How to Find and Work With a Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant

August 2, 2023
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Salesforce for nonprofits, when implemented correctly, can automate fundraising, maintain constituent relationships with people, outreach efforts, etc.

However, you need to adapt the platform to your specific needs to get the most out of it. Doing it alone isn’t worth the potential risk for most organizations, especially for small to mid-sized nonprofits.

Salesforce nonprofit consultants can help with that. They will implement a Salesforce solution that not only adapts to meet your needs and goals but also grows with you as your strategies evolve.

The right consulting team develops a Salesforce implementation plan and puts it into action, providing continual technical support.

In this article, I’m going to highlight tips on how to find and work with Salesforce nonprofit cloud consultants.

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Salesforce for Nonprofits: Products Overview

Let’s start from the basics. Salesforce for nonprofits offers two solutions:

  • Nonprofit Cloud is a set of technologies and solutions that connect nonprofit organizations with donors, track volunteers, manage campaigns, and do everything they require.
  • Nonprofit Success Pack is the foundation of the Nonprofit Cloud. It is an app that adds pre-built constituent and donor management components to Salesforce and allows nonprofits to operate in Salesforce faster.

Also, there is – a nonprofit social enterprise that resells Salesforce to nonprofits with a significant discount.

Salesforce nonprofit cloud overview


How can you use Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and other solutions?

Firstly, Salesforce Nonprofit Сloud and NPSP allow nonprofits to access different Salesforce apps like DocuSign and FormAssembly, used for obtaining digital signatures, building web forms, project management, etc.

Other use cases are:

  • Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising. Salesforce has features required to create donor-centric fundraising, connect with the right supporters, and store mission-critical data.
  • Program Management. With NPSP, nonprofit organizations track and manage their programs more effectively. Specifically, it helps to understand which initiatives are the most successful and what services fit program participants` needs. As a result, nonprofit professionals quickly define and create new programs.
  • Engagement. Nonprofits depend on support from different people (volunteers, members, donors). To motivate them to make regular donations, nonprofits need to convey their mission to each individual. With Nonprofit Cloud, organizations increase awareness, find new constituents, and build long-term relationships.
  • Grantmaking. Yes, Salesforce is actively used as grant management software. Nonprofit Cloud enables grantmakers to automate their philanthropic giving with solutions for grants management, communications, grantee engagement, and more.

To get the most out of Salesforce for nonprofits, you might need to find and hire a specialist that could help you with implementation. Such a specialist is called Salesforce nonprofit cloud consultant.

Why Do You Need a Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant?

Salesforce CRM becomes a powerful tool for constituent management and fundraising if you know how to maximize your use of this robust software.

Without planned implementation and training, Salesforce for Nonprofits could eat up a ton of your resources, become a hindrance to smooth operations, or simply not get adopted by your team properly. Conversely working with an expert saves you effort, time, and money in the long run.

Since nonprofits have specific needs, you’ll have to know how to use Salesforce correctly to stay on top of your most significant efforts. And Salesforce nonprofit cloud consultant can help you with that!

By hiring a Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant, you’ll get:

  • A dedicated professional who will work thoroughly to boost the platform adoption for your nonprofit org
  • A Salesforce certified partner who will put in the time and effort to learn about the world of not-for-profits
  • Comprehensive services for implementing the Salesforce platform to enhance revenue and engagement
  • A technology implementation plan with continual support of your team at every step;
  • A coach that will train your team to configure the system to suit your needs.

All the above-mentioned points make hiring a Salesforce consultant a wise investment for most if not all organizations that choose to make a move.



However, finding the right Salesforce nonprofit consultant is a time-consuming process. In the next passage, I’ll cover the key steps for hiring a nonprofit consultant in a short time.

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Steps to Find a Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

To help you jumpstart the hiring process, I’ve got 8 steps to help you find a Salesforce partner:

  • Analyze how a Salesforce nonprofit consultant will impact your org
  • Outline a realistic budget you are ready to invest in hiring Salesforce integrators
  • Find a Salesforce consultant with relevant experience and make a shortlist
  • Consider Salesforce Certifications received and look for reviews on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Check the references for your shortlisted Salesforce nonprofit consultants
  • Ask prospective Salesforce consultants about their processes, competency, and successful use cases
  • Determine how long your Salesforce consultant will stay on
  • Make sure your Salesforce consultant can empower your team long-term.

Keep these factors in mind while choosing the right Salesforce Certified Partner for your nonprofit organization.


How to Work with Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant?

Working with a Salesforce nonprofit cloud consultant is your best bet to ensure your organization will benefit from you’re the new system.

To make this article more practical, I’ll shed light on how to cooperate with a Salesforce nonprofit consultant step by step.

Step 1. Implement Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

So, you’ve covered all the points for effective hiring. Now it’s time to start Salesforce nonprofit implementation process. Generally, it includes:

  • Obtaining and registering your free Salesforce for Nonprofits licenses
  • Setting up the new system for your organization
  • Handling the data migration process

The above-outlined services are the core a certified Salesforce nonprofit consultant does. Remember, CRM platforms are heavy-duty pieces of software that contain your most valuable and sensitive data, so having professional assistance in this process is the best option.

Step 2. Configurate Your Salesforce Toolkit

Once you’ve implemented Salesforce NPSP, you need to customize and configure it. Remember, the Salesforce NPSP does not include online fundraising or marketing tools out of the box. You need to pick and connect those to NPSP with the help of a Salesforce consultant.

The nonprofit consultant will help your team build and then configure the Salesforce toolkit. Additionally, a Salesforce nonprofit consultant can develop and implement integrations between your existing software and your new NPSP platform.

The consultant will be instrumental in ensuring that the configuration fits perfectly into your Salesforce toolkit.

Step 3. Train to Work with Salesforce NPSP

This part of working with Salesforce nonprofit cloud consultant is akin to the finish line; however, it is the longest part of your cooperation.

By the end of this step, you’ll generate long-term ROI on your new CRM platform.

After a successful configuration of the Salesforce toolkit, your team needs to be trained. A technology consultant will prepare necessary documentation on the processes and educate your team until each individual understands how to get the most out of Salesforce for nonprofits.

Ascendix as a Nonprofit Salesforce Implementation Partner

Ascendix is a solid player on Salesforce CRM consulting market. We have 26+ years of expertise and can cover all the cases of CRM implementation. Our team can help nonprofit organizations implement CRM database solutions, all with an expert, personal touch. Besides, we can assist you in:

  • Salesforce implementation from scratch
  • Migration to Salesforce from other CRM systems
  • Re-implementation, optimization, or adoption of Salesforce CRM after years of usage
  • Migration from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning
  • Fast set-up of CRM core features with our Salesforce QuickStart and QuickStart Plus Packages.

We support CRM needs of 200+ clients from different industries, and nonprofits aren’t an exception. We understand the unique business processes of nonprofits and are ready to configure Salesforce for your specific needs.

Let’s provide you with an example.

Non-profit company A has approached Ascendix to optimize and enhance the Salesforce environment through strategic consulting and administrative support. Internal attempts to source an administrator have resulted in a turnover and lack of consistency in performing the daily duties. Moreover, it created a gap in the strategic direction of the overall Salesforce implementation.

Having analyzed the requirements thoroughly, Ascendix as a Salesforce non-profit consultant, provided:

  • Strategic consulting

Our team worked closely with Company A to audit & assess their current Salesforce environment, identify areas of improvement, and recommend solutions to meet their business objectives. To ensure the Salesforce implementation aligns with the needs of non-profit company, we conducted the following assessments: risk and dependency, maintainability, and solution assessment.

  • Administrative support

Our Salesforce consultants provided day-to-day administrative support and guidance on Salesforce implementation for a non-profit company, including user management, data management, security management, and general system administration tasks.

Why rely on Ascendix in Salesforce implementation services?

  • We have deep expertise in Salesforce CRM consulting, deployment, customization, and custom development
  • Our extensive expertise in various industries guarantees an understanding of your niche CRM requirements.
  • We will offer your project our complete set of technical skills confirmed by internationally recognized certification.
  • Our global delivery capacity will ensure competitive cost structures with blended or offshore staffing models.

Contact us to get upscale nonprofit IT consulting services.


What are the benefits for nonprofits using Salesforce?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers a 360-degree view of the organization at a very affordable price. It offers a scalable, flexible, and open platform that helps nonprofits to grow their way.

Over 70% of the nonprofits using Salesforce have reported that they manage to raise more funds, establish effective communication, engage & strengthen communities, and increase employee performance by over 45%.

Is Salesforce free for nonprofits?

The Power of US Program includes 10 free subscriptions of Sales & Service Cloud Enterprise Edition for all eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. If you need more features or licenses, feel free to check Salesforce for Nonprofits pricing plans.


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