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Ascendix Salesforce Consulting Services

Ascendix is a leading Salesforce outsourcing agency with 20-year expertise in CRM consulting, administration, deployment, customization and AppExchange app development that has positive references from 200+ clients.

Also, Ascendix is constantly recognized as a top CRM consulting & custom software development company on Our IT outsourcing journey began 15 years ago and now we deliver Salesforce services internationally from two locations: in Dallas, TX and Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Being originally a US-based CRM consulting veteran, we apply CRM best practices and seasoned expertise in our Salesforce outsourcing projects and can offer flexible pricing options for any budget.

Our Salesforce technical skills are confirmed by a number of certifications including Certified Salesforce Administrator, Consultant, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I/II, and Data Architecture and Management Designer.

Ascendix Salesforce app development  and administration certifications

For 20 years. we became fully proficient in multiple Salesforce products like:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Community (Experience Cloud)
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • App Cloud
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Pardot

Salesforce cloud implementation services by Ascendix


For 25 years in the CRM space, we have been successfully combining CRM consulting vector with development & marketing of our own software products. Currently, we have 17 CRM products and apps, most of which are built for Salesforce users and sold via the AppExchange app marketplace.

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Benefits of Salesforce Outsourcing

As an international CRM consultancy, we can outline undoubtful Salesforce outsourcing advantages over hiring in-house professionals. Among which are:


◈ Cost Compression ◈


Hiring in-house Salesforce experts may imply intangible costs related to investing into recruitment agencies, additional HR management activities and personnel administration, paying benefits to employee, paying for office space, equipment, work stations, and maintaining office premises.

Instead you purchase admin's/developer's time at a fixed cost, that has been agreed from the project onset and paid based on hourly/monthly contract so you will have more control over operating cost.

We, at Ascendix offer the most favorable pricing options due to blending our Onshore/Offshore team structures and providing top-quality outsourcing services.


◈ Free Time ◈


By partnering with Salesforce outsourcing agencies you can forget about time vortex spend on activities like recruiting staff. To your major surprise, on average it takes 36 days to hire a new employee and 6 months for him/her to become fully proficient in their role .

Moreover, if you and your team have no experience with hiring Salesforce professionals, you need to spend time on researching it to understand what you are looking for, what skill level you need to hire, what should be their daily activities and duties, whom should they report etc.

By engaging with a Salesforce outsourcing consultancy you don't have to think about training your teams to keep up with current Salesforce updates, tendencies, and trends or care about Salesforce career path development of your employees.

Everything will be already solved by us! We provide intensive and rigorous training to our professionals so you will be able to focus on what is core to your business.


◈ Access to Expertise ◈


Unlike in-house experts, outsourced admins & developers work closely with other specialists as a part of one consultancy.

That's why you can get more help from them than from in-house professionals or freelance contractors that work alone. Because skills are consultancy-based, you can gain knowledge of a full team rather than being limited by the experience of just one employee.

Ascendix is not solely a Salesforce consultancy but also a custom software development outsourcing company so you'll get access to our top talents like Salesforce admins, consultants, developers, project managers (PM), solution architects (SA), business analysts (BA), and quality assurance (QA) experts as a Salesforce outsourcing team extension.

Ascendix Salesforce custom development technologies list


◈ Better Communication ◈


Unlike standard Salesforce support that has a 48-hour response time window for all support case tickets, a dedicated Salesforce consultant will be just a call/message away. So it will reduce downtime and speed up project completion.

Due to our global presence, you'll get your guidance & help at the right time without email/Slack/Teams ping-pong and time gaps in communication.

By having office locations in the USA and Europe, we guarantee better cultural and language fit and better aligning with time zone difference. Moreover, our team goes beyond just order-taking concept and supports our clients on all stages of Salesforce implementation project.


◈ Great Level of Independency ◈


Salesforce outsourcing allows to reduce the burden of work from shoulders of the employees and scale your Salesforce instance easier and faster. You can free your resources so that your team could invest their time in more important business tasks or develop other features independently.

Time needed to complete the task will depend solely on your team's capacity without affecting other projects because Salesforce outsourcing team can take their share of work and you can develop other branches of your business.


◈ No Risk of High Degree of Turnover ◈


There is always a possibility that after investing time and money into hiring your in-house specialist and his training, your Salesforce pro may decide to leave your company for another one, with better perks, because Salesforce admins & developers are constantly in high demand.

On the contrary, outsourced Salesforce admins & developers usually work with a range of companies so there is no fear of them heading off elsewhere. For 15 years in IT outsourcing, we got used to juggling many clients' projects at a time without losing quality of the provided services. This experience has helped us develop best project management practices for delivering agile personalized approaches to every client.


◈ Unbiased Opinion and Advice ◈


Salesforce outsourced consultancy will provide an objective viewpoint on optimization of the platform, free from any internal policies. We, at Ascendix are always ready to provide multi-faceted expert advisory services and evaluation of all the internal workflows, business objectives, and goals to meet them with the best technology solution.

Salesforce implementation overview

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Why Ascendix as Salesforce Integration Partner

Why Ascendix as Salesforce Outsourcing Consultancy

Ascendix's has a numerous competitive advantages as a Salesforce outsourcing partner in the CRM consultancy market like:

◈ Vast Salesforce Consulting & Development Expertise Since 2001

We offer a unique combination of Salesforce consulting services seasoned with Salesforce custom development services and due to this we can provide Salesforce services from an unparalleled advisory perspective.

◈ 25 Years in the CRM Space

We entered CRM market right on its onset and for more than two decades we have learned how to lead any CRM project to success regardless of its complexity and company size.

◈ 17 years in CRE Tech

In 2004 Ascendix entered Commercial Real Estate vertical launching our first CRM software product for CRE brokers.

◈ 15 Years in IT Outsourcing

Our offices are located across the globe so we can deliver competitive cost structures due to our ability of mixing Offshore & Onshore engagement models.

◈ Our Own AppExchange Apps and CRE CRM Software

Creation of AscendixRE - CRM for commercial real estate agencies and Ascendix Search - an advanced Salesforce search tool improved our understanding of the Salesforce app development cycle, challenges developers and marketers might face.

Also, due to this experience we could see issues Salesforce users might have with document management, data search, or different integrations from a different angle.

◈ In-Depth CRE and Real Estate Industry Understanding

We specialize in many Real Estate-specific vectors like:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Property Management, Construction
  •  Investment Sales
  • Capital Markets
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Banking
  • Land Brokerage

Also, our outsourced Salesforce admins assist with adjusting the platform to:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • SaaS & Technology Companies
  • Professional Services Companies that Serve B2B
  • Retail
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Travel & Logistics

◈ Experience with Diverse CRM Applications

We've dealt with no less than 10 CRM platforms for 25 years that enables us to provide diversified viewpoint on how to solve various business challenges.

Read our clients' case studies or request more references from us.

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Salesforce Outsourcing Services by Ascendix


◈ Salesforce Consulting, Health Check, and Legacy System Audit 


Our expert team of Salesforce consultants will assess your software to review gaps in system performance, technical implementation, business usage, and suggest the best options for Salesforce optimization and maximizing of its potential.


◈ Salesforce Implementation, Re-implementation, and Project Recovery


Our Salesforce consultants will assist you with Salesforce implementation from scratch or re-implementation it after years of usage. Also, we will build the CRM implementation strategy from data transformation and CRM deployment to the user adoption stage.


◈ Migration to Salesforce


Ascendix and its team will simplify migration to Salesforce Lightning from Salesforce Classic, from one Salesforce Cloud to another, from Apex to Flow/Process Builders or any other CRM software to Salesforce and will choose the best Salesforce edition with out-of-the-box features for your organization.


◈ Salesforce Configuration, Optimization, and Customization


Our outsourcing CRM specialists will advise you on the best practices of using default Salesforce functionality and its effective configuration, applying code-based Salesforce customizations , or optimization of the platform with one of our ready-to-use products built on top of Salesforce.

We will ensure that all configurations are updated and error-free at all stages of your business growth or develop custom Salesforce-based CRM solutions tailored to your business needs.


◈ Lightning Component Development


Lightning Components serve as the backbones of your Salesforce instance and allow extreme agility, scalability, and customization. We will aid you with upgrading/modifying/custom development of reusable Lightning Components to enhance your Lightning experience by avoiding superfluous coding.


◈ Salesforce Data Migration & Transformation


If you decide to outsource Salesforce administration, we will ensure that your data is deduplicated, clean, and error-free and is migrated in a steady way to make this process less of concern for you.


◈ AppExchange App Development


Ascendix Technologies' team will consult on Salesforce AppExchange app development and app preparation for security review. If you decide to outsource Salesforce development, we will share our best instruments for transformation of your app idea from an idea to a functioning app and will take into account Salesforce security policies and approval processes.


◈ Salesforce System, App, and Data Integration


To uncover your entire Salesforce potential, we will recommend, select, and integrate systems and apps to make your platform work at its peak. We will share our best practices on data integration and synchronization across disintegrated systems.


◈ Salesforce Administration & Maintenance


As your outsourced Salesforce administrators, we will scale your Salesforce as your business expands and guarantee that all configurations are modified and updated on time and all features are debugged at all stages of your business expansion.


◈ Salesforce Support & Concierge Service


Our Salesforce support team provides help services and addresses your question or issue as soon as it arises on all the stages of Salesforce implementation due to its 24/5 availability.

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How To Choose Salesforce Outsourcing Companies?

  • Check customer base, competency, and customer satisfaction such as project portfolios, case studies, interviews, and customer reviews on independent platforms.
  • Pay attention to the scope of consulting agency's technical skills, certifications, technology stack, and experience with various Salesforce services.
  • Understand the work processes such as project quality measurement metrics like Scrum metrics, tools, management style
  • Focus on Salesforce outsourcing vendors that have multiple successfully completed projects in your business vector
  • Look for agencies with great communication skills and customer service
  • Search for Salesforce consulting firms that are ready to provide long-term support and user training
  • Check vendor's expertise in developing, maintaining, and marketing of their own software products and apps.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Ascendix team just walked us through the integration process, and we felt comfortable that they would not disappear when we needed the help. They really worked with us to get everything over as consistently as we possibly could.

I remember I thought that we would probably have 50% success, but we got it to 85-90%, so everything is converted over. We felt they were very hands-on and if we needed something, we could just pick up the phone and call them. And that's set Ascendix apart from the other companies that we looked at."

Robert Sattler, Principal at CRESA New York

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Qualified Salesforce Outsourcing Services Originated from Dallas

Ascendix Technologies is a meeting point of optimal European Salesforce outsourcing cost & and US-level service quality from 25-year CRM market veteran. Contact us to discuss your project ideas now!