AscendixRE: AppExchange App Development for Commercial Real Estate

Discover the success story behind our AscendixRE development initiative on AppExchange. This strategic move not only tripled our development ROI, but also granted us access to Salesforce’s network of customers and boosted our brand visibility.


AscendixRE CRM is a feature-packed deal management and CRM platform developed on top of Salesforce for the unique needs of commercial real estate professionals, including CRE (commercial real estate) brokers, land brokers, investors, and capital markets practitioners, improving their client engagement and operational efficiency.

To extend our reach to an even broader audience of Salesforce users, we decided to get AscendixRE featured on AppExchange (Salesforce’s app marketplace).

And for this, we had to adhere to Salesforce standards, which meant redefining our development process and the structure of our solution itself.

Explore our case study to gain insights into:

  • What kind of solution AscendixRE is and the primary goals we aimed for during its initial development.
  • Our rationale for choosing AppExchange as the marketplace for AscendixRE CRM and an overview of the challenges encountered during the launch.
  • The outcomes and benefits resulting from our strategic decision to feature AscendixRE on the AppExchange platform.
Wesley D. Snow,
President of Ascendix
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Dallas, Texas
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Commercial Real Estate, Capital Markets, Land Brokers, Investment Management
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Lightning Web Components, Lightning Aura Components, JavaScript, Google Maps / OpenStreetMap API, SOQL

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Key Objectives of AscendixRE CRM Development


  • Transform Salesforce CRM into a CRE CRM solution,
  • Modify the Salesforce interface with minimal need for further customization,
  • Pre-design objects and fields as well as workflows to efficiently oversee sales, leases, properties, listings, and client preferences,
  • Enable the documentation of notes, events, and calls,
  • Facilitate monitoring of pivotal dates like lease expirations and move-ins,
  • Perform mass edits and updates with ease,
  • Create an intuitive property reporting and commercial real estate flyer generator with property details and images auto-populating from the CRM database,
  • Introduce sophisticated search and filtering mechanisms in Salesforce,
  • Pinpoint properties, contacts, inquiries, and other records using multi-faceted queries,
  • Seamlessly integrate with email marketing tools like Mailchimp,
  • Enable drawing custom areas on the map and access property previews,
  • Visualize deals, activities, lease expirations, inquiries, and more, filtered by various business-critical metrics,
  • Provide brokers with dynamic dashboard creation tools,
  • Develop a dynamic stacking plan visualization tool.
Requirements for AscendixRe Salesforce AppExchange App Development Ascendix

The Requirements We Had to Meet to Feature AscendixRE on AppExchange

To make the most of our business growth and reach a wide network of Salesforce users, including major players like JLL, Colliers, and Lee & Associates, we saw the importance of featuring AscendixRE on AppExchange, however, there was a set of requirements we had to fulfill first.

To secure a place on AppExchange, it was imperative for us to:

  • Refine the architecture of our application,
  • Meet the expectations of the Salesforce user community and deliver a feature-rich solution,
Requirements for AscendixRe Salesforce AppExchange App Development Ascendix
Launch of AscendixRE Salesforce AppExchange App Development Initiative Ascendix
  • Design a user-friendly interface that integrates smoothly with Salesforce’s UI and provides a seamless experience,
  • Conduct an exhaustive review of the code to adhere to the rigorous compliance standards and security protocols established by Salesforce,
  • Devise a comprehensive business strategy coupled with a meticulous release roadmap,
  • Gain proficiency in utilizing the License Management Application (LMA) to manage trials, subscriptions, and licensing and facilitate the transition from free trials to paid subscriptions.

Having defined our focus objectives, we soon took the first steps to enter the extensive AppExchange competition.

Launch of AscendixRE AppExchange App Development Initiative Ascendix

Launch of Our AppExchange App Development Initiative

In 2012 we became an AppExchange partner and started actively working on a comprehensive business plan for the publication of AscendixRE on AppExchange.

It outlined our go-to-market strategy, pricing model, customer support plans, and success metrics.

Steps We Took to Get Listed on AppExchange
  • Developed a listing plan to market and sell AscendixRE on AppExchange.
  • Packaged our solution to manage user-based licenses, protect our code, and have the ability to upgrade it in the future.
Launch of AscendixRE AppExchange App Development Initiative Ascendix
The Results of AscendixRe Salesforce App Development Ascendix
  • Successfully passed a mandatory security review by Salesforce to meet its rigorous security standards, protect customer data, address any emerging vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with Salesforce’s secure coding standards.
  • Prepared detailed documentation that includes installation guides, user manuals, and FAQs.
  • Passed a listing review process by Salesforce to ensure all information and materials meet their standards.

With a decade of expertise, we’ve mastered our use of the License Management Application (LMA) to adeptly handle client trials, subscriptions, and licensing. Our proactive release strategy ensures our solution evolves in line with market trends.

To maintain the highest security standards, each update undergoes a rigorous security review by Salesforce, keeping AscendixRE both cutting-edge and secure.

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AscendixRe Salesforce Appexchange | Ascendix

The Results of Our AppExchange App Development Project

  • Since 2012, AscendixRE has been used by thousands of Salesforce users worldwide and top-performing CRE companies like Cresa, Savills, Innovative Capital, and others.
  • The average CSAT rating of AscendixRE on AppExchange is 4.97.
  • Our presence on AppExchange has granted us direct access to Salesforce’s extensive network of customers and prospects,
  • It enhanced our visibility and user adoption rates and ultimately tripled our development ROI.
AscendixRe Salesforce Appexchange | Ascendix
The Results of AscendixRe AppExchange App Development Ascendix
  • This success ignited us to roll out another Salesforce-based app – Ascendix Search and get it featured on AppExchange. Ascendix Search also quickly became an instant success among Salesforce users for facilitating complex Salesforce searches.
  • As a long-standing Crest (previously Gold) AppExchange Partner with over ten years of experience, we not only meet but exceed Salesforce’s strict standards.
  • Crest’s level of partnership demonstrates our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, the consistent growth of our client base, and our dedication to evolving our expertise.

We really wanted to build a database that could be ours and customize it to have the fields that we wanted to see. We did not want to use an off-the-shelf solution. We had used other databases in the past and we were looking for something that was real estate specific. We went through a vetting process. And AscendixRE gave us the best features and the way Ascendix worked with us was just helpful. And that’s kind of set Ascendix apart from the other companies that we looked at.

Robert Sattler Principal, Cresa New York
Requirements for AscendixRe AppExchange App Development | Ascendix

Why Ascendix as an AppExchange App Development Partner?

At Ascendix, we’re seasoned in navigating the Salesforce Partner and AppExchange ecosystem, offering you a streamlined path to market success. Our comprehensive consultancy covers everything from app development to strategic market entry and ongoing support.

With us, you’ll get:

  • End-to-end AppExchange app development expertise, saving you time and resources.
  • Efficient Security Review strategies, minimizing costs.
  • A strong track record in successful app launches.
  • Targeted marketing and support for your AppExchange solution.
  • A complete development team, ready to tackle all aspects of app development and launch without the need for additional staff.

As a company that has experienced the power of turning ideas into thriving businesses through our own products and helping clients succeed, we can attest to the vast opportunities that await.


Requirements for AscendixRe AppExchange App Development | Ascendix

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