MarketSpace: Advanced Marketing of Property Listings & Deal Rooms

Advanced Marketing of your Listings and Secure Deal Room marketspace

Advanced Marketing of your Listings and Secure Deal Rooms

MarketSpace is an all-in-one tool for marketing your Listings and Availabilities and enhanced communication with tenants and investors. Bring your commercial real estate business to the next level and comfortably collaborate with clients, tenants, and investors wherever you are.

MarketSpace is:

  • A property listing portal to market your Listings and Availabilities.
  • A brochure and report generation tool to send professionally looking documents to investors and tenants.
  • Secure Deal and Collaboration rooms to enhance communication with stakeholders and get rid of multiple email chains.
  • Centralized document management and storage, NDA signing.
  • Email marketing integration to keep your network updated on new Availabilities.
  • Robust Salesforce and AscendixRE CRM integration to publish, update, and remove listings right from your CRM in a few clicks.

Create Professionally-Looking Property Listings

MarketSpace lets you create, publish and update property listings right from AscendixRE CRM and within a few clicks. It will automatically take your property information entered in the CRM and convert it to a property listing.

MarketSpace by Ascendix Property Listings Portal Overview

  • Add as many property images as you wish.
  • Every listing can contain multiple availabilities.
  • Locate a property on a map, including satellite view.
  • Upload Listing documents, like a detailed floor plan, technical documentation etc.
  • Provide very detailed info on each listing including building details, expenses, area, ownership, and more.
  • Automatically publish and update listings right from AscendixRE CRM.
  • Generate reports including Availability or Listing Information using pre-built templates you can send via email or download as a PDF.
  • Email a link to the listing with one click.

Watch a quick overview of MarketSpace right now:

Easy and Powerful Search of Property Listings

MarketSpace has a robust search engine to filter and select the best-matched properties. Any user will be able to easily browse all availabilities and listings, save searches, add to their favorite listings they like, and request additional information about them. Available on mobile and desktop, users can browse listings on the go.

MarketSpace by Ascendix map search of property listings

  • Full-text search
  • Advanced filtering
  • Users can save searches to return to them later
  • Users can add listings to favorites and share them with you
  • Users can use a map and draw figures on a map for quick property search within multiple zip codes
  • Hovering on a map pin, users will see property information and can navigate to the full listing page
  • Users can contact a broker directly on each listing by submitting the contact form or contacting via the phone (if provided by a broker). Once submitted, AscendixRE creates an Inquiry with all submitted details and associates it with Listing and Availability.
  • Users can easily email a link to a broker.

Close Deals Faster with Secure Deal & Collaboration Rooms

Replace email chains and conference calls with secure and convenient Deal Rooms. Provide investors with an easy and convenient way to access deal information from wherever they are.

  • Create new Deal Rooms and invite stakeholders with a few clicks.
  • Before joining a Deal Room, you can require everyone to sign terms of the confidentiality agreement. All is done electronically!
  • Share, store and discuss documents in one place.
  • Discuss all the details right in the app instead of in emails and conference calls to move deals faster and make a history of communication available even to those who'll join this Deal room later.
  • Present selected Properties, get feedback, interact from any device and close deals faster than ever before.

MarketSpace Reviews


Ascendix has something special with MarketSpace. The users' feedback has been all around positive. Our research people, who used to respond to requests for data/reports have seen a significant drop in those and an increase in their capacity to do other work.

Saimir Qalliu, Colliers International Indiana

MarketSpace by Ascendix Reviewing Properties on a map

Seller Representation: Reinvent the way you represent sellers

  • Create a Listing in AscendixRE CRM to track marketing activities, inquiries, and deal flow.
  • Publish a public-facing listing record for this property in one click using MarketSpace. Maximize the exposure of clients' properties. Create a list of selected properties to share with investors.
  • Work with the leads that were automatically captured and saved to AscendixRE.
  • Create a new Deal and a Deal Room for secure communication with potential buyers. Communicate with all stakeholders using Conversations and save a history of their communication, and their feedback.
  • Negotiate and close deals faster than ever before from secure and public Deal Rooms wherever you are.

MarketSpace by Ascendix Favorite Property Listings

Tenant Representation: Enhance the experience of your tenants

  • Document tenant rep requirements – add new preferences in AscendixRE.
  • Create a new Tenant Rep Deal and invite stakeholders to the Deal Room.
  • Prepare a list of candidate properties and availabilities to share with the tenant.
  • Review feedback of the tenant, included and excluded options and provide additional details without leaving MarketSpace.