About Wes Snow

President of Ascendix Technologies, CRM Consultant with over 25 years of expertise in no less than 10 CRM platforms including Salesforce and Dynamics 365.


Wesley D. Snow is the Co-Founder and President of Ascendix Technologies and has been on multiple advisory boards for CRM applications over the years including Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and no less than 10 other CRM platforms.

Having 23 years of CRM consulting experience, Wes is a frequent guest of podcasts, webinars and he speaks live at various conferences where he shares his tips and best practices on customer relationship management, modern technologies, and his experience with offshore development.

  • 1996 Founded Ascendix 🚀 together with Todd Terry
  • 1999 Becomes a Microsoft Dynamics Partner
  • 2004 Ascendix launches the first CRM product for CRE
  • 2005 Ascendix begins its IT outsourcing story
  • 2014 Partnership with Salesforce.com
  • 2017, 2018, 2019Wes enters the Duke Long’s Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People list as a recognized commercial real estate technology leader.
  • Present A Technology Consultant of choice

Together with his partner Todd Terry, Wes founded Ascendix Technologies in 1996 to offer CRM consulting services. Later on, the company created their own CRM products targeted at commercial real estate brokers, Salesforce and Dynamics 365 users.

Thanks to the effective management of Wes and Todd, Ascendix Technologies has become one of the top CRM consulting companies and an unbiased advisor to the market focusing on business problems instead of solely on technology. Besides, Ascendix Technologies builds custom software and apps.Learn more about Ascendix History.


Wes completed his undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Austin in 1991 receiving a BBA in Finance. Graduate work was completed at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1995 with an MBA in Information Systems.

Personal Life

Wes resides in Plano, Texas with his wife Pam, and their two daughters, Hannah and Madison. In his free time, Wes enjoys time at the family ranch working with cattle when he is not attending events with his daughters who are deeply involved in company dance and select softball.