How Salesforce Sales Engagement Helps to Close More Deals

June 10, 2024
9 min

Have you wondered how efficient your sales process would be if you could decrease the time spent on manual tasks like lead qualification and data input? Salesforce has a strongly adaptable tool that will speed up your pipeline. Formerly known as Salesforce High Velocity Sales, Sales Engagement is a Sales Cloud app designed to improve efficiency during the sales process.

Thoroughly developed for Inside Sales Teams, it encourages them to focus on client relationships rather than sending out templated emails and logging calls, which ultimately results in better communication.

This article describes the Salesforce Sales Engagement app’s core functionalities and connectivity with Salesforce native and AI productivity features.

What is Sales Engagement in Sales?


Before we dive into the Salesforce Sales Engagement tool, it’s worth explaining what role sales engagement plays for sellers. Sales engagement is a sequence of interactions between a sales representative and a prospect, such as social touches, phone calls, or in-person meetings.

Thanks to the abundance of new digital communication channels and means, sales teams can diversify these interactions and reach out to prospects’ hearts and minds creatively.

But there is a flip side to this. Being bombarded with tons of messages from all communication channels, people become immune to them and more sophisticated in their choice. That’s why these interactions become more complex and difficult to manage manually.

Here’s where sales engagement platforms such as Salesforce Sales Engagement come to help. They help plan and facilitate all the touches with Prospects and gain more visibility into the sales process based on the whole team’s activity. No wonder that, according to, almost 90% of sales leaders aim to invest in sales engagement platforms and technologies.

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What is Salesforce High Velocity Sales aka Sales Engagement?


Since 2018, Salesforce High Velocity Sales has quickly become one of the leading sales engagement platforms. It uses Flow-based technology that helps managers map out sales processes for their teams. Using an agile structure, you’ll work with an intelligent and intuitive canvas that visualizes specific sales processes, thus simplifying workflow creation.

Here are some highlights of Sales Engagement:

  • A point-and-click interface with user-friendly components for hassle-free sales processes mapping
  • Prebuilt operations promoting high results
  • Ability to track the best and worst-performing sales campaigns
  • Ability to create complex sales pipelines no matter how big your team is
  • Intelligent automation of manual tasks like data entry to reduce distress and boost satisfaction levels in your teams.


Salesforce Sales Engagement Benefits | Ascendix

Salesforce Sales Engagement Benefits | Ascendix

What Are Key Salesforce Sales Engagement Features?


Core Salesforce High Velocity Sales features:

  • Cadences
  • Work Queue
  • Sales Engagement Component
  • My Feed Tab

Adaptable Salesforce functionality:

  • Lightning Sales Console
  • Einstein Lead Score
  • Email Integrations
  • Sales Dialer
  • Einstein Activity Capture


Cadences for Automated Yet Natural Sales Flows


Salesforce High Velocity Sales Cadence is a sequence of activities built by managers to guide Sales reps during sales engagement. This feature allows teams to stay on top of each activity. With the help of Lightning Console and split view functionalities, reps can easily visualize the next steps under their page views.

Cadences Builder is a canvas workspace where components can be added to each flow. It allows sales managers to create consistent and scheduled cadences of outreach activities.

Sales outreach cadences may vary by type, for example, calls or emails. Apart from tinned emails, managers can also add LinkedIn outreach tasks, put some steps on hold, and set reminders, e.g., to send a text message, LinkedIn connect request, or a Facebook message, plan a meeting, or send a brochure. Different branches are then added depending on the particular step and its result.

Being an industry-agnostic tool, Sales Cadence can work equally effectively for a small financial firm and an international food & beverage company with hundreds of divisions.

And here are several basic example scenarios of how you can effectively implement Sales Cadence with Salesforce. Of course, you can customize these sequences based on the desired outcome of the interaction on each step and create patterns with separate communication flows.

How to Use Cadences to Build Sales Engagement Sequence


Scenario #1: A 10-day Sales Engagement Sequence


Day 1: Make an Introductory Call > Depending on the Call Result (e.g., Meaningful Connection), Follow Up with an Automated (if the Prospect isn’t interested) or Personalized Email (if interested).

Day 3: Send an Automated Email with a Whitepaper or an Article > Wait > Send a Connection Request via LinkedIn.

Day 5: Send a Personalized Email > Wait 2 hours > Follow up with a Voicemail.

Day 6: Send a Message via LinkedIn.

Day 7: Call > Wait 3 Hours > Send a Voicemail.

Day 8: Engage via LinkedIn.

Day 10: Send a Final Email.


A 10-day Sales Engagement Sequence Ascendix

A 10-day Sales Engagement Sequence | Ascendix


Scenario #2: A Sales Cadence for Enterprise-Level Client


Day 1: Email a C-level Executive with a Proposal.

Day 5: Send an Email with an Invitation to the Meeting.

Day 7: Call to Set Up a Meeting.

Day 11: Follow up with an Email Invitation.

Day 22: Email a Mid-level Executive.

Day 27: Follow up with an Email Invitation.

Day 32: Email a Lower-level Executive.

Day 37: Follow up with an Email Invitation.


A Sales Cadence for Enterprise-Level Client Ascendix

A Sales Cadence for Enterprise-Level Client | Ascendix


Scenario #3: A Sales Cadence for B2B Prospecting


Day 1: Send LinkedIn Connection Request >Wait> Send Personalized Email> Wait> Call.

Day 3: Send a Personalized video email.

Day 9: Send a Voicemail or Call.

Day 12: Send a Personalized Email.

Day 20: Send a Breakup Email.

Day 27: Follow up with Email Invitation.

Day 32: Email a Lower-level Executive.

Day 37: Follow up with an Email Invitation.


A Sales Cadence for B2B Prospecting| Ascendix

A Sales Cadence for B2B Prospecting | Ascendix

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What Else You’ll Find Within Salesforce Sales Cadence Functionality


Cadences are skilled with a handful of other intelligent features that can be lined up to improve effectiveness. Here you can find a list of them:

  • Prebuilt Cadences – available with common sales scenarios that can be used to build one’s pipeline.
  • Leads, Contacts & Person Accounts – related records can be added to the Work Queue from list views, record detail pages, and reports.
  • Pause and Resume Targets – a sales rep can pause and resume the target activity if the Prospect is out of the office or needs to be contacted later.
  • Call scripts & Email Templates – helps maintain consistent communication across the whole team.
  • Variant Testing – Cadence’s steps can be tested for effectiveness; this lets managers adapt and implement successful solutions.
  • Sales Engagement Analytics – pre-made Dashboards and Reports are used to measure data obtained from cadence usage; instant statistics can be tracked and added to pages.
  • Flow in Cadences – run automation to a Cadence step when completed; perform key actions when reps complete the step for a target.

Work Queue: A Smarter Version of To-Do Lists


Relevant activities’ engagement has always been challenging. Work Queue is a prioritized task list accessible through the Sales Console. A sales rep can know the best endeavor to undertake from a timelined list of relevant pre-defined activities, such as emails, calls, and tasks to be executed.

Using Cadences, one can first organize and define what should be pursued using specific criteria. The split view grants access to multiple records in the Work Queue and the Email Integration you use. It shows up to 1000 prospects to nurture effectively.

This feature empowers Sales reps to keep up with the most recent duty of every moment and shows the exact step to take at the right moment.


Work Queue in Salesforce Sales Engagement Ascendix

Work Queue in Salesforce Sales Engagement | Ascendix


Sales Engagement Component for Display of Prospect Engagement Stage


Add the Sales Engagement Component to the relevant page layout and let users know which Cadence a prospect is in and their progress.

Easily accessible through Lightning App Builder, this can be included to show the most recent engagement and updated information about each individual without leaving the record page.


My Feed Tab for Intelligent Alerts


My Feed Tab is integrated into Work Queue. It keeps the prospect engagement up to date by showing alerts when prospects participate in tracked activities.

Engagement notifications are shown when an email is opened, clicked on, and replied and if nothing from this list – the system calculates the bounce rate for each email. In addition, my Feed tab shows the last 30 days of engagements.


My Feed in Sales Engagement Ascendix

My Feed in Sales Engagement | Ascendix

Which Salesforce Features Can Be Customized?


Lightning Sales Console


This standard app promotes productivity inside sales teams. It unifies the sales experience, intuitively creating an overview of the prospect lifecycle. Sales reps now have everything they need to sell faster on one screen at their fingertips. It is easy to navigate through related records, view Work Queue lists, and see propagated information linked with the main record.


Einstein Lead Scoring


Salesforce highlights Leads more likely to be converted into Deals. Using Einstein Lead Scoring, users can make the most of artificial intelligence by capturing past data and creating successful business patterns. Predicting accurate solutions for your current leads has never been easier.

AI can find the next move with the right lead, avoiding extra scanning over calculations for what flux worked the best in the past and will improve in the future.


Email Integrations


Work Queue can be exposed in Gmail and Outlook integrations by adding the component to an email integration pane. This feature allows sales reps to work through their queue from their email application.

Adding the Work Queue tab to a new or existing email application gives users a list of pre-defined activities they must follow to improve customer engagement without leaving the email application.


Sales Lightning Dialer


Sales productivity has an ally called Sales Dialer. The Salesforce native telephony tool lets users make and receive calls, add call notes, and log call information inside the record view.

Accessible through the utility bar at the bottom of the page, it uses a click-to-call right in the console that allows operating with phone number fields from page records and list views.

This feature can be enabled under Setup for all Sales Cloud users and then added to the Sales Engagement app. It also improves call quality and results by defining values for each Cadence branching.

Various tests can be set up to adapt the most successful interventions. For example, local presence, automatic call logging, multiple voicemail drops, and more attributes are aligned to save daily hours.


Einstein Activity Capture


Sell faster with AI Einstein Activity Capture. Accelerate the inside sales through the process of sales automation, automatically tracking relevant information from your inbox. This reduces all the manual data entry and associates every detail with related records.

Sales reps can now spend more time on deals, as Einstein Activity Capture promises to save the affluence of admin tasks and speed up the workflow. Use statistics to determine the list of activities that commit customers the most.

This feature is available with Sales Engagement, included in Sales Cloud licensing.

Salesforce Sales Engagement Licensing Pricing


Sales Engagement is available within Sales Cloud in Performance and Unlimited Editions for $75/user/month* (billed annually) extra cost in Enterprise Edition.

To access Salesforce High Velocity Sales features, each user needs to be assigned to one or a group of Permissions. The access granted specifies what tasks users can perform and what features they can access.

Here are some examples of access that Sales Engagement permissions can provide:

  • Sales Engagement User Included permission
  • Sales Engagement Cadence Creator Included permission
  • Custom permission set

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How Ascendix Can Help with Salesforce Sales Engagement Setup and Customization


Suppose you are a sales manager who lacks visibility into sales processes performed by the team and their outcomes. Or a sales representative who gets tired from routine tasks and doesn’t have enough time to nurture relationships with existing clients, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Sales Engagement features will facilitate these processes for you.

If you want to learn how to use Salesforce Sales Cloud at its total capacity or rediscover some features for a new sales strategy, we can help you with it.

As a seasoned Salesforce consulting partner with over two decades of experience implementing, optimizing, and complex customizations of CRM solutions and a successful AppExchange Partner who sells its software products, we can use this combined knowledge to finetune your Salesforce Sales Cloud.

A deep understanding of both B2B and B2C sales needs and the Salesforce ecosystem helps us provide full-cycle consulting on migration to Salesforce Sales Cloud, its setup, vital system integrations, and necessary configurations precisely for your business needs.

Besides that, our consultants will:

  • Conduct a thorough business analysis of your niche’s intricacies and peculiarities to spot the pain points that can be solved with new technologies.
  • Help centralize sales processes and customer data within Salesforce and eliminate multiple disparate systems.
  • Harmonize data exchange between integrated solutions and Salesforce
  • Assist with dataset deduplication and enrichment.
  • Set up CRM analytics and reporting to display accurate and up-to-date information visually appealing.

If you have already been using Salesforce for some time, our experts will conduct an in-depth feature gap analysis or optimize an excessive number of flows. Want to learn more about how we can help you with sales automation and become a more productive sales agent? Reach out to us.


What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement is a sequence of interactions – such as social touches, phone calls, or in-person meetings between a sales representative and a prospect. Often, sales engagement is supported with sales automation tools.

What is Sales Engagement Platform?

A sales engagement platform is a tool for designing and automating sales processes and interaction with prospects. It can be a standalone tool or an enhancement solution for CRM.

What is High Velocity Sales in Salesforce?

Salesforce High Velocity Sales (now Salesforce Sales Cloud Sales Engagement) is a solution for streamlining sales processes and detailed monitoring of sales activities. This tool allows sellers to quickly design a sales engagement process and track its outcomes.


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