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March 18, 2024
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Commercial real estate marketing brochures and flyers are vital for effective property promotion. Giving somebody a physical flyer presenting specific property creates one more touchpoint to influence the buyer’s decision.

A well-designed commercial real estate flyer with the core information and property benefits enhances a verbal presentation. It serves as a reminder or advertising medium for your prospective buyer about the property.

If you’ve ever created any property flyers, you know how difficult it might be to choose appropriate software that meets commercial real estate specifications. There are thousands of flyer-generating tools, but only some are good for CRE.

In this blog post, I’ll analyze top commercial real estate flyers software and give you the reasons for using it regularly.

Create Branded CRE Brochures, Emails and Landing Pages in Minutes

Save your time with Composer Online, a library of predefined real estate templates right in your browser.

Why Do Brokers Have to Use Commercial Real Estate Flyer Software?

Promotion. Promotion. Promotion. All businesses, especially in the commercial real estate industry, require as much promotion and marketing as possible.

As brokers always work on generating new leads, using commercial real estate flyer software can be another effective marketing and lead-generating tool. With custom real estate flyers, brochures, newsletters, offering memorandums, and other forms of promotional collateral, brokers can reach a wider audience and retain existing clients.

Other reasons for using real estate marketing flyer software I’ll describe below.


#1. It saves time for creating CRE documentation

Interface in commercial real estate flyer software is intuitive, so brokers can easily create any CRE documentation and promotional materials. All you need is to add new sections to your document, move them around to change the order.

Just in a few clicks, you can build documents quickly and make changes on the fly, if necessary.


#2. It provides customizable designs

You can also completely customize the look and feel of commercial real estate brochures, flyers, newsletters, reports by changing the color scheme, adding your company logo, and more.

As a result, you get documentation and promo materials adjusted to your current needs.


#3. It maintains brand consistency

Commercial real estate flyers software is a versatile tool that can be used both by single practitioners and brokerage firms. No matter who is creating a document, flyer, or brochure, the brand consistency has to be maintained across all CRE documents. Such software helps to control it.

Save Time on Custom Property Reports Creation

With Composer, you can quickly build your custom template and generate a professionally looking report without design firm help.

#4. It provides brokers with a preview of any generated materials

Real estate marketing flyer software includes a real-time preview that enables brokers to check the documents as they build them. That means no more waiting for large PDF files to download before you can see your work – test out ideas to see how they look.


#5. It streamlines marketing processes

When brokers use real estate marketing flyer software, their data is stored in one place and can be pushed to materials with the click of a button. It eliminates the tedious process of creating and updating marketing materials like proposals, brochures, flyers, and offering memorandums by hand, making it automated.

What Is the Best Software to Create Real Estate Flyers?

When you Google “software flyers brochures” or “listing brochures real estate” you get millions of search results related to your query. However, it takes time to analyze and choose the software particularly for commercial real estate.

To save time and help you to choose the best software to create commercial real estate brochures, I’ll make a comparison of the top solutions on the market.

Composer by Ascendix

Composer is a tool for creating branded commercial real estate marketing brochures, promo materials, property tour books, Availability/Lease/Activity reports within a few clicks.
The application is a part of Ascendix products and can be used with Ascendix Search, AscendixRE CRM, or MarketSpace as sources of data.

Composer generates documents and custom real estate flyers templates in pdf or html formats that can be created and edited online.

Using Composer as a commercial real estate flyer software, brokers can:

  • Create custom real estate flyers, brochures, reports. Click simple commands, and Composer builds upscale flyers, marketing brochures, newsletters, etc. You can combine content from multiple sources into a single document, so that everything looks great.
  • Use this real estate flyer generator on any device. No integration is needed. Install the app from AppExchange and start using it right away! Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you’ll enjoy the full set of features, symbols, and high-quality output you get only with Composer.
  • Create ready-to-use commercial real estate flyer templates. As Composer can generate any type of data from AscendixRE CRM, you don’t need to enter property information or add images manually. Do it only once and update the data regularly – that’s all you need to generate flyers, commercial real estate marketing brochures, and reports in a few clicks.
  • Create property activity reports and real estate property brochures in 3 minutes. With Composer, brokers can quickly generate activity, inquiry, and deal reports to keep property owners informed about their property listing performance.

What’s more, Ascendix is working on releasing a standalone version of Composer app. It makes possible to work separately from AscendixRE CRM.

We’ve developed a publication tool for our Salesforce-based version of AscendixRE that allows the end-user to take our robust searching tools and extend their journey by allowing the result sets derived from the search tool to be pushed out to templates ranging from Property Flyers, brochures, Owner Listing Reports

Wes Snow, CEO & Co-Founder, Ascendix

Watch the video below to see how you can use Composer in your CRE business.

Turnkey Flyers

Turnkey Flyers is software for creating real estate property brochures, listing brochures, and real estate flyers with customizable designs.

The commercial real estate flyer templates you’ll get are PDF files opened using Adobe Reader. This real estate flyer software is priced starting from $0.01 as a flat rate, a one-time payment.

There is also a bundle collection of templates that includes 53 professionally designed PDF real estate flyers and marketing templates to accommodate any listing type for your entire career.

Turnkey Flyers offer a full 100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Docs by Buildout

Docs by Buildout is a tool for generating all types of CRE marketing documents. It doesn’t require a repeated updating of the property information or a manual design.

In a few clicks, brokers can generate branded and customizable marketing materials such as real estate property brochures, offering memos, commercial real estate marketing brochures, proposals, documents, and flyers.

Create CRE Report Directly from your CRM

Being a part of AscendixRE CRM, Composer Online automatically pre-populates your template with the needed data from CRM.


CREOP is another real estate flyer generator provider with cloud-based software. Industry specialists can use it for creating branded materials for such properties as:

  • Retail
  • Multi-family
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Storage
  • Hospitality
  • Business opportunity
  • Commercial real estate.

To get the required documents, you need to input the property information, and CREOP’s software will crunch all the numbers and generate flyers, OMs, commercial real estate marketing brochures, proposals, flyers, and more. You can print and/or email all the generated documents to your clients and brokers.

When you’ve looked into the basics of each commercial real estate flyer software, let’s compare them in a more structured way.

Comparison of 4 Best Flyer Maker Software
Real Estate Flyer Software Deployment & Support Features Pricing
ComposerCloud, SaaS, Web-Based;
Desktop – Windows;
On-Premise - Windows;
On-Premise - Linux;
-Reports with the data pulled from Salesforce CRM
-Various Reports and Flyers
-Advanced usability
-High level of security
-Unified data-source interface
-Single environment and multitenancy
Composer is included in AscendixRE Enterprise Plan - $79/month
Turnkey Flyers
Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based -No design software needed
-Compatible with Mac and PC
-Detailed technical specifications
-Compatible with any languages supported by Adobe Reader
Packages of templates start from $25 to $157
Docs by Buildout -Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
-Simple and intuitive interface
-Advanced functionality
-Instant document creation
-Easy scalability
Marketing plan -$150 Broker/mo
Premium Marketing - $200 broker/mo
CREOP-Cloud-based software
-Tech Support
-Advanced synchronization and integration
- Incorporate your own documents
-One-time data entry
-Customizable flyers designs
-Monthly Plan $89
-Yearly Plan $795
-Enterprise Plan 5 + Members $715

Wrapping Up

Commercial real estate marketing brochures and flyers provide a brief snapshot of the listing and should be well-designed to attract attention. They are used as public teasers on listing sites, websites, email blasts, etc. The purpose is to quickly draw attention and convey core information about commercial properties.

Commercial real estate flyer software like Composer helps to get this purpose and boost your brand consistency. If you’re interested in upgrading your marketing tools, Composer is an excellent choice.

Feel free to contact us and read our case studies to learn more about Ascendix products.


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