Salesforce Support Specifics: How to Get Help and Cases Resolved Fast

January 25, 2024
12 min

When you have a problem with your CRM functionality, especially if it impacts your business operations, it’s crucial to get help as soon as possible from a Salesforce support team. Based on research, 83% of customers claim that they feel more loyal to brands that respond and resolve their complaints.

And according to the “Global Stats of Customer Service” by Microsoft, 58% of customers will stop doing business with an organization because of poor customer service.

Contacting Salesforce support can be a challenge even for experienced users. That’s why we decided to conduct our own research on how to reach out to them fast and how to get urgent help if they don’t respond.

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How to Contact Salesforce Support


Salesforce Help Portal 

There are several ways you can reach out to Salesforce customer support and get immediate help. And the primary one is to get it via the Salesforce Help portal.


How to Submit and Manage Support Cases Online via Salesforce Help

Salesforce Help enables customers to get Salesforce support, Premier features, and other helpful resources in time. It uses portal for logging in and overseeing all your Salesforce Orgs in a single place. Thanks to this you can surf across Salesforce’s sites (such as the Trailblazer Community and Trailhead), get a 360-degree view of all your Organizations, and request help on them.

Access to the Help portal depends on the type of license assigned to the user. But users of Salesforce services such as Social Studio or Pardot do not have direct access to the Help portal with those environments’ credentials.

Salesforce Help is an easy-to-navigate self-service hub for getting instant support via multiple sources before you spend your time logging the support case. The homepage contains 4 tiles to access the top resources: Documentation, Trailblazer Community, Trailhead, and Events.

Salesforce help & troubleshooting documents are a great resource with support documentation, videos, and presentations that can help you reach your goals.

The self-service portal — Trailblazer Community — is a place where you can communicate directly with Salesforce experts, admins, and other end-users and get answers to your questions, share your experience, and ideas on improvements.

On the online training hub — Trailhead — you can read knowledge articles, watch video series, complete modules, quizzes and challenges.

The events section welcomes you to browse through the calendar of upcoming events. They can be sorted by Product, Event Type, Date Range, and Preferred Language so you can select the one that fits your needs, sign up for the event, and put your burning questions to Salesforce experts directly.


Salesforce Help Portal Home Page

Salesforce Help Portal Home Page


Besides that, the Salesforce Help home page has links to other sections:

  • Tableau support
  • Heroku support,
  • Mulesoft customer support,
  • Slack customer support.

Also, on this Salesforce support desk, you can find links to:

  • Various trending topics in documentation,
  • YouTube Support Channel that contains tutorials and helpful videos to improve your Salesforce operation and learn about various new features.
  • Webinar Video Channel — this section lets you join upcoming live workshops or listen to on-demand webinars to expand your knowledge on Salesforce functionality and get business insights.
  • Expert Coaching Videos — similar to other video sections, it offers expert tutorials and guidance from Salesforce professionals.

If you couldn’t find the solution on the above-mentioned resources, and you are a Standard, Premier, and Signature customer, you can log a Support Case. To create one, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce Org and click on the question mark “âť“” in the upper right-hand corner of the page;
  2. Click “Get Support”;
  3. Click “Contact Support”;  
  4. Click “Create a Case” on the “Create a Case” board. Besides it, you can see there are two more tiles — Live Chart” and “Call Us“;
  5. Click “Product” or “Technical Support” if you have questions about Salesforce products, developer support, feature activation, etc. (If you have questions about Salesforce contacts, invoicing, or payments, click “Log a Billing Case“);
  6. Select the product where you are having an issue;
  7. Select the best topic. Your OrgID will be pre-populated. If you can’t find your OrgID or MID, you can click on the links provided on the “Create a Case” page.  Make sure that the Salesforce support team will have login access for troubleshooting your issue.
  8. Write a concise case subject;
  9. Add more details in the description box;
  10. Select the time zone you are in and any boxes that describe the business impact of your issue. The *recommended severity will be populated based on these selections that can be adjusted later;
  11. Add any files/screenshots to your case if you have any. The maximum number of files attached to one case is 10, and the maximum file size of a single attachment is 4.2 MB;
  12. Add up to 20 people Case Collaborators in the open support Case to keep them in a loop and help a primary Case Contact with managing and responding to Case email notifications.
  13. Click “Create a Case,” and you are done.


* There are 4 Salesforce support case severity levels:

  • level 1 – critical – (Key business operations stop with no decent workaround that poses financial loss risk),
  • level 2 – urgent (key business operations are impacted with no workaround),
  • level 3 – high – (key business operations are affected with a workaround, OR non-key business operations affected with no workaround),
  • level 4 – medium – (non-key business operations affected with a workaround, OR no business operations affected).



After case submission, you can view case details, add comments and update the severity level for further escalation. It should also be noted that Salesforce cases created in the Help Portal can be closed, but cannot be deleted.

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Salesforce Phone Support


Salesforce phone support is available to Standard (with severity 1 (critical) issues), Premier, and Signature customers. Also, Salesforce offers its customers in the US a separate customer support line for clients with hearing or speech impairments at Salesforce Accessibility Support. These phone numbers should be dialed via the telecommunications relay service (TRS). A TRS can be reached anywhere in the United States by dialing 711 or by using the United States TRS directory to find the required phone number for each state.

You can call Accessibility Support at 1-866-284-6021 (Toll-free, US-only):

  • Salesforce Premier Support (English) – Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM EST
  • Salesforce Standard Support (English) – Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM EST (for Severity 1 issues)

You can use the following phone number to contact Accessibility Support for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, B2B Commerce, and DMP.

Also, be ready to answer the following questions of the Salesforce support agent:

  • Your First and Last name
  • Your Email Address or Username
  • Your Account Name
  • Your Org ID
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Salesforce Cloud or Product
  • The Case Number if applicable

Besides that, Salesforce urges its customers to confirm or update their phone numbers when they log in to Salesforce Help and help the Salesforce support team locate their account information.



How to Contact Salesforce Support by Phone Worldwide

Toll-Free Phone Number
AMER (North America)
LACA (Latin & Central America)
EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
00800 7253 3333
APAC (Asia-Pacific)
+65 6302 5700
How to Contact Salesforce Phone Support by Region


How to Call Salesforce Support by Region and Country: Salesforce Multi-language Support


AMER (North America) 


Salesforce Support Hours and Languages:

  • English Support – 24 /7
  • French Support (Canada) – Monday-Friday, 3:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST


How to Call Salesforce Support in AMER Region

Region/ Country
Toll-Free Phone Number
Available Languages
French, English

How to Call Salesforce Support in AMER Region


LACA (Latin & Cental America)


Salesforce Support Hours and Languages:

  • English Support – 24/ 7
  • Spanish and Portuguese Support (countries noted below) – Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM EST


How to Call Salesforce Support in LACA Region

Region/ Country
Toll-Free Phone Number
Support Languages
Spanish, English
Spanish, English

Portuguese, English

Spanish, English
Spanish, English
Spanish, English
How to Call Salesforce Support in LACA Region


EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)


Salesforce Support Hours and Languages:

  • English Support – 24 /7.
  • French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese Support (countries listed below) – Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM GMT

How to Call Salesforce Support in EMEA Region

Region/ Country
Toll-Free Phone Number
Support Languages
00800 7253 3333
German, English

French, English

Czech Republic
0 800 908 534
French, English
German, English
00800 7253 3333
00800 7253 3333
800 782619
Italian, English
00800 7253 3333
0800 0200431
Dutch, English
Netherlands Antilles
Dutch, English
Portuguese, English
South Africa
Spanish, English
0200 285660
German, English
0800 0921223
How to Call Salesforce Support in EMEA Region


APAC (Asia-Pacific)


Salesforce Support Hours and Languages:

  • English Support – 24/7
  • Mandarin and Korean Support (countries noted below) – Monday-Friday, 10 AM – 7 PM AEST


How to Call Salesforce Support in APAC Region

Region/ Country
Toll-Free Phone Number
Support Languages
+65 6302 5700
1800 667 638

China National
Mandarin, English

Hong Kong
Mandarin, English
Korean, English
New Zealand
0800 450 064
North China
Mandarin, English
South China
Mandarin, English
Mandarin, English
How to Call Salesforce Support in APAC Region




Please Note:

  • Japan Support is available in Japanese language only. For English Support call the APAC customer support number +65 6302 5700.
  • Premier Passcodes are required when calling for Japanese Support at this time. Please have your passcode available when you call Support.

Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Sales Analytics, and Service Analytics Support:

  • Salesforce Premier Support – Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM JST  (24 /7  for Emergency Support)
  • Salesforce Standard Support – Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM JST (for Severity 1 Issues)


How to Call Salesforce Support in Japan

Toll-Free Phone Number
Support Languages
How to Call Salesforce Support in Japan


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support:

  • Premier Support – Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM JST (24 / 7  for Severity 1 and Severity 2 Issues)
  • Standard Support – Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM JST

Pardot Customer Support:

  • Premier Support – Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM JST  (24/ 7  for Emergency Support)
  • Standard Support – Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM JST (for Severity 1 Issues)

B2B Commerce Cloud Support:

  • Premier Support – 9AM – 6PM JST (24/ 7 for Emergency Support)
  • Standard Support – Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM JST (for Severity 1 Issues)

 Online Live Chat Support


This contact option is available only to Premier and Signature customers with a Success Plan. To start a new Chat session, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Salesforce Help
  2. Click Contact Support
  3. Click Live Chat.


Salesforce Support Case Prioritization


Tickets received are prioritized based on the severity tier of the issue.


Salesforce Support Case Prioritization

Response Time
Issue Type
30 minutes
When the Salesforce product is significantly inoperable and the issue has an impact on operations of numerous users of the org and on the business overall and no workaround can be implemented.
4 business hours*
When a key Salesforce product feature doesn’t work or works poorly, impacting multiple users of the Salesforce org and business operations. For example, when the platform is slow.
1 business day*
When the Salesforce product glitches but the business operation is not significantly affected. It is also applied to “How-to Questions” and product inquiries.
2 business days*
When the low-impact product or documentation error exists or there is the need for product enhancement.
Salesforce Support Case Prioritization


*Business Hours are regionally 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday – Friday (excluding regional holidays).


Customer Support for Additional Salesforce Products


How to contact Tableau support 


You can get support for the following Tableau products:

  • Tableau Desktop,
  • Tableau Prep Builder,
  • Tableau Server,
  • Tableau Online,
  • Tableau Public,
  • Tableau Mobile,
  • Tableau Reader,
  • Hyper API.

The company offers various ways for getting help apart from submitting a Tableau support case like:

  • browsing through customer service FAQ, Knowledge Base, Tableau Server Upgrade Help Documentation, and Community Forum
  • reaching out to Tableau support by following the company on Twitter @TableauSupport.

You can contact Tableau customer service at if you need assistance in determining, for example, who your site administrator is.

The company provides a Premium Support option as well.

When you submit the case, you will have to give the following information:

  • Description of the product you have the issue with and description of the problem
  • Impact & Severity level
  • Your contact information
  • Company Name
  • Preferred language, support region, and timezone for this request.

Also, you can add up to 3 files that are no larger than 5MB. If you have more files to attach, you need to add them via the link:


How to contact Heroku support


Heroku offers support for main product areas:

  • General Platform Features,
  • Account Management,
  • Domains and Routing,
  • Billing and Payment,
  • Security,
  • Heroku Postgres,
  • Heroku Connect,
  • Heroku Redis,
  • Heroku Kafka,
  • CI & Pipelines & Review apps,
  • Platform Error Codes,
  • Command Line Tools.

You can get immediate help with your issues by:

Heroku offers standard (12/5) and premium (24/7) support plans.

You can submit the case by logging in to your Heroku account or emailing customer service at from the email address associated with your account.

Meanwhile, you can check for known issues on the Heroku Status website.

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How to contact Mulesoft support


You can ask for help with Mulesoft functionality via different portals:

  • General forum – where you can ask questions to the community and share your knowledge
  • Training forum –  where you can discuss questions related to training classes.
  • Resources – a repository of technical docs, guides, and tutorials
  • Discussion groups – where you can exchange ideas and product news with your peers
  • Community – a place for networking with other users at Meetups and getting acquainted with Mulesoft Ambassadors
  • Mulesoft Support – where you can contact Support, log cases, review subscriptions. To gain access to your cases, downloads and subscriptions, you need to log in with an Enterprise support account.

Prior to submitting the case, you are offered to read about:

  • the Mulesoft customer support process and its terms,
  • how the company provides feedback on support cases,
  • available support & troubleshooting tools.

How to contact Slack support


The Slack Help Center portal showcases knowledge articles on topics like:

  • what you need to know to get started with the Slack platform,
  • how to use Slack features,
  • how to adjust profile & preferences,
  • how to connect & automate tools,
  • how to manage Slack workspace,

You can find Slack tutorials there as well.


To contact the Slack support center, you need to submit your case via a Contact Us form or sign in to your Slack account.

If you choose to reach out to Slack Customer Support by filling out the Contact Us form, you should:

  • add an email address,
  • select a topic,
  • describe the issue.

Unfortunately, there’s no Slack Customer Support phone number or live chat option available on the website.

The Slack Support email can be found at the AppExchange profile for Salesforce for Slack app –

What Can You Do if the Salesforce Support Team is Out of Reach?


Despite the diversity of ways for getting Salesforce support and resolving issues, it leaves disgruntled customers behind. Customer service is a subject of hot debates on review platforms and, probably, the most frequently mentioned item on Salesforce pros and cons list.

First of all, 24/7 support is a premium feature that isn’t available for free, so if you want to have your issue addressed immediately, you need to pay for it. But even this can’t guarantee that it will be solved soon, according to some Salesforce users.


Salesforce premier customer support review

Salesforce premier customer support review on


On top of that, it may be difficult to reach out to a live Salesforce Customer Service team that reflects in multiple reviews on various platforms complaining about the inability to get in touch with support agents.

Moreover, the assistance provided by self-service portals is quite limited, and some questions can stay unanswered for a long time. So what can you do to get instant help in time when you really need it? The best solution will be to engage with Salesforce consulting partners like Ascendix.



As CRM consultants with solid expertise in Salesforce consulting, we can suggest the most optimal way to solve your issue without involving Salesforce support agents. As your consulting partner, we guarantee hassle-free maintenance and administration of your platform and straightforward communication with our CRM support team.

No multi-step quizzes to get help, no FAQ labyrinths to have your questions answered.

We simplified this procedure to get your business back on reels in time of the highest vulnerability and stress.

Our CRM experts provide a vast scope of Salesforce support & administration services like:

  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • System administration
  • Data administration
  • Salesforce health check
  • CRM concierge service
  • Salesforce development support and troubleshooting
  • AppExchange app development support.

We support a broad range of Salesforce products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Experience (Community) Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, App Cloud, Health Cloud, Einstein Analytics.

Working with Ascendix, you can select the level of control over your project and define if you prefer to work with our Dallas team or wish to outsource your project to our Southern and Eastern Europe offshore office to cut your costs.


Sounds enticing, isn’t it? Book a FREE call with our consultants and we’ll uncover more tips & tricks for managing and troubleshooting your Salesforce org.

Salesforce Support FAQ

Does Salesforce have support?

Yes, Salesforce offers various support channels both self-serviced and managed. Among them are the Salesforce help portal, phone support, and online chat. If you need urgent Salesforce support and issue resolution you can reach out to a Salesforce consulting partner.

How do I raise a support case in Salesforce?

To raise a case with the Salesforce support team you need to follow the steps below ⬇ or contact a Salesforce consultant directly:

  1. Select “Get Support” in the Help portal menu,
  2. Click “Create a Case“.
  3. Choose “Product” or “Technical Support“.
  4. Select the product where you are having an issue
  5. Add issue details
  6. Click “Create Case“.

Does Salesforce have a live chat?

Yes, Salesforce live chat option is available to Premier and Signature customers with a Success Plan. To start a new Live Chat session, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Salesforce Help
  2. Click Contact Support
  3. Click Live Chat.

How do I contact Salesforce support by phone?

How to Contact Salesforce Support by Phone Worldwide

Toll-Free Phone Number
AMER (North America)
LACA (Latin & Central America)
EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
00800 7253 3333
APAC (Asia-Pacific)
+65 6302 5700
How to Contact Salesforce Phone Support by Region


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