Best 9 Pardot Consulting Companies in the USA

January 25, 2024
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Pardot (a.k.a. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) is the most prominent marketing automation tool of all the Salesforce Marketing Cloud products. Since 2013, it has become popular with customers who would like to enhance their Salesforce instance with email marketing automation.

Now, according to statistics, Pardot streamlines digital marketing efforts for over 92,000 websites worldwide, among which are,, and Thanks to its robustness and scalability, Pardot can serve both small and enterprise-level companies, however, it does require proper configuration to use its power at full scale.

There are over 400 companies listed on offering Pardot consulting services in and outside the USA, not to mention other CRM consultants.

But how not get lost in all these options and select the best Salesforce Pardot consulting company in the USA? Read our blog post to find out.

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Best Pardot Consulting Companies in the USA Overview


Find out more about the companies below in the article:

  1. Ascendix Technologies
  2. Rotive
  3. West Coast Consulting Group
  4. Cloud Analogy
  5. Zinovo
  6. Slalom
  7. MK Partners
  8. Invado Solutions
  9. Ergonized


Best Pardot Consulting Companies in the USA | Ascendix

Best Pardot Consulting Companies in the USA

What Services Do Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants Provide?


Both Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting companies provide an impressive scope of digital marketing services. Since Pardot is a part of the Marketing Cloud family, some of these services may overlap. For example, business analysis and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system assessment, analysis of current CRM connector settings and errors, lead score modeling, segmentation, etc. Other common services include:

  • Marketing Cloud implementation and configuration,
  • Pardot deployment, integration, and configuration,
  • Marketing Cloud and Pardot administration,
  • Onsite and online training and support,
  • Reports, dashboards, and analytics configuration,
  • A/B testing set up.

Here is a more detailed comparison chart of services provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot consultants:


Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud Consultants' Services

Pardot Consultant
Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Drip Campaigns Management

  • Dynamic & Static List Building

  • Automation Rules Set Up

  • Lead Scoring & Grading

  • Responsive Email & Landing Page Templates Creation

  • Email Preference Centers Activation

  • Forms & Form Handlers Set Up

  • Launch of Re-Engagement Automation Programs

  • Advanced Dynamic Content & Variable Tags

  • Prospect Data Management & Cleanup

  • Email Deliverability Configuration and Tracking

  • Pardot Salesforce Integrations

  • Enhancement with Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Journey Builder

  • Design of Customer Personalized Journeys and Communications

  • Creation of Mobile Campaign Development, Including SMS Messaging

  • Social Media Campaign and Digital Advertising Enablement

  • Campaign Analytics and Reporting

  • Development of Custom Dashboards

  • Data Imports and Exports to Marketing Cloud Using Various Methods

Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud Consultants' Services Difference

How to Hire the Best Pardot Specialist?


1. Collect and Document Your Technical and Functional Requirements


Devote enough time to formulate your needs and the challenges you are facing.

Ideally, you should select a Marketing Cloud or Pardot consultant that has already solved the same challenges multiple times.

So, you should have a list of top challenges you are going to overcome with the help of Pardot. Seek a specialist that has relevant experience and can produce different solutions based on your needs.


2. Formulate Requirements for a Pardot Consultant


To have a better understanding of what Pardot consultant you need to hire, make a list of must-have requirements.

For example, ask yourself if you need custom integration or non-trivial configuration. Or if you need only someone local to work on your project. Or if it is ok to have any Pardot consultancy from another city/state/country.


3. Decide on the Pardot Consultant Hiring Option


There are two main employment models available: hiring a Pardot consulting partner (consultancy) or hiring an independent freelance advisor. And each option has its pros and cons.

For example, Pardot consultancy charges more for its services compared to freelance experts. But at the same time, it has higher security standards and a larger pool of specialists you can extend your project team with.

Also, a freelance Pardot consultant is an optimal option if you need occasional or basic Pardot support whereas Pardot partners are better at solving complex solution challenges.


4. Create a List of Pardot Consultancies to Contact


Whenever you need to select a vendor, you can check not only their websites but their social media presence.

For example, you can start with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. It has nearly 830+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Or you can start directly with AppExchange marketplace. There you can filter consultancies by:

  • Vendor’s popularity,
  • Customer satisfaction rate,
  • Number of experts,
  • Salesforce Clouds consultants specialize in,
  • Industry,
  • Provider’s location.

If you would like to hire a freelance consultant, you can search for experts on websites like:

  • Upwork,
  • Toptal,
  • PeoplePerHour,
  • Fiver, etc.


5. Check Pardot Consultancy Reviews


Browse through the platforms like:

There you can see the true colors of the consultancies’ strengths and weaknesses, expertise, and the industries they specialize in.

Ascendix, for example, constantly appears on top of the and the Manifest rankings as a Top Global CRM Consulting Firm.


6. Consider Vendor’s Years in Consulting Business


Consulting firms that have been around to witness the marketing automation tools have developed best practices. True expertise only comes from years of in-depth specialization in a certain discipline.

There are certain features and flows inexperienced users want to have in their marketing automation app, which are not available in Pardot out-of-the-box. Thanks to long-term experience in the marketing technology business, such consultants can quickly find a solution and recreate the necessary function in Pardot.


7. Verify Expertise with Multiple Marketing Automation Tools


Pay attention to the consultant’s expertise in various digital marketing tools.

Exposure to multiple tools and platforms can provide a more well-rounded perspective. And it also helps eliminate blind spots in past patterns of thought that often keep experts from thinking of new and better ways to solve problems.

Besides Pardot, our consultants have dealt with top email marketing solutions such as:

  • Act-On,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Active Campaign.

And it helped us see the strong advantages of Pardot and its integration with Salesforce and apply accumulated best practices to lead and campaign management in our clients’ systems.


8. Check Consultant’s Industry Focus


Every business is unique, and it is better to look for consulting companies that have specialized or, at least, worked in your industry.

It is much better to engage with a Pardot consulting firm or a consultant that understands your business specifics instead of “teaching” the agency about your business basics.


9. Consider Provider’s Use of Offshore Resources


It is a widespread practice for consulting firms in the United States to invest in building out offices in other countries. This strategy allows them to get access to a larger pool of talents and provide more cost-effective solutions for their customers.

Being originally a Dallas-based consultancy, Ascendix expanded its international presence to Europe to enable effective cost compression without losing US quality standards.


10. Salesforce App Development Experience


Engaging with a firm with experience in delivering both product development and consulting services can lead to a more solid solution for your project.

Companies with their own AppExchange apps and experience building commercially available products have a better understanding of user needs.

They already have solutions to typical business challenges and talk your language. However, this is rare among agencies that focus solely on consulting services.

Pardot Implementation Checklist

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Top 9 Salesforce Pardot Consulting Companies in the USA


Here is our Pardot agencies’ ranking according to the AppExchange listing:


1. Ascendix Technologies


Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Year of Founding: 1996

AppExchange Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English, Portuguese, Russian

International Locations: Portugal, Poland


Ascendix Technologies is a Salesforce consulting and custom software development firm from Dallas with 26 years of experience. What made Ascendix appear on top of Pardot consulting firms’ shortlist is its 360-degree Pardot support services, among which are:

  • Marketing Cloud and Pardot consulting services
  • System and CRM connector audit
  • Pardot implementation and configuration
  • Salesforce integration
  • Transfer from other marketing automation tools
  • Data synchronization between CRM and Pardot
  • Pardot support, administration, and user training
  • Custom CRM and app development on top of Salesforce

More details are in the Salesforce services overview.

Domains our Salesforce consulting firm operates in:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Capital Markets
  • Commercial and Residential Mortgage Banking
  • Investment Sales
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Professional Services that serve B2B

Also, Ascendix has built its own Salesforce-based apps sold on AppExchange:

What customers like about Pardot services provided by Ascendix:

  • The knowledgeable, organized, and responsive team,
  • Ascendix professionals are profoundly detailed and there is a constant stream of communication to reference via shared documents and chat features,
  • Consultants provide valuable insight and guidance to ensure we are maximizing the use of both Salesforce and Pardot,
  • Many professionals in Ascendix’s Salesforce department are ready to help in the initial stage with application design and architecture.

Want to Improve the Marketing Team’s Performance with Salesforce?

We’ve helped multiple small businesses and large companies optimize Salesforce and adapt it to their teams’ needs.

2. Rotive


Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ

Year of Founding: 2019

AppExchange Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English

International Locations: no


Rotive helps to maximize the return on Pardot investment with the right implementation, training, and best practices.

This Pardot agency also offers:

  • Marketing strategizing and Pardot QuickStart implementations range from $3,500 to $5, 500 per project.
  • Pardot integration with Salesforce
  • Users’ synchronization between Salesforce and Pardot
  • Pardot data and actions enablement on Salesforce
  • Connected campaigns functionality enablement
  • Domain and website setup
  • Prospect sync initiation
  • Pardot support and ongoing training
  • 1-week Pardot course

Rotive offers also bundled implementation options for Sales Cloud and Pardot for $9,000.

Besides this company listed Template Tasks solution on AppExchange for automation of tasks creation based on products in an opportunity.

This consultancy provides services to the following business verticals:

  • Financial Services
  • Construction, & Real Estate
  • Education
  • Professional Services & High-Tech
  • Transportation, and Hospitality

What customers like about Pardot consulting services by Rotive:

  • Proper restructuring of processes to make marketing efforts and tracking of ROI (Return on Investment) more efficient via Pardot and Salesforce campaigns,
  • Provided training videos of workshops,
  • Ability to understand clients’ business needs and execute what they need to be done.


3. West Coast Consulting Group


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Year of Founding: 2003

AppExchange Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

International Locations: India


Like other agencies listed in this ranking, West Coast Consulting Group enables digital marketing transformation with Pardot via an agile deployment approach.

They offer the following services:

  • Implementing business processes with Pardot’s best practices,
  • Pardot integration with the CRM,
  • Pardot configuration,
  • Setup of landing pages, email templates, lead scoring, drip campaigns, and marketing automation rules.

They also have two apps enlisted on AppExchange:

  • CloudCollect – a collections management tool,
  • Cloud Health Sales Tracker – a solution for tracking sales for healthcare companies.

Business domains West Coast Consulting Group is ready to help:

  • High Tech
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Public Sector
  • Nonprofit
  • Financial Services

What customers like about Pardot services by West Coast Consulting Group:

  • The team has truly clear and consistent communication on project progress and issues as they arose,
  • West Coast Consulting Group understands the way Salesforce works and can customize instead of creating unnecessary code,
  • They help create a set of unique and powerful dashboards that provide sales, marketing, and executive teams with the metrics to run a successful data-driven organization.


4. Cloud Analogy


Headquarters: Dover, DE

Year of Founding: 2015

AppExchange Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English

International Locations: Canada, India


Cloud Analogy makes it easier for businesses to easily and efficiently automate their operations to enhance return on investment, sales, and profits.

They provide:

  • Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting services
  • Pardot deployment
  • Pardot and Marketing Cloud support

This Pardot consultancy also sells on AppExchange:

  • Pin Tags by Cloud Analogy app enables tagging important Salesforce records.
  • Drag ‘n Drop by Cloud Analogy app allows getting your files uploaded with a few clicks.
  • Multi Utility by Cloud Analogy app is designed to keep all utility tools like Things to do or Time zone clocks at your fingertips.
  • Opportunities Recur and Split app helps to break your opportunity into multiple recurring & Split opportunities.

Their service industries in focus:

  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Banking Services and Insurance
  • Travel, Transportation & Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Education

What customers like about Pardot services by Cloud Analogy:

  • The team quickly understands requirements and provides suggestions on improvement opportunities,
  • Good communications and timely responses,
  • Expertise in delivering complex solutions that are easy to use.


5. Zinovo


Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

Year of Founding: 2017

AppExchange Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English

International Locations: India


Zinovo helps companies set up and manage Pardot through a consultative approach.

They provide:

  • Salesforce Pardot and Marketing Cloud consulting
  • Pardot set up and managed services
  • Pardot support and administration

Business domains Zinovo mostly works with:

  • Manufacturing
  • Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Nonprofit
  • Agriculture & Mining

What customers like about Pardot services by Zinovo:

  • The professional and helpful collaboration,
  • The delivery of solutions on time and within budget, exceeding expectations,
  • Good project planning,
  • Ability to help with change management challenges.


6. Slalom


Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Year of Founding: 2001

AppExchange Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English

International Locations: UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Japan, Australia


This US-based Pardot consultancy specializes in building an implementation roadmap for Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

The scope of their services includes:

  • Marketing Cloud and Pardot rollout strategizing and deployment
  • Datorama implementation
  • System integration
  • Data & Analytics
  • UX & process design

They help businesses in the following business domains:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Ecommerce
  • Public Sector
  • Communications
  • Media & Entertainment

What Slalom Consulting clients liked about their Pardot consulting services:

  • Assistance with identification, unraveling, and optimizing marketing automation processes,
  • Recommendations that meet the business and company needs,
  • Good guidance, excellent product configuration, and knowledge transfer to the team.

What clients dislike about their services:

  • Documentation is not detailed enough,
  • Scalability of solutions,
  • Lack of focus on adoption early on.


7. MK Partners


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Year of Founding: 2006

AppExchange Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English, French, Spanish

International Locations: France, India, United Kingdom


This Pardot consulting firm in the USA helps organizations realize the full potential of the tool to ensure customer satisfaction.

They provide diverse services such as:

  • Business process walkthrough and rollout end-vision
  • Solution implementation
  • System replacement
  • Pardot integration and customization
  • Pardot managed services and support
  • Custom app developments

MK Partners also sell their own apps and components on AppExchange:

  • MKMambo Merge – an app for secure and easy mail merge document generation.
  • Photo Upload – an app for adding photos to contacts, leads, and accounts.
  • CalendarGraph for visualizing a beautiful and concise graph of Activities in Salesforce.
  • Holidays & Observances component for displaying Holidays and Observances in Salesforce.
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries component for tracking, displaying and celebrating org’s most important dates.

Industries they specialize in:

  • Professional Services
  • High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Construction, & Real Estate
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Financial Services

What customers like about Pardot consulting services by MK Partners:

  • Consultants are very professional and attentive to business needs,
  • They have a shared vision for how clients want to use Salesforce,
  • Experts help clients solve their problems fast and make their job much easier.


8. Invado Solutions


Headquarters: Austin, WA

Year of Founding: 2015

AppExchange Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English

International Locations: Costa Rica, India


This consultancy also helps implement Pardot marketing automation strategies to maximize your marketing technology investment.

Their service offerings include:

  • Development and execution of Salesforce Marketing strategy
  • Pardot health check
  • Pardot and Salesforce integration
  • Pardot managed services
  • Pardot training
  • Set up connected campaigns
  • B2B marketing analytics

Invado Solutions work with these business domains:

  • Higher Education
  • Nonprofit
  • High Tech
  • Auto & Manufacturing
  • Financial Services

What customers like about consulting services provided by Invado Solutions:

  • They have very advanced knowledge of all things Pardot and their expertise,
  • Invado’s team was knowledgeable, efficient, and very communicative,
  • They are fair in price, stay within budget and assist in completing the projects well before our deadline,
  • Presentation of the assessment and recommendations for next steps.

What customers dislike about their services:

  • Lack of follow-up email or call a few weeks or a month after the project was completed to ensure that the results met clients’ expectations.


9. Ergonized


Headquarters: New York, NY

Year of Founding: 2007

AppExchange Rating: 4.7/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer Support Languages: English

International Locations: Ukraine


As a Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant, Ergonized is aimed to provide digital marketing solutions to solve complex problems for business.

Their scope of consulting services includes:

  • Business analysis & requirements definition
  • Pardot consulting services
  • Complex solution design
  • Pardot deployment
  • Pardot configuration
  • Integration services with CRM
  • Pardot enhancement with Salesforce Engage, Engagement History Dashboards, and B2B Marketing Analytics Plus
  • Pardot support and training
  • Pardot managed services

Ergonized also has a Pardot Implementation QuickStart package for $3,900.

Their industries in focus are:

  • Financial Services
  • High Tech
  • Education
  • Professional Services

What customers like about Pardot services by Ergonized:

  • Broad experience and knowledge,
  • Communication without hesitation tackled problem-solving enthusiastically,
  • Affordable addressing of a unique requirement for the solution.


Wrap Up


Each business can take advantage of Pardot in its unique way thanks to its industry-agnostic nature.

If you are about to welcome Pardot or Marketing Cloud into your organization and you are a huge fan of simplicity, you can engage with one of our Pardot specialists.

Our broad range of Pardot services, industry expertise, years in business, and the number of happy clients speak for themselves. Contact us and share your project ideas or difficulties and we will be glad to share our suggestions with you.

Salesforce Pardot Consulting FAQ

How much would a consultant charge for a Pardot audit and support?

A Pardot consultant in the USA charges for Pardot set up, audit, and support $75-$110/ hr. on average, in Europe – $60 – $90/hr., and in Asia $30 – $70.

How many companies are using Pardot?

Pardot powers up almost 93,000 businesses worldwide. Most of which belong to Computer Electronics and Technology, Business & Customer Service, and Science & Education business sectors in the USA.

How many Pardot consulting firms are there?

There are 450+ certified Pardot consulting firms listed on the platform. They have from 1 to 2,300 completed projects and from 1 to 1,000+ experts on board.


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