How to use Enhanced Notes in Salesforce Lightning

July 29, 2021
2 min

Recently, our Customer Adoption team was asked about the ability to use OneNote within Salesforce.
Tools like OneNote and Evernote provide users a free-form way to take notes, collaborate and access a central virtual notepad from almost any device. This has become a lifesaver and safety net, especially for those who work with teams virtually or in the field.

One use case is a user can take a picture, add notes and then your approved teammates can access and work within the same document. However, like any tool or app, there can be limitations when trying to make it work or integrate with another solution.

We suggest trying the Notes feature within Salesforce first before integrating another tool.

Although it’s not exactly the same as third-party apps, the main benefits are there.

Plus, it’s available with Salesforce1 and you can associate the notes to appropriate records in CRM for future reference.

Features include:

  • Standard note-taking options with text that are familiar include the ability to bold, underline, make bullet points, and more.
  • Add images you take in the field using the Salesforce1 app and then create notes. (In AscendixRE for Salesforce, our CRM for commercial real estate, this is in addition to adding images to a property record.)
  • When your note is completed, users can relate the notes to records in their Salesforce CRM instance.



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See what we’re talking about in this short Jing video.



In the video, Merit Tower is the focus. So when you go to the “Related” tab on the Merit Tower Property Record, you will see the note and be able to access the related notes and images you created.

As mentioned above, there are different note-taking apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, but check out what comes with Salesforce first and see if it can fulfill your virtual notepad needs.

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