Where to Get Commercial Real Estate Training

July 17, 2024
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In such a dynamic industry as commercial real estate, it’s important to be proactive to stay at the top of your game.

To do that, you need to improve your professional skills by learning about the commercial real estate industry repeatedly and staying on top of modern trends. Luckily, there are numerous commercial real estate podcasts, courses, and certifications that help you to study commercial real estate and improve your skills in selling, leasing, or investing in commercial real estate

After completing several of such programs, you’ll add a dozen of core skills to your arsenal required for working professionally with sellers, buyers, leasing clients, and commercial brokers.

So, are you interested in taking your CRE career to the next level and generating more commercial real estate leads?

Check out the list of commercial real estate courses, training programs, and coachers currently helping brokers and other CRE professionals grow their business at faster rates.

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Best Online Commercial Real Estate Courses


Learning commercial real estate online is beneficial for many industry specialists because you can learn at your own pace and according to your own schedule.

Therefore, in this passage, we’ve rounded up the commercial real estate online courses, resources and programs that cater to your needs and work around your busy schedule.


The Lipsey Company



When: anytime you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: online

Cost: you need to contact the company to find out the cost

Duration: varies according to the training


The Lipsey Company has been a training and consulting firm specializing in the CRE industry since 1980. The company’s founder, Michael J. Lipsey, is an internationally recognized leader and author of 191 commercial real estate courses.

The Lipsey Company targets three broad areas of Commercial Real Estate:

  • Service providers (Commercial Brokers, Mortgage Bankers, Property Managers)
  • Owners of Commercial Real Estate, such as REITS and Institutions
  • Specialists from Corporate Real Estate

The Lipsey Company provides various training modules and commercial real estate coaching programs, such as:

  • Team Brokerage
  • Presentations that Win
  • Performance Leasing
  • Quantum Sales and Leasing
  • Systems for Success and Systems for Success 5.0, 4.0, and 3.0
  • Tenants or Guests
  • Leadership in Sales & Leasing
  • The Psychology of Real Estate Negotiating

Each commercial real estate training course is tailored to a broker’s individual needs.




When: anytime you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: online

Cost: from $315 to $350 (depending on membership)

Duration: varies according to the training.

SIOR provides commercial real estate education, including e-learning courses, conference education, webinars, and resources focused on the industrial and office areas.

SIOR’s and non-SIOR’s members alike are offered a year-round education. Whether you’re a newcomer in the CRE industry or a mature player, learning commercial real estate with SIOR increases your knowledge and enhances your business skills.



When: anytime you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: online

Cost: from $100 to $250 (Bundle with 12 courses + digital manual costs $1200)

Duration: each course lasts from 3 to 9 hours and is held in Utah.


NAREA (National Association of Real Estate Advisors)  provides in-depth learning of commercial real estate with the Certified Commercial Advisors. There are bundles (3CCA courses) and individual lessons covering different topics – from CRE brokerage introduction to the complete guide on becoming a Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA).

Moreover, each commercial real estate training from NAREA provides you with access to exclusive online forms and investment analysis tools. Apart from that, each student is offered to become part of the CCA network of commercial real estate advisors.


NAIOP Certificate Programs



When: anytime you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: online

Cost: depends on the course type and membership (ranges from $871 to $1,596)

Duration: you have 64 hours to complete the coursework and 24 months from the start of the first course to finish it.


NAIOP is an association that provides commercial real estate training for brokers. All the programs are open to member and non-member applicants.

NAIOP offers a Certificate of Advanced Study in Commercial Real Estate Development and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate Finance.

Developers, investors, lenders, CRE brokers, architects, attorneys, engineers, construction managers, and CRE industry consultants may find commercial real estate courses online by NAIOP valuable and helpful.


Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate by UCLA Extensions



When: The course is typically offered in fall, winter, spring

Form of attendance: a hybrid (remote) form of attendance

Cost: Starting at $765.00

Duration: 11 weeks.


UCLA Extensions offers commercial real estate training for individuals interested in entering this industry. It covers the fundamentals of commercial real estate, including property types, financials, valuation, common lender terminology that applies to commercial real estate, the types of loans available, and the concept of leverage.


Buffini & Company


Buffini & The Company commercial real estate training Ascendix


When: anytime you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: online

Cost: for NAR members, it varies according to the course from $395 +S&H/Tax to $495 +S&H/Tax (the price is lower for Buffini & Company members)

Duration: 2-3 months.


The company offers commercial real estate coaching and training services. Its course “100 Day to Greatness” is considered to be one of the best commercial real estate courses. Besides, the company has a program developed by its founder Brian Buffini, called “The Pathway to Mastery.”

“The Pathway to Mastery” is a comprehensive, in-depth commercial real estate training program created for industry professionals. It has two levels – The Essentials and The Advanced.

The Essentials covers the fundamentals of referral, lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, negotiation, and building a world-class business plan.

The Advanced course helps CRE pros improve their objection-handling skills, pricing presentations, and the entire buying and selling process from start to finish.

Additionally, Biffini & Company offers Peak Producers and Ultimate Recruiting Solutions courses. The company offers one-on-one and small-group coaching if you want to learn individually or more deeply.



Leading CRE Coaches


In this passage, we’re going to introduce you to the leaders in commercial real estate coaching programs. Each of them brings a unique background and skillset to their coaching. CRE brokers, agents, appraisers, lenders, and others can learn from these outstanding coaches and consultants.


Jim Gillespie


Jim Gillespie commercial real estate training coach Ascendix


Jim Gillespie is a commercial real estate business coach. He’s the author of “Commercial Real Estate Power Brokers,” a book featuring interviews with the industry’s best representatives.

Jim offers one-on-one commercial real estate coaching and consulting to agents, brokers, managers, investors, and developers. He’s a regular host at live teleconferences, where he interviews top brokers that provide insights into how to grow and succeed in the CRE business.

Jim works with such industry giants as CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, Marcus & Millichap, Newmark Knight Frank, Colliers, NAI, Sperry Van Ness.


John Highman


John Highman commercial real estate training coach Ascendix


John Highman offers professional commercial real estate training and coaching. He is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and broadcaster.

In his coaching programs, John Highman highlights topics about professional skills, team performance, and strategies in Commercial Real Estate.

Moreover, John Highman created different courses for all levels of CRE agents. His courses are divided into 4 sections:

  • Brokerage (from $90 to $190/course)
  • Leasing (from $89 to $175/course)
  • Sales (from $89 to $175/course)
  • Property Management ($175/ course)


Bob McComb


Bob McComb commercial real estate training coach Ascendix


Bob McComb is a professional coach and a founder of Top Dogs — a platform for commercial real estate training. Bob leads most of the light-hearted, fun, but still highly effective CRE coaching programs.

His courses teach CRE agents how to develop the proper managerial and networking skills needed to succeed in the industry. Top Dogs’ training programs work with both first-time and long-time brokers looking to gain a competitive edge.

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Commercial Real Estate Training Programs to Attend


Services offered through the next commercial real estate training programs include personal development, new broker training, how to leverage new CRE tech for success, and more along those lines. Let’s discuss some of the top programs to attend both online and offline.


Charter Real Estate School


Charter real estate school


When: whenever you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: offline/online

Cost: real estate licensing cost ranges according to packages (basic-$495, pro-ready $625, kick start + $1095)

Duration: 75 Hour pre-licensing course. To know the duration of CRE courses, contact managers through the website.


Charter Real Estate School offers both in-class and online commercial real estate training programs in New York. Additionally, this school offers real estate licensing.

By entering the programs, you develop the skills necessary to compete in the current CRE market. After completing training programs, you become a knowledgeable and resourceful commercial real estate agent or broker.


Commercial Real Estate Success Training (CREST)


commercial real estate success training CREST


When: in summer

Form of attendance: offline/online

Cost: as CREST is a paid internship, students get a salary of $15-$24 an hour

Duration: the internship lasts over 10 weeks. A full-time work varies by company, anywhere from 35-40 hours a week.


The Commercial Real Estate Success Training (CREST) is a paid internship program that can be turned into a full-time job. It lasts 10 weeks and takes place from June until August.

Commercial Real Estate Success Training (CREST) was created to introduce people of color and women to the commercial real estate industry.

Through CREST, firms in the commercial real estate industry in Boston had the opportunity to expand their base of potential long-term employees from a diverse pool of highly qualified college students studying in the Boston area.

Due to a comprehensive recruitment process, CREST creates connections between academic institutions, employers, and qualified college juniors, seniors, and graduate students. The goal is to diversify the commercial real estate industry.


Gold Coasts School


Gold coastal school


When: anytime you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: classroom-based

Cost: $629 for all 4 courses as a complete package

Duration: 7 days to complete 4 separate seminars.


These classroom-based seminars are for anyone interested in commercial real estate from either the business or investment aspect. Gold Coast School offers 4 separate workshops for Commercial Real Estate Training.

The seminars are led by Joseph Petrole, a licensed real estate instructor, a state board-certified general real estate appraiser, an MAI Member of the Appraisal Institute, and a CCIM member of the CCIM Institute.




The CCIM Institute


The CCIM institute


When: anytime you’re ready to start

Form of attendance: Classroom / Online instructor+LED / Online self-paced

Cost: For courses, the price varies from $475 to $1735 (for non-members); for individual courses, the price ranges from $150 to $255 (for non-members)

Duration: varies according to the course.

The CCIM Institute offers various commercial training programs for those pursuing the CCIM designation. Additionally, CCIM Institute’s Ward Center for Real Estate Studies offers online education and live workshops on current financial analysis strategies, communication skills, advanced negotiation techniques, high-tech marketing strategies, and sponsoring group investments.

Wrapping Up


Learning commercial real estate is a never-ending but exciting process. As the industry is dynamic, being on the wave is a must-have for all CRE brokers.

Even if you feel a lack of time for attending courses or taking some commercial real estate training courses online, listen to investment and other market-focused podcasts, watch shows, read the publications and useful materials offered by many of the companies mentioned above.

Also, check our new articles on the CRM blog and read our case studies. With the right combination of resources, you’ll succeed in commercial real estate education and work. Good luck!


What Are the Top Commercial Real Estate Courses Online?

To the list of top commercial real estate online courses we’d like to include the following:

  • The Lipsey Company
  • SIOR
  • NAIOP Certificate Programs
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate by UCLA Extensions
  • Buffini & Company.

What Commercial Real Estate Schools and Training Programs Should I Attend?

There are myriads of training programs and schools available for brokers of all levels. In the list below we’ve collected top-rated and the most popular:

  • Charter Real Estate School
  • Commercial Real Estate Success Training (CREST)
  • Gold Coasts School
  • The CCIM Institute.


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