AI for Real Estate Agents: 9 Tools to Keep Up with the Evolving Market

June 11, 2024
15 min

In today’s ever-evolving world, the real estate industry is undergoing a transformative journey with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). As AI continues to make its mark across various sectors, real estate agents are now equipped with a range of AI tools to revolutionize their practices and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our deep dive into this exciting realm has uncovered a plethora of tried and tested real estate AI tools tailored specifically for real estate professionals.

In this article, we present our findings, categorizing these tools into three key areas: text generation, image generation, and analytics. We’ll provide you with an overview of these tools, highlighting their capabilities and the benefits they bring to the table.

To add a dash of spice, we’ll also share our verdict on their effectiveness and practicality. So, let’s jump in and discover the cutting-edge AI solutions that can propel real estate agents toward greater efficiency and success.

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Text Generative AI for Real Estate Agents


1. Epique


  • Pricing: Free.
  • Type: a suite of 12 AI content-generation tools for real estate agents


Our top pick of the best AI for real estate agents is Epique – “an artificial intelligence-powered platform for modern brokers” – this is how the company defines itself. And we wouldn’t disagree, as the platform acts as a host of at least 12 AI tools for real estate agents, which can take most copywriting tasks off brokers’ plate. The natural language intelligence behind Epique can produce various types of content tailored to distinct objectives:

  • Realtor biography
  • Real estate blog posts
  • Image generation
  • 12 touches email campaigning
  • newsletter campaigning
  • AI-generated property descriptions
  • Instagram quotes
  • Lead generators
  • State Law advisor
  • Brokerage advice


Epique - Best AI for Real Estate Agents

Epique Dashboard – Best AI for Real Estate Agents


Our thoughts on the Epique AI tool for real estate agents

Having put Epique to the test, we can confidently say that its generating features are definitely worth exploring. The 12-Touches Email Campaign AI, for example, comprehends prompts related to word limits, email frequency, and even tone of voice, ensuring that agents’ communication aligns with their desired style and branding. Moreover, the platform’s intuitive chat interface guides users through the process, posing helpful questions about email sequence frequency, making it particularly useful for those new to generative real estate AI.


Epique Email Marketing AI Tool

Epique Email Marketing AI Tool for Real Estate Agents


The chatbot may occasionally struggle to fully grasp prompts, so it’s essential to provide clear and direct instructions to overcome this minor hurdle. The user interface could use some improvements to match the intuitive experience of ChatGPT, but as more users join the platform, we are optimistic that these concerns will fade away.


2. Write.Homes


  • Pricing: Free up to 1000 words, then $8 per Starter plan
  • Type: a suite of AI content generation tools for real estate agents


The second pick on our AI for real estate agents list is Write.Homes – a comprehensive content creation tool tailored for real estate agents and professionals. The platform offers as many as 33 different natural language copywriting tools broken down into 7 handy categories:

  • Emails & Newsletter
  • Strategies & Analytics
  • General Writing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media & Ads
  • Website
  • Ads.


When choosing a desired AI writer tool, say Video Script Writer, you need to first specify your request by feeding in your video idea and specifying the preferred language, creativity level, number of results, and max result lengths.


Text Generative AI Real Estate - Write.Homes

Text Generative AI for Real Estate – Write.Homes


First, you are allowed to generate only 1000 words at no cost. After that, affordable pricing plans come into effect:

  • Starter Plan: For just $8 per month, agents can generate 18,000 words.
  • Pro Plan: A cost-effective option at $18 per month, providing access to 50,000 words.
  • Agency Plan: For larger-scale needs, the Agency Plan offers 1 million words per month at a reasonable price of $85.


What sets Write.Homes apart from other real estate AI tools for agents, such as Epique, is that the platform offers additional tools that enhance the content creation experience for real estate professionals. These include customizable templates for MLS listings, property descriptions, social media posts, and blog articles. The platform also features AI-powered content optimization tools for improving clarity, coherence, grammar, and spelling. Furthermore, Write.Homes supports text translation into different languages and provides strategic support with the generation of negotiation strategies, contract analysis, and action plans.


Our thoughts on Write.Homes AI tools for real estate agents

During our evaluation of Write.Homes, we were thoroughly impressed with its advanced generative AI for real estate agents, user-friendly platform interface, ability to choose the level of creativity, and the remarkable versatility of its generative AI capabilities. However, it’s important to note that Write.Homes differs from platforms like ChatGPT or Epique in a few key aspects.

One notable difference is that Write.Homes does not feature a chatbot interface, which has gained immense popularity and demand in recent times. While this means you might miss out on that interactive AI dialogue and the ability to provide real-time feedback, Write.Homes makes up for it with a whole range of criteria you predefine before making an input (e.g., type of the property, length of the generated text, tone of voice etc.)

At the same time, Write.Homes provides an extensive range of features specifically tailored to the unique requirements of real estate writing, among them customizable templates for MLS listings, property descriptions, social media posts, and blog articles. All of this comes at a price but is definitely worth every penny. Agents who do not need such versatility and want to benefit from the chatbot interface may find platforms like Epique, ChatGPT, or our next tool, ValPal, to be better suited to their needs.

Find out 11 ways ChatGPT may help real estate agents in their everyday workflows.


3. ValPal


  • Pricing: Free
  • Type: Simple property description generation tool


The third rival on our list will be UK-based – originally an agent and landlord lead generation tool, which recently introduced 2 ChatGPT-inspired AI tools for real estate agents – and ChatPal, among others.

The former,, uses natural language algorithms to generate bespoke property descriptions based on given prompts on the property’s values, like size, location, and amenities. Notably, the system’s acumen extends to incorporating search engine optimization keywords, thereby elevating the visibility of listings in search engine rankings.


ValPal AI for Real Estate Agents

ValPal AI for Real Estate Agents


The company’s aspirations are not only to allow real estate agents to save time but also to improve the economic efficiency of the real estate market – in the UK at a minimum.

By eliminating the need to spend 45 minutes on crafting a listing and assuming an average salary of £19.35 per hour for a 40-hour week, ValPal estimates that its software could save the sector £40m per year or just over £2,000 per business considering the presence of 19,500 agents in the UK.


ChatPal, on the other hand, introduces AI for real estate leads designed to convert website traffic into leads and instructions for real estate agents. It is basically a chatbot that can be integrated into brokerage’s website to cover most frequently seen scenarios involving landlords and vendors. Notably, the chatbot is not aimed at tenants.

The brilliance of ChatPal lies in its scripts, strategically crafted to capture essential contact details, equipping agents with an abundance of potential leads to nurture and follow up with. Moreover, the intelligence behind the chatbot is able to pull out the information from the chat and place it into a CRM, giving the lead in further conversations to the human.

For a nominal fixed monthly fee, agents gain access to unlimited leads, while the option to integrate ChatPal with Facebook provides additional exposure and reach.


Our thoughts on ValPal AI tools for real estate agents

After conducting a trial period for both and ChatPal, we have found that these AI tools for real estate agents offer user-friendly interfaces and straightforward functionality, providing valuable assistance to agents in various ways.

However, while has its merits, it lacks the capability to understand natural language requests for style adjustments or limiting the description length. This is an area that ValPal should focus on improving.

But speaking of ChatPal, we do think that it can win the love of agents due to its straightforward artificial intelligence and smart algorithms for capturing potential clients’ data, which can then be put into the best commercial real estate CRM for further nurturing activities.


Here other some other examples of text-generative AI tools for real estate agents that might be worth your attention:

  • RealtyNinja (a free real estate AI tool that allows for voice input)
  • Listing Copy AI (a free AI listing-generating tool with an integrated Zillow API allowing to create a property description by pasting a direct link to a desired property listed on Zillow)
  • (a paid real estate AI tool that creates stunning listing descriptions with two clicks)
  • (a paid real estate AI tool that generates beautiful listings and uses AI to find potential buyers).

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Image/Video Generative AI for Real Estate Agents


4. REimagineHome


  • Pricing: free
  • Type: image-generating app for virtual interior re-design


Generative AI in real estate doesn’t end with copywriting. It goes far beyond, extending to image creation, space visualization, and virtual tours. A prime example of this is REimagineHome.

REimagineHome is an image-generating app that uses artificial intelligence to virtually renovate and redecorate any room. All you need to do is to:

  1. Snap a photo of the room you’d like to renovate virtually
  2. Download it onto the platform
  3. Highlight the area you’d like to modify


REimagineHome - Image-Generative AI Tools for Real Estate Agents

REimagineHome – Image-Generative AI Tools for Real Estate Agents


  1. Input your prompts: the style, color preference, and other desired instructions.
  2. Generate the renovated design.


AI Tools for Real Estate Agents

AI Tools for Real Estate Agents – Space Renovation


As you can see, the model flawlessly performs renovating on the masked area of the image while retaining the original layout of the room. Undoubtedly, this AI real estate tool can prove beneficial in various contexts like showcasing potential interior designs for unfurnished listings. This unique feature might serve as a bridge between viewing a property listing and experiencing the actual space, enabling users to envision the transformation of an empty room with furniture.

As of now, the application looks entirely free with no limitations on the number of re-designs, but as the platform evolves, this might change any time soon.


Our thoughts on REimagineHome AI tool for real estate agents

Having tried REimagineHome AI in and out, we can say for sure that this application can prove to be one of the most useful generative AI tools in the real estate agent’s arsenal. It is simple to use, very straightforward, intelligent, and entirely free, which means you can appreciate the application without any financial commitment. However, even if REimagineHome rolled out a paid version, we do believe it would be worth every penny.


5. Getfloorplan


  • Pricing: paid, starting at $17.5 per floor plan
  • Type: 2D-to-3D spacing plan generation AI tool offers real estate agents an innovative AI-based tool that goes beyond traditional floor plans. With this platform, agents can effortlessly generate stunning 2D and 3D floor plans, as well as immersive 360° virtual tours to enhance their sales strategies. The process is simple: upload a sketch or a photo of a floor plan, and within one business day, receive a fully realized 3D plan and a captivating virtual tour.


Getfloorplan - AI Tool for Floor Planning

Getfloorplan – AI Tool for Floor Planning


Customization is also a key feature of Agents can choose from a range of styles and materials to tailor their floor plans to meet their specific needs and preferences. This flexibility allows for a personalized touch that resonates with potential buyers. In addition to floor plan creation, it also offers AI-powered photo enhancement services. However, all of this comes at a price.

The platform doesn’t have subscription flat plans but charges per a generated floor plan / tour instead. The more plans you generate the cheaper the price will be. The first plan will come at a discounted price of $17,5.


Getfloorplan Price Plans | AI for Real Estate Agents

Getfloorplan Price Plans | AI for Real Estate Agents


Customers’ thoughts on Getfloorplan AI tool for real estate agents

While we haven’t personally used the service, we’ve extensively researched customer reviews on various platforms like Trustpilot. The general consensus among users is overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Getfloorplan for its accuracy and user-friendly interface. Several customers even reported selling their homes faster thanks to the virtual tours generated by the platform. However, some users did mention occasional issues with waiting times, which may not always be accurate. Another common request from users is the ability to customize the generated floor plans by adding their preferred furniture. These concerns, however, quickly fade away when considering the fact that you would hardly generate a quality, furnished 2D floor plan, let alone an immersive 3D tour, on your own with a 1-day turnaround.




  • Pricing: paid
  • Type: real estate data analytics solution is an AI tool for real estate agents that analyses the data hidden within property photos to solve real estate’s most challenging problems. Harnessing cutting-edge advancements in deep learning technology, the platform’s AI algorithm effortlessly tags, describes and classifies property photos to boost SEO and improve conversion rates. offers eight solutions that can enhance your business. These solutions include:

  • Property Tagging
  • Image Enhancement
  • Floor Plan Generation
  • Room Detection
  • Watermark Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Image Similarity
  • Image Search


The power of the platform is that it really ‘sees’ the picture and understands what it depicts in a very detailed way as humans do. For example, its property tagging feature can extract distinctive information about the property by reading the photo of it and then put it into a well-worded description. This AI solution may come in handy for property managers and agents whose day-to-day activities revolve around listings. - Image Analytics AI for Real Estate Agents – Image Analytics AI for Real Estate Agents


Another distinctive feature of is photo-based condition analysis. The platform can score the condition, quality and potential of homes based on their property photos while relying on the Automated Valuation Model developed together with real estate experts from the automated valuation, insurance and appraisal verticals.

As for pricing, we couldn’t find any information on their website about it. However, you can contact them directly through their website to get more information.


Our thoughts on AI tool for real estate agents

The platform’s functionality and the advancement of their image analysis intelligence really exceeds expectations. The tool basically covers all imaging-related tasks of a real estate agent – from property listing generation to photo enhancement to property evaluation. No wonder the startup was named as one of the top 5 hottest AI real estate startups in Europe.

Data Analytics AI for Real Estate Agents

7. Tableau AI

Tableau, a top-notch analytics and data visualization platform from Salesforce, is a valuable tool for AI in real estate. Its standout feature is its user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for coding knowledge. With Tableau, users can effortlessly create and share reports across different platforms.

This analytics tool excels in supporting data visualization and analytics, making it easy to create insightful reports shareable through browsers or embedded in applications, whether operating on the cloud or on-premise.

Tableau operates on the VizQL query language, translating drag-and-drop actions into advanced backend queries with minimal need for user performance optimization.

Key advantages of Tableau AI for real estate agents:

  • Visualize Property Data – Easily create visually compelling dashboards and reports to analyze property data, trends, and market conditions.
  • Track Sales Performance – Monitor and evaluate sales performance metrics, helping agents understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Data Blending – Combine and analyze data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of the real estate landscape.
  • Interactive Presentations – Create interactive presentations for clients, offering a dynamic and engaging way to showcase property listings and market trends.
  • Market Analysis – Conduct in-depth market analysis by exploring demographic data, property values, and competitive landscapes.
  • Predictive Analytics – Utilize Tableau’s capabilities for predictive analytics to forecast market trends, enabling better-informed decision-making.


8. Julius AI: Your AI Data Analyst

Julius AI is an intelligent data analyst tool that excels in interpreting, analyzing, and visualizing complex data in an intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Features for Real Estate Agents:

  • Data Format Support: Julius AI supports various data file formats, including spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .csv), Google Sheets, and Postgres databases.
  • Natural Language Prompting: Users can analyze data with natural language prompting on the Chat page, making it accessible for those without a data science background.
  • Ease of Use: Known for its ease of use, Julius AI is particularly suitable for straightforward data analysis projects.

9. Polymer: Streamlined AI-Powered Database

Polymer is a robust AI tool designed to transform data into a streamlined, flexible, and powerful database, offering an efficient solution without the need for coding.

Features for Real Estate Agents:

  • AI-Driven Analysis: Polymer relies on AI to analyze data and enhance users’ understanding without a lengthy onboarding process.
  • Searchable Spreadsheets: Polymer uniquely makes spreadsheets searchable, intelligent, and interactive instantly upon upload to the platform.
  • Wide Applicability: Used by various professionals, including data analysts, digital marketers, and content creators in the real estate industry.


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Will AI Replace Real Estate Agents?

The potential impact of AI on job displacement has raised concerns, with Goldman Sachs predicting that the technology could render 300 million full-time jobs obsolete. This raises the question: Was Elon Musk correct in describing the pursuit of AI as a “dangerous” arms race?

Here’s our point of view on this: although AI, in some very creative ways, is changing the way property business is done, ai replacing real estate agents does not seem possible anytime soon. I believe too many augmentations will be needed until the tool can replace any job at all.

However, just considering how quickly Open AI, the company behind the renowned chatbot, is growing and establishing some of the most revolutionary collaborations, these augmentations might not take long to take place.

Just look at the recent news about Salesforce’s intentions to incorporate ChatGPT enterprise-grade AI technology into one of their flagship products – Einstein GPT – to allow users to ask natural-language prompts (i.e., conversational questions) directly within Salesforce CRM.

The same announcement followed from Microsoft, who has already confirmed a $10 billion investment into ChatGPT.

Just looking at these movements in the tech industry, I can say for sure that ChatGPT has set the trend for natural-language capabilities, which means that:

  • The AI goldrush has begun. Incorporating natural-language AI capabilities will soon become an industry standard for most enterprise software, and real estate technology is no exception. While the true value of AI in real estate is still unfolding during its introduction and testing phase, it’s evident that the market will undergo significant transformations in the next five years. Those who fail to adapt to these changes may face adverse consequences in the competitive landscape.
  • Some professions and their responsibilities will need to be recalibrated to reflect the new industry normal, e.g., real estate content managers (professionals who look after listing websites, a company’s social media accounts, etc.) might act rather as content managers and will possibly need to master the new ways of generating content through AI. This will surely take their pay down as less human effort will be needed.


Overall, it’s clear that the trend toward natural-language AI capabilities is here to stay and will have a significant impact on the real estate tech industry and beyond. As businesses and professionals adapt to this new normal, we can expect to see new opportunities emerge, as well as new challenges to overcome.

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What Are Some AI Tools Available for Real Estate Agents?

Some AI tools available for real estate agents include Epique, Write.Homes, and ValPal. These tools offer features such as AI content generation, property description generation, lead generation, and chatbot integration.

How Can AI Benefit Real Estate Agents in Their Everyday Workflows?

AI can benefit real estate agents by automating tasks such as copywriting, generating property descriptions, optimizing content, and providing virtual interior re-design. It can save agents time, improve productivity, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Can AI Replace Real Estate Agents in the Future?

While AI is transforming the real estate industry, completely replacing real estate agents does not seem possible anytime soon. Although AI tools can automate certain tasks, the expertise and personalized service provided by agents are still valuable and necessary. Augmentations and advancements in AI technology will likely continue to complement and support real estate agents rather than replace them.


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