[Slide Deck] Pardot aka Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Audit Service Offering

Main Pardot aka Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Audit Package

We’ll become your second set of eyes that help you spot space for improvement, anticipate risks, and maximize your investment in Pardot.

Our Pardot audit and assessment services will help:

  • Marketers who want to accelerate their revenue growth via scalable marketing automation technology.
  • Agents who need a fresh new look at their prospect nurturing machine and advice on its improvement.
  • Companies who are on the look for a substitution for their Pardot administration.
  • Marketing people who’ve done Pardot implementation on their own and need to check if they use its features to their full extent.
  • Organizations who require professional guidance with the ongoing implementation process and further scalability of the tool.
  • Businesses that need help with Pardot facelift but don’t know how to drive this optimization.

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Learn what assessment phases your Pardot auditing project will go through so we can identify the gaps in your marketing automation tool's technical setup and usage.

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David Noble
Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

When searching for a replacement to our existing CRM system, our situation presented several challenges, the most significant of which was the fact that our individual offices were all using different systems. Different systems meant different processes and different workflows for the users. It also meant that the data migration process would be multiplied by the number of systems that we used. After our initial discussion with the Ascendix team, we quickly realized that we were speaking with a partner in this process, someone as invested in our success as we were.

Roel Waals
Founder and Head of Product, M |ployee

We needed immediate help with developing a major functionality for our core Salesforce solution. It was necessary to deliver a well-tested solution in the short term. Ascendix developed a custom application within Salesforce managed package using Apex, Flows, and metadata configuration. Despite the urgency and multiple challenges, the team was able to understand the current solution and adjust it in time and within the planned budget. As a project supervisor, I was very satisfied by communication with the team, they were replying rapidly, stand-ups, and other meetings were well-structured and effective.