Ascendix Update: xRE SmartClient Update

May 31, 2023
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Yesterday we announced the latest Ascendix releases surrounding xRE Mobile, our private iOS applications, as well as updates for xRE Enterprise for Salesforce.

Today we are releasing the updates surrounding the SmartClient, an alternative UI for the commercial real estate broker who is predominately a consumer of information contained within the CRM database.

This interface is driven by expansive search facilities, charts and graphs, and a streamlined feature set which minimizes the congestion of the interface.

As the only provider in the CRM for CRE space with an overlay for brokers, this option provides a one-of-a-kind experience which makes these upgrades even more interesting.

Interactive Visualization:

As you refine your search parameters, the interactive charts and graphs updates are made reflective of the new data sets. This configurable visualizations palette can be customized to present data specific to any client requirement.

Advanced Searching leveraging geospatial data:

Use traditional data filters combined with maps to fine-tune searches for property, lease, availability, company, and contact information contained within AscendixRE.

Stacking Plans:

Stacking plans have been made available to the AscendixRE Smart Client.

Clients and prospects that have access to the xRE SmartClient tool are teams that are using AscendixRE for Dynamics CRM or xRE Enterprise for Salesforce.

If you are the CRM lead within your business, CIO/CTO, Business Applications Manager or other IT Lead contact Ascendix to see if your team is a candidate for this tool.

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