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One of the most challenging aspects of implementing enterprise software systems is user adoption. Our concierge support and adoption teams can help maximize your investments in these systems.

One of the hardest parts of changing software of any kind is the learning curve and the training your staff must commit to in order to succeed. Although user-friendly software helps, you must also have proper support to increase user adoption and ensure success.

At Ascendix, our Client Adoption staff is supporting both traditional and new training methods to create a community of users that will also help shape the future of the solution. We don’t just want to tell you how it works; we want to hear how you think it could work!


White glove concierge & support services Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix

During “Pre-Go-Live,” our staff makes frequent touchpoints with the client to ensure that any customizations to CRM are being captured and communicated during training.

Since AscendixRE is customizable, your training may be slightly different than another CRE organization based on your secret sauce. The benefit to this approach is that the trainer becomes familiar with the client’s business process, office environment, users/roles so that training is truly tailored to you.

White glove concierge & support services Ascendix Search case study | Ascendix


Support Team Improvement for Flibco | Ascendix

During “Go-Live” our team provides different levels of training based on the professional services you choose. We train team members based on their role of user, power users, or administrators to make sure each member feels comfortable with their role.

During this process, we give you access to the Online Training Portal which contains training videos & tutorials, manuals, and FAQs. This caters to the various ways users like to learn and breaks it into smaller, more manageable segments so they have a place to go for their questions that is quick and efficient.

"Post Go-Live" Phase


Once you are in the “Post Go-Live” phase, the training and communication don’t stop. We send quarterly newsletters highlighting product features, Ascendix staff introductions, CRE industry news, and invitations to free continued training/education courses.


CRM Adoption Best Practices: The Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Adopt a CRM

Process CRM Support

CRM Support Specialists


Our team members are trained as power users of your systems and can help onboard and promote the usage of your sales, marketing teams.

  • We Create and Manage Training Materials
  • We Conduct Training Webinars
  • Application Support
  • We Manage Escalations to Appropriate Software Vendors
  • We Provide Virtual/Personal Assistant Services to Users
  • We Take on Research Tasks
  • Data Entry and Validation
  • Blogs, Videos and Newsletters
Process CRM Support

White-Glove Concierge CRM Services for AscendixRE Enterprise users


To support our AscendixRE Enterprise and Unlimited users our Concierge service comes with no extra charge.

For $79-$99 per month, our team will help you with data entry, task management, report creation, and other tasks you can safely delegate to keep focused on closing new deals.


Operations Teams


Your existing enterprise operations need ongoing application and technical support. We embed with your teams, learn your software systems and processes and help increase the responsiveness and effectiveness of your technology investments.

  • Ongoing System Customization and/or Configuration Requests
  • Data Conversions
  • The Report, Brochure, or Microsite Generation
  • Stacking Plans, Site Plans
  • System Documentation, Training Materials
  • Internal Blogs and Newsletters Promoting Usage
  • New User Training and Onboarding
  • Personal Assistant /Virtual Assistant Concierge Support
  • Lease Abstraction
  • Data Entry



Marketing Administration Support



System Administration


  • User Provisioning and Rights Management
  • Data Cleanup and Research


IT System Administration/DevOps


  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support
  • System Maintenance

Top-Notch CRM Support Services

Getting a CRM is only the beginning. You want to make sure your team uses it and, most important, that the system helps your organization become more efficient. Our CRM Concierge Team will help your team to learn the platform of your choice and will support you on a daily basis so you don't need to care about it.

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