Salesforce CRM for Real Estate: Available Salesforce Real Estate Pricing Options

May 9, 2024
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Based on the PCMag study, over 80% of the top-earning real estate agents use a CRM system to manage their deals and listings. However, buying CRM software is akin to buying a house: there are lot of moving parts as well as legal, financial and even structural aspects.

The best way to make the right choice is to learn the features and price of top CRM vendors.

In this article, I’m going to analyze Salesforce real estate CRM pricing options, because Salesforce is the #1 CRM that for 8 years has been offering best-in-class solutions for RE and CRE firms of any size. Therefore, I’ll review how it is sold and bundled in various ways with CRE software providers like Ascendix.

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Salesforce Real Estate CRM Pricing


There are 4 available Salesforce real estate pricing plans:

  • Starter – $25/user/month (paid monthly or annually)
  • Professional – $80/user/month (paid annually)
  • Enterprise – $165/user/month (paid annually)
  • Unlimited – $330/user/month (paid annually)
  • Einstein 1 Sales – $500/user/month (paid annually)

If you decided to use Salesforce for your real estate practice, you have three options to buy Salesforce licenses:

  • Directly from Salesforce
  • Directly from Ascendix
  • Both from Salesforce and Ascendix


Comparison of Pricing Options for Commercial Real Estate
Buying from Salesforce Directly
Buying from Ascendix Directly
Buying from BOTH Ascendix&Salesforce
$25-$330 user/mo $79-$129 user/mo
(includes SF &AscendixRE license)
$199 user/mo
(includes SF &AscendixRE license)

In the next passages, you’ll get specific information about the available Salesforce real estate pricing and what options are profitable.

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Option #1. Buying From Salesforce Directly

Depending on the kind of Salesforce plan you purchase (Starter, Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited), what you generally get is a CRM system that lets you track Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.

Salesforce is an industry-agnostic CRM, meaning that it will not be tailored to your specialty.

It means that you need to adapt and customize it to capture your business processes and the data modeling you wish to set up. Here’s an example: you need to build a Property object if you’re in Real Estate, or a Loans object, if you’re in Finance. To do that you need to create custom fields. It can be a time-consuming process and most businesses don’t have a dedicated resource to accomplish this.

In this case, you need to hire a Salesforce consultant (or a team).

Ascendix Technologies can serve as your Salesforce consulting partner by providing best practices, counseling, and implementing your business requirements in a way that makes your Salesforce investment a valuable long-term asset.

Buying From Salesforce Directly

Pros and Cons of Salesforce Real Estate Pricing Option #1

What You Pay

When you purchase a license from Salesforce directly, Salesforce real estate CRM can run you up to $300/user/month. The Unlimited plan includes the top popular Salesforce features:

  • Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management
  • Email Integration with Gmail or Outlook
  • Workflow and Approval Automation
  • Advanced Pipeline and Forecast Management
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Sales Engagement
  • Territory Management and Planning
  • Deals Insights
  • Predictive AI
  • Full Sandbox
  • 24/7 Technical and Developer Support and Expert Guidance

More information about Salesforce real estate CRM pricing you can find here.

As you can see, buying from Salesforce is a good thing, however, if you have niche needs, be ready to customize it. This is a time-consuming and expensive process, so why not consider a Salesforce-based CRE solution?



Option #2. Buying From Ascendix Directly

As a basic Salesforce functionality isn’t industry-tailored but highly customizable, you need to hire a Salesforce Partner.

Ascendix Technologies is a Salesforce Crest Consulting Partner. By working with Ascendix you’ll extend the functionality of Salesforce CRM for real estate with custom features and will use a blended “off-the-shelf” product – AscendixRE CRM.

Buying From Ascendix Directly

Pros and Cons of Salesforce Real Estate Pricing Option #2

What You Pay

Compared with direct purchase from Salesforce, the cost of customized and industry-tailored solution AscendixRE varies from $79/user/month to $129/user/month. Check out our pricing page for a full set of features and check our prices for consultations.

If an off-the-shelf product meets all your needs, you may not need any consulting services.

However, if you would like to further tailor the platform for your business, such as needing assistance with changing forms and layouts, importing data, setting up dashboards, and setting up workflows for reminders of key dates, then engaging Ascendix Technologies for some consulting hours is a great idea.
If you still have some hesitations, let’s analyze the third pricing option – buying from BOTH Salesforce&Ascendix.

Simplify And Optimize Your Salesforce Solution with Ascendix

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Option #3. Buying from BOTH Salesforce & Ascendix 

You can buy a Salesforce license from Salesforce and buy an AppExchange app from a selected partner like Ascendix Technologies. AscendixRE can be purchased as a module that you overlay on top of a full Salesforce license. It gives you the flexibility of the Salesforce platform with pre-configured commercial real estate functionality.

This is a unique approach as it implies a business wants a solid starting-off point using the data modeling that exists, but it foresees the need to expand itself in various ways. For instance, such a type of Salesforce real estate CRM pricing might require additional marketing integrations such as Marketing Cloud or Pardot.

Buying from BOTH Salesforce and Ascendix Directly

Pros and Cons of Salesforce Real Estate Pricing Option #3

What You Pay

This option implies buying both Salesforce and AscendixRE licenses which is costly. When you purchase a license from Salesforce directly, it can cost you up to $300/user/month. However, when you buy Ascendix as an “add-on” you get a discounted rate of $129/user/month for the full-featured product.

Therefore, buying a Salesforce real estate CRM solution from Ascendix is more profitable.

Why Choose Salesforce for Real Estate?

Opting for Salesforce real estate CRM among other CRMs in the market offers a wide range of benefits. The most significant ones are the CRM capabilities, the possibility to customize Salesforce for your specific business needs, and the integration capabilities of real estate Salesforce. Other reasons to choose Salesforce for real estate include

  • Extensive CRM Capabilities. Salesforce offers essential customer relationship management features such as lead management, contact organization, pipeline tracking, task automation, and reporting tools.
  • Customization. Along with core CRM features, Salesforce can be customized and tailored specifically for the needs of your real estate business. This allows agents, brokers, and companies to adjust the platform to their workflows, processes, and business requirements.
  • Integration. Salesforce real estate CRM can be integrated with other Salesforce or third-party apps, meaning the possibility to keep the sales, marketing, data, and all the operations in one place. This enhances efficiency and productivity as well as streamlines workflows across multiple platforms.
  • Scalability. Salesforce is easily scalable and suitable for both individual real estate agents and large companies. If Salesforce CRM for real estate is chosen for a small business that later grows and increases, there is no need to change the CRM, as Salesforce can be easily adapted.
  • Collaboration Possibilities. Salesforce provides centralized access to client information, communication history, and transaction details. This keeps all the teams on one page and promotes communication, effective collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Analytics and Insights. Salesforce provides exceptional analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing its users to customize the reports and dashboards as it is required for the business. While custom reporting is included in most Salesforce real estate CRM pricing plans, it must be mentioned that you might need a Salesforce consultant to set up the reporting tools. In its top subscription plans, Salesforce also provides automated analytics with Einstein AI, which streamlines reporting and insights even more.
  • Marketing Automation. Salesforce’s marketing automation features allow real estate professionals to create targeted marketing campaigns, automate lead nurturing processes, and track campaign performance, improving lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Customer Support. As a top CRM in many spheres, Salesforce offers top customer support, which includes training resources, online community forums, and dedicated support teams. This ensures that the clients receive relevant assistance and guidance when needed.

Wrapping Up

Ascendix offers customized and ready-to-deploy Salesforce solutions for commercial real estate brokers.

While the versatility of Salesforce real estate CRM pricing is an advantage, the system needs calibration and optimization to industry-specific needs.

Our administrators and developers can help you with Salesforce customization and configuration to adapt all the functionality of the system to the demands of your commercial real estate business.

Ready to invest? Engage one of our people in a conversation and we can help you decide what pricing option makes the most sense.

Salesforce CRM for Real Estate FAQs

What is the best software for real estate?

Salesforce is considered one of the best software solutions for real estate professionals, as it provides comprehensive features and multiple customization options. Real estate CRM capabilities of Salesforce include lead management, contact organization, pipeline tracking, and reporting tools tailored to real estate. Salesforce can also integrate with various real estate tools, allowing agents and brokers to streamline their existing workflows, manage client relationships effectively, and boost sales. Its scalability makes it suitable for both individual real estate agents and large brokerages, making Salesforce a top choice for real estate professionals.

Can I use Salesforce for real estate?

Yes, Salesforce is widely used in the real estate industry. Salesforce is a highly versatile CRM that offers tailored solutions for real estate brokers, lenders, mortgage providers, and other real estate professionals. Real estate Salesforce provides features for lead management, contact organization, pipeline tracking, task automation, and reporting. Except for including a real estate CRM, Salesforce also offers various integrations, making it a comprehensive and effective CRM solution for real estate agents, brokers, and companies.




What CRM do most realtors use?

Most realtors commonly use popular CRM software such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and HubSpot CRM. Salesforce is particularly popular due to its advanced and diverse features, customization options, and integration capabilities with other real estate tools and platforms. Salesforce CRM can be easily enhanced with extra features for marketing automation, customer service, task management, etc. Zoho CRM is more suitable for small to medium-sized real estate businesses. HubSpot CRM is known primarily for its marketing automation features, making it a preferred choice for realtors focusing on inbound marketing strategies.



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