AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM & Commercial Mortgage Broker Software

Meet AscendixRE — leading CRM for capital markets that solves the needs of commercial mortgage bankers and capital markets professionals (investment bankers, researchers, salespeople, and traders). Additionally, can be used as commercial loan broker software to cover the needs of industry specialists.

AscendixRE CRM commercial loan broker software combines our experience in Capital Markets and our solid Salesforce expertise. Built on top of Salesforce, AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets simplifies Capital Sources Tracking and helps commercial mortgage banking firms effectively match Lenders, Investors, and Owners.

  • Track, clients, equity providers, lenders, and transactions in one place
  • Find a personal approach to each and every borrower
  • Get an end-to-end view of a client from the first point of contact to the transaction completed and associated revenue generated
  • Keep your database of Lenders up to date
  • Reduce manual work & automate prospecting
  • Customize AscendixRE to meet your unique business processes on your own or delegate them to our CRM consultants
  • Automate commercial loan calculation

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AscendixRE Mortgage CRM Software Features


Complete Tracking of Capital Sources

AscendixRE is a single wall-to-wall instance of a cloud CRM for Capital Markets that offers a wide range of tracking options. For example:

  • Track multiple capital sources, commercial loans, etc
  • Categorize each source by Capital type, Property type, Debt/Equity type, equity investment size, geographies, and your custom fields
  • A 360-degree view of the client across multiple asset classes and geographies
  • Update each capital source by Interest level and status, capture notes and documents
  • Relate capital sources to prospective customers, Deals, and other records

Copy Sourcing Information from Other Deals

There’s no need to create new Sourcing for each deal in your mortgage CRM software. You can copy Sourcing records from past Deals while we’ll make sure there are no duplicates.

Associate multiple Capital Sources with your new deal in a few clicks.

Learn how to improve transactional efficiencies with the full scope of our financial software solutions.


Intuitive Searching Tool

Easily find sources for capital markets, commercial loans that match your criteria, locate them on a map, analyze with charts and graphs or Export to Excel for a quick analysis with our Ascendix Search add-on.


Deal Flow & Pipeline Management

While operating with AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM, you can:

  • Group deals by stage of maturity, type, and more
  • Drag and drop deals to change their stage
  • Associate one or more capital sources within each deal

Get All Features A Commercial Lending CRM Should Have

In addition to robust Capital Sources tracking, our CRM provides you with:

  • Contact/account tracking
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Commercial loan calculation
  • Convenient Outlook/Gmail Integration
  • Mobile version to access data on the go
  • Automated workflows

You can learn more about what’s available here.


AscendixRE for Capital Markets upgrade gave us the ability to store information on the criteria of various capital sources using fields that could then be indexed or queried to facilitate the procurement of capital for our debt/equity projects. Qualitatively the upgrade has absolutely met our expectations in organizing our capital source information in a dynamic way that is collaborative and accessible to everyone.

BlackBear Capital Partners



AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets has three pricing plans. Each plan includes a Salesforce license so you won’t need to buy it separately.

  • $79/mo Foundations: All-you-need commercial loan broker software functionality including Capital sources tracking, Outlook/Gmail integration, mobile app.
  • $99/mo Enterprise Plan: Includes Ascendix Search app, Report Generation app, Commission Tracking, our Concierge Service Support
  • $129/mo Unlimited Plan: Includes marketing of your listings to the next level, secure deal and collaboration rooms for negotiations, automated lists of new leads.

Ascendix Search app has been an absolute breeze. We showed it to our brokers and analysts and they picked it up instantly with no further explanation. The most useful tool has definitely been the filtering function for capital sources and then exporting those lists to Excel. It is great to get a long list of sources in just a few clicks. This has increased the speed of generating a sourcing sheet and has added some sources that we would not have thought of immediately. We absolutely love this search tool and highly recommend it to any commercial real estate firm.

Karen Weaver, Metropolitan Capital Advisors

FAQs about AscendixRE Capital Markets CRM

What to Look for in CRM Software for Mortgage Brokers?

Your ideal commercial mortgage broker software must contain the following features:

  • Workflow/Process Automation
  • Transaction Management
  • Ability to get a long list of sources in just a few clicks
  • Smooth Creation of Sourcing Records
  • Tracking of Contacts Preferences, their Interest level and Activities
  • Ability to add unlimited number of Capital Sources to particular Deal
  • Generate an unlimited number of sourcing sheets
  • Forecasting your fees
  • Commercial loan calcualtion
  • And more!

To try all the listed above features in an easy-to-use Capital Market CRM software, feel free to request a demo.

Why Choose Salesforce Mortgage CRM Like AscendixRE?

AscendixRE CRM for Capital Markets consists of the best practices of Ascendix Technologies combined with Salesforce CRM. Whether your Capital Market firm is implementing new technologies or looking for ways to innovate existing processes fast, AscendixRE commercial loan broker software always helps.

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