AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM

A unique Salesforce-based CRM solution designed specifically for the Capital Markets and commercial mortgage banking industries. Our product helps capital market firms and mortgage brokers reduce manual data entry and approach the right audience with the right deal.

They Trust AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM

Capital Markets Challenges AscendixRE CRM Solves

Over 26 years in the CRM market, we've got smart about the challenges capital markets professionals and commercial mortgage bankers face and have designed our CRM to address those needs. With AscendixRE, the technology does all the heavy lifting in profiling all the lenders and associating them with borrowers, while you can wholeheartedly focus on catching key relationships and closing more deals.


Matchmaking Borrowers with Lenders

Brokering the deal between the Lender and the Borrower gets easier with AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM. We’ve automated the matchmaking process, so all you need to do is to update capital sources with proper profiles in a single platform.


Contact/Account Management and Tracking

Track each Contact and Account granularly in a few clicks. No messy spreadsheets; all data is categorized and stored in a single CRM database accessible to the entire team, at the right time.


Detailed Reports and Analytics

Analyze deal stages, capital sources, number of Contacts, loan origination sources, and everything you need on separate dashboards. Demonstrate a high level of operational efficiency by generating reports inside your capital markets CRM system and sending them to clients whenever they request.

AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM Overivew

Watch the video to explore how AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM helps capital markets professionals and investment bankers in:

  • Advanced filtering
  • Tracking deal process
  • Commission calculation
  • Automated workflows
  • Convenient Outlook/Gmail Integration
  • Accessing the data on the go with a mobile version
  • And more!

If you want to discuss specific features of our customer relationship management platform, our consultants will be glad to assist you.

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If you’re an investment banker looking for results-driven opportunities, or a developer seeking financing services for a project, let AscendixRE CRM do the work for you.

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Who Uses AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM

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Commercial mortgage brokerages
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Capital markets service providers
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Specialist debt and equity advisory
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Commercial lending brokerages
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Investment sales brokers
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Commercial mortgage advisors
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Commercial real estate investors
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Capital markets advisory
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Commercial loan brokerages

AscendixRE for Capital Markets upgrade gave us the ability to store information on the criteria of various capital sources using fields that could then be indexed or queried to facilitate the procurement of capital for our debt/equity projects. Qualitatively the upgrade has absolutely met our expectations in organizing our capital source information in a dynamic way that is collaborative and accessible to everyone.

BlackBear Capital Partners

Top AscendixRE for Capital Markets Features

matchmaking process ascendixre for capital markets

Automated Matchmaking Process

With AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM you make sure that your Capital Sources are updated with proper profiles so that when you create a new Deal with specific parameters and start finding relevant capital sources, it automatically derives an intelligent set of capital sources for you to consider.

Our CRM takes all your hard work of profiling capital sources and clients’ needs. It provides a facility to intelligently match lenders with borrowers together so that you can increase your productivity and close more deals within a single platform.

matchmaking process ascendixre for capital markets
capital sources tracking AscendixRE
capital sources tracking AscendixRE

Complete Tracking of Capital Sources

With a complete tracking of capital sources, you can quickly match the Lenders with Capital Sources and invite them into the deal.

  • Differentiated access to capital sources
  • Track very detailed profiles of Capital Source or Lenders
  • Detailed profiling of lending preferences: the client’s needs, asset type, occupancy, preferred transaction method, etc
  • Detailed profiles of Capital Sources and their categorization by Capital type, Property type, Debt/Equity type, equity investment size, geographies, and your custom fields
  • A 360-degree view of the client across multiple asset classes and geographies
  • Update each capital source by Interest level and status, capture notes and documents
  • Relate capital sources to prospective customers, Deals, and other records.
find sources ascendixRE for capital markets

Find Sources and Deal Sources Functions

AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM contains two game-changing features: Find Sources and Deal Sources. They provide brokers and investment bankers with intelligence that can’t be captured from Excel spreadsheets.

Implemented in the CRM system, these two functions help brokers to be more organized across the firm, track historical records, submit proper deals to particular capital sources, track equity and debt, create targeted lists of clients, and more.

find sources ascendixRE for capital markets
Equity Profile AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM
Equity Profile AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM

Equity Profiles Management

With AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets, you can categorize and group Equity profiles quickly and have it on a single platform. You get instant access to necessary data in a few clicks.


Flexible Reporting and Dashboards

With numerous deals going on at once, you need to track lots of data, including analytics, the current stage of the deal process, the number of clients and contacts you have, etc. All this also requires robust reporting on types of deals or who’s been presented with capital sources.

AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM provides the flexibility of dashboards so that you have everything presented on a single Broker’s Dashboard.

Ascendix Search in xRE Capital Marktes CRM
Ascendix Search in xRE Capital Marktes CRM

Intuitive Searching Tool

Fine-tune your searches with Ascendix Search. Our tool intelligently matches the client’s requirements concerning a lending partner with the requirements of the lending partner community. It ensures you bring the right parties together to close the transaction and manage relationships effectively.

By using Ascendix Search, brokers can easily find sources for capital markets and commercial loans that match specific criteria, locate them on a map, analyze them with charts and graphs, export lists to Excel for a quick analysis, and generate visually-appealing reports.

copy deal sources AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM

Copy Sourcing Information from Other Deals

There’s no need to create new Sourcing for each deal on your capital markets platform. You can copy Sourcing records from past Deals while we ensure there are no duplicates.

Associate multiple Capital Sources with your new Deal in a few clicks.

Learn how to improve transactional efficiencies with the full scope of our financial software solutions.

copy deal sources AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM

Deal Flow & Pipeline Management

Capital markets experts need to track the state of every transaction and the maturity of every Deal. As a solution, AscendixRE for Capital Markets has a Kanban dashboard that helps you to:

  • Group deals by stage of maturity, type, and more
  • Drag and drop deals to change their stage
  • Track the deals of entire brokerage and individual brokers as well
  • Associate one or more capital sources within each deal

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Compared to other CRMs that are meant for the broker who’s selling or buying properties, not who’s finding the funding for somebody who’s buying property, our purpose-built capital markets CRM knows your needs and speaks the same terminology.

If you’re tired of making your current CRM speak your language, it might be high time you set your sight for a new system for a good price.

AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM offers an optimal plan for its users – $99/mo Enterprise Plan. It includes a Salesforce license, Ascendix Search app, Report Generation app, Commission Tracking, and our Concierge Service Support.


Why Ascendix?

Ascendix is a team of professionals ready to provide your company with tailored capital market CRM solutions. We make sure your contact relationship data is clean, organized, accessible, and actionable whereas our tool automates all your unique workflows.

Ascendix has over 26 years of development expertise ranging from business analysts, solution architects, a whole plethora of staff developers to quality assurance. We fully understand the importance of following a process and a methodology and have invested in resources both domestically and internationally to not only deliver with great bandwidth and capability but also in a cost-compressed fashion. So, where others who are delivering a service that might be made up purely of domestic resources that require an expense model that may be beyond the means of a particular company, we have the ability to come in and provide a much more cost-compressed solution but without compromising a commitment to best practices and process.

Wes Snow, CEO & Co-Founder, Ascendix

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27 years in CRM consulting & custom software development
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17 years in CRE Tech
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Salesforce Crest consulting & AppExchange partner
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In-house team to deliver professional services
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Deep understanding of Capital Markets challenges
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Solid expertise in data security, compliance & threat assessment


What Is CRM in Capital Markets?

CRM in capital markets is a central depository and storage for all data concerning clients, contacts, leads, transactions, deals lifecycle, pipelines, loan origination sources, and more.

What to Look for in Capital Markets CRM?

Your ideal Capital Markets CRM must contain the following features:

  • Automated matchmaking facilities
  • Workflow/Process Automation
  • Transaction Management
  • Ability to get a long list of sources in just a few clicks
  • Smooth creation of Sourcing records
  • Tracking of Contacts’ preferences, their interest level, and activities
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of Capital Sources to a particular Deal
  • Ability to generate an unlimited number of sourcing sheets
  • Forecasting your fees
  • Commercial loan calculation
  • And more!

To try all the listed above features in an easy-to-use Capital Market CRM software, feel free to request a demo.

Why Choose AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets?

AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM consists of the best practices of Ascendix Technologies combined with Salesforce. Whether you need custom fields to manage smartly capital sources or want to add more criteria in the searching scenario, our in-house team can customize a CRM to make it a driven force of your success. We promote high flexibility and customization to tailor the solution to the client’s exacting needs.