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We aim to provide holistic CRM consulting services for legal firms and legal departments.

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Ascendix has developed a CRM consulting legal practice with the focus on enabling lawyers to manage and standardize every aspect of their business in one system. This practice focuses on full-service law firms, corporate legal, insurance defense, and personal injury law firms.

Our CRM consulting teams, which cover both the United States and Europe, will help you select, implement, customize, and adapt the latest feature-rich CRM tools available in the market and designed specifically for legal services.

At Ascendix, we aim to provide your law firm/department with win-win solutions. We start with an in-depth analysis of your current systems, how you’re using them, and what parts need to be improved.

By analyzing your business processes, your existing legal client relationship management software, and your goals, we can provide you with CRM consulting services tailored to your law firm/department’s needs.

CaseStudies-Stiles4 results meeting discussion

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What We Offer for Legal Services Firms

Feeling disorganized with your current legal client relationship management software? Need an effective solution for organizing billing/matters/client-oriented information? We’ll help! Our team is experienced in providing software and legal CRM solutions for teams of different sizes.

Ascendix always works closely with clients to brainstorm ideas together to see available options to implement your project. We can become your consultants in choosing CRM software for your legal needs and will help to implement and customize a CRM solution of choice.
Below you can see the list of services we offer to Legal Services companies:

Why Ascendix for Legal CRM Consulting?

For more than 20+ years, Ascendix has helped more than a hundred top firms across industries to achieve CRM success.

We are open to cooperation with law companies and firms of any size because we are passionate about the growth and success of our clients from the legal industry.

  • Great understanding of needs of various legal services businesses (law firms, corporate legal departments, full-service insurance defense firms, bar associations, and non-profits)
  • In CRM consulting since 1996
  • Proven strategies for choosing legal CRM 
  • Salesforce and Dynamics 365 Partners
  • Leverage our onshore and offshore teams to optimize costs

Get a Free CRM Consultation

What is the best law office CRM for your business? How can CRM software increase productivity for lawyers? How can you combine the CRM with the best matter management software? We’ll be glad to answer these and other questions related to choosing CRM software for your law firm. Feel free to contact us and request help.

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What Our Clients Say

Adrienne Zalking
Head of Marketing at Stiles

Stiles hired Ascendix to renovate their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with streamlined functionalities, practical features, and a user-friendly interface. The previous CRM was difficult to navigate and impossible to adopt, but the new system has proven to be an essential operating tool. The shared client files have maximized business opportunities and enriched our lead generation techniques. Our progress wouldn’t be attainable without Ascendix Technologies’ continued support. Ascendix Technologies is undoubtedly the most trustworthy company that I’ve ever worked with.

Jordan Christensen
Principal at Calson Properties

Calson Properties hired Ascendix to automate our property management, email campaigns, and contact management. Ascendix configured Salesforce to provide us with the tool we needed. Ascendix has been a fantastic partner through this process. Their team is extremely knowledgeable about the Salesforce platform and always works to find the best solution. They are creative in finding solutions to the unique problems we present. Problems of the past, such as contact management and mass emails no longer plague us.

A Sixfold Increase in CRM Adoption for JLL. Our initial challenge involved poor CRM adoption. We needed help integrating our real estate information into our system, so we could track properties, leases, sales, and other opportunities. Ascendix has provided CRM solutions that no one else has been able to. The technologies they’ve employed have significantly simplified our CRM usage. Learn more

Chad Lisney, JLL

Legal CRM Consulting FAQs

Why Do I Need CRM Consulting Services for Legal Firm?

You need CRM consulting if you experience the following problems:

  • Poor case management: matters, intakes, billings are all messed up
  • You don’t have a complete picture of the internal business operations
  • You want to consolidate disparate systems across different departments and regions to streamline data exchange
  • You don’t know which CRM system will better align with your corporate requirements
  • Your Document and Account systems became outdated, and you need the overall review
  • You want to improve collaboration and data flow among your teams.

Our CRM consulting company will collect your main pain points, expectations, and preferences regarding the CRM project, identify weaknesses of your corporate processes and suggest the best strategies and technology solutions to eliminate them.

What Legal CRM Solutions Do You Work With?

We recommend using Litify CRM. Alternatively, we can build custom legal CRM solutions on top of Salesforce or Dynamics 365.

Feel free to describe your problem to get a detailed estimate of the project.

How to Choose CRM Software for Legal Services?

Every law firm is unique, so do the requirements. You don’t have to bother yourself with learning tons of articles concerning CRM for lawyers.

All you need is to contact Ascendix team, and we’ll do everything for you: from analyzing your problems to successful CRM software implementation.

How to Automate Your Law Firm Using CRM?

Implement CRM in your existing processes or develop a custom CRM from scratch. Using a CRM makes your internal business operations easier and helps your business grow.

By using CRM software, you can track and manage the intakes, matters, cases, documents, billing, and finances in one program from any device.

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