard to let me know which deals I have not been paid for. It reminds me every time I pull up my dashboards, which means I don’t let my hard-earned commissions slip through the cracks by forgetting to follow up with landlords who still owe.

Brandon Vandermyde, Senior Vice President, NAI Excel

FAQs about AscendixRE for Investment Sales Brokers

Can I Integrate Ascendixre CRM With Third-Party Tools for Investment Sales Broker?

Yes, you can. To get a specific list of tools, feel free to contact our managers.

Does AscendixRE Investment Sales Broker CRM Allows to Forecast My Deals Data?

Sure! With AscendixRE, you get an overview of all Deals, Listings, Leases, Prospective Properties, Commissions, and all communication in one place. When you need to track, update, and forecast your Deals, you enter the information and it’s depicted as stages of the Kanban system.

Can I Trust My Investment Sales Brokerage Business to Salesforce? 

Millions yes. We built AscendixRE on top of Salesforce for many reasons. But one of the most considerable is data security. Salesforce pays special attention to data protection so that your sensitive data is secure in our investment sales broker CRM.

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