Ascendix Search August Feature Summary

March 7, 2023
5 min

Ascendix Search Release Update 19 is now available! Lots of new features and enhancements!

Insert images into your emails, measure the shapes you draw on maps, create private notes, display custom Lightning Components as tabs, follow records from the record preview area.

Watch the video to see a summary of the major updates:



In this Update:

  1. Follow Records from the Record Preview Area
  2. Display custom Lightning Components as tabs in the record detail area
  3. Create Private Notes
  4. Insert Images into Your Emails
  5. Salesforce Geomapping: Measure the Shapes You Draw on Maps
  6. Composer: Preview a Report Before Sending via Email

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1. Follow Records from the Record Preview Area


With our new release, we added the ability for users to follow records from the record preview area using a three-state button (the same as we see on a standard record page).

You will be able to follow records and access chatter only if you have the necessary security privileges.

How to Enable This Feature:

If you use the Follow feature in your Salesforce, you don’t need to do anything extra. Otherwise, contact your Salesforce admin to enable it:

Setup > Feed Tracking > Enable Feed Tracking for your selected objects



Enabling the Follow Feature for Salesforce

2. Display custom Lightning Components as tabs in the record detail area


Now, Salesforce Admins can define the tabs to display (OOB and custom) as well as their order and the components included on each.

It means you can review all the important details about each record with minimum clicks and without toggling back and forth!

E.g., brokers can add stacking plans of their properties, pictures of properties (we prebuilt these components for our AscendixRE users).



An Example of a Custom Tab: Stacking Plan


More information about custom tabs:

  • You can define custom tabs for each object
  • In the record detail area, custom tabs will be displayed after all standard tabs
  • When a user clicks on a custom tab the custom component will be rendered

To add your custom tab:

  • Navigate to the Settings > Object Manager > Click the Customize tabs button > + Add Tab
  • Create a Tab Label and Component API Name and click Add

Be sure to include the component’s namespace and name in the format namespace:componentName. If you haven’t set a namespace prefix for your organization, use the default namespace c when referencing components that you’ve created.

You can reorder your tabs by clicking on the arrows. Also, you can make tabs invisible or delete them.

Technical Requirements:

Your components must support the following interfaces:


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3. Create Private Notes


Last month we added the Notes tab to the record detail area to let you preview notes and update right in Ascendix Search.

This month, we let you create private notes. It is a small, but very handy improvement. We hope you’ll find it useful.



The Note Creation Dialog with a Possibility to Make You Notes Private


To Create a Private Note:

  • Select the record and navigate to the Notes tab and click + New to add a note
  • Check the box ‘Prevent note from being viewed by other users with access to this record’
  • Type your note and save it!


Hint: Did you know that Ascendix Search lets you add notes to your Salesforce records in bulk? Simply select records and click +New Note. That is!



4. Insert Images into Your Emails


Salesforce Summer’18 release added lots of enhancements to the product and now Ascendix Search lets you insert images to your emails.

Combine this with our mass email feature and bring your follow-ups to the next level. Add your logo, picture, a branded footer, cards, pictures, promotions to engage with your contacts and move them further through the sales funnel.

How to send Salesforce mass emails with images with Ascendix Search:

  • Select contacts to mass email
  • Type your message or insert a template
  • Attach your image (up to 1MB)
  • Send!

E.g., how about sending this follow-up to your unresponsive contacts:



An Example of the Follow-Up Email


Too much? It is up to you. You have a tool to send what aligns well with your brand.

Some ideas on how you can use images in your emails:

  • Add your logo, picture, a branded footer.
  • Another idea is to create a ‘Happy Birthday’ template and insert a nice image into it. In Ascendix Search, you can create a list of contacts who have their Birthdays today, this week, this month. Select them and send them a customized, but personal email.
  • Is Christmas coming? Congratulate on your target list.
  • Some salespeople try inserting funny images into their follow-up messages to increase the reply rate. With this new feature, you can do it too!

5. Salesforce Geomapping: Measure the Shapes You Draw on Maps


We are thrilled to let you see the measurements for the shapes you draw.

Do you plan your next roadshow, or are visiting the event and want to connect with prospects nearby? Now it is easy to do. Locate your Salesforce contacts/accounts on map and see the distance.

Commercial real estate broker? Measure the distance between properties when planning the property tour, measure the land size.

How to Measure Shapes:

Click Show Measurements icon to show the size of the shapes.



Ascendix Search Interface: a Polygon with Measures


We show measurements in miles by default, but you can toggle to kilometers via clicking a button on the map.

When drawing a shape on the map the following will be displayed:

During drawing

  • Circles – radius
  • Polygons – a sum of sides length

When drawn

  • Circles – area
  • Rectangles – a length of each side and area

6. Composer: Preview a Report Before Sending via Email


Composer lets you generate various reports using your records, activities, notes, images via pulling them from a Salesforce.

In this release, we let you preview the generated reports before sending them via email.

You can view the output to verify it has been rendered as expected. Abort the email and start the process again (if desired).

That is for today. Happy Searching!


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