Top 17 Salesforce Consulting Companies in the USA: Where to Find Superior Services?

January 9, 2024
14 min

Salesforce, the go-to choice for over 150,000 global companies, can be challenging to fully utilize. As per studies, 43% of its users employ less than half of its powerful features, preferring ease of use over extensive functionality.

Leveraging the power of Salesforce to its fullest helps steer clear of the common pitfalls that lead to a 63% failure rate in CRM projects, as reported by Statista. Expert guidance is crucial to maximize the benefits of Salesforce, such as amplified conversion rates and enhanced customer data accessibility.

In our meticulously curated list of top Salesforce consulting companies in the USA, we spotlight the industry’s brightest stars. We delve into the unique product and service offerings of these consultancies, along with the business sectors they cater to, providing you with the ultimate roadmap to securing the best Salesforce consulting services in the USA.

Explore their services, specialties, and language support as well as customer feedback that provides a snapshot of their popularity and effectiveness.

Begin your journey to Salesforce success with our definitive guide and discover the perfect Salesforce consulting partner to elevate your CRM implementation experience.

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Top 17 Salesforce Consulting Companies in the USA

Let’s bridge the gap between Salesforce’s vast capabilities and your user-friendly requirements and discover the perfect partner to propel your Salesforce journey.

1. Ascendix Technologies


ascendix home page NEW

Ascendix Technologies Home Page


Headquarters: Dallas, TX; Porto, Portugal; Krakow, Poland

Year of Founding: 1996

Apps on AppExchange: 2

Customer Support Languages: English, Portuguese


Ascendix Technologies is a certified Salesforce CREST (formerly Gold) consulting and AppExchange partner with over two decades of expertise. Ascendix specializes in bespoke CRM consulting and custom software development services tailored to client’s unique needs.

What made Ascendix appear on the top of Salesforce consulting firms’ shortlist is its 360-degree services from platform assessment to AppExchange app development and custom CRM and app development powered by Salesforce platform, among which are:

Ascendix specializes in the following Salesforce Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (aka Pardot), Experience (aka Communities) Cloud, Pardot, and Einstein Analytics.

Domains our Salesforce consulting firm in the USA operates in:

Also, Ascendix has built its own real-estate specific software:

Ascendix wears many hats and is not only a trusted Salesforce implementation partner but also a recognized Microsoft partner. Its expertise extends to providing top-tier Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consulting services.


What Ascendix Technologies’ Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Depth of the team and years of CRM consulting experience
  • Excellent post-launch support
  • Communication, results, and timely responses to issues
  • Onboarding and ongoing customer service

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2. StarrData



StarrData Home Page


Headquarters: Walnut Creek, CA

Year of Founding: 2009

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange:  1


StarrData is a Salesforce partner since 2009 serving SMB companies around the globe. This California-based Salesforce consulting company provides:

  • Outsource system administration
  • Managed services
  • Salesforce implementation assistance with Sales, Communities (Experience), CPQ & Billing, and Revenue Clouds
  • Salesforce optimization

Among the business verticals StarrData operates in are Healthcare & Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Technology.

StarrData also offers a free app for racking and re-ranking up to 450 accounts in Salesforce – Account Ranker.

What StarrData’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Ability to accommodate the range of expertise during the development process
  • Helpfulness and efficiency throughout the Salesforce designing and implementation process
  • Ability to make the process of Salesforce implementation very enjoyable


3. SaaS Solutions


SaaSSolutionsLLC Home Page

SaaS Solutions LLC Home Page | Ascendix


Headquarters:  Media, PA

Year of Founding: 2010

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


SaaS Solutions LLC is another CRM consulting and Salesforce development company on our top Salesforce consultant shortlist. This Salesforce partner focuses on:

  • Salesforce consulting services
  • Salesforce implementation & optimization
  • Custom development
  • Data services
  • System integration
  • Ad-hoc Salesforce administration and user training.

SaaS Solutions helps with the implementation and configuration of Salesforce products like Sales, Service, Marketing, Security, Experience Clouds, Pardot, and Tableau (CRM Analytics) – a business intelligence tool.

This consulting agency delivers its CRM consulting services to the following industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • High Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial Services

This Pennsylvania – based company is also a Hubspot Platinum partner and provides services related to Hubspot solutions setup and integration.

What SaaS Solutions’ Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • The efficiency with detailed knowledge
  • Easiness to work with and out-the-box thinking
  • Constant feedback/updates throughout the support process

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4. Data Geeks Lab


DataGeeksLab Home Page

Data Geeks Lab Home Page | Ascendix


Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Year of Founding: 2017

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


Data Geeks Lab is a Salesforce consulting company in the USA that provides the following practical solutions for nonprofit organizations:

  • System assessment and Salesforce implementation
  • Customer data cleansing, transfer, and integration
  • Integration of Salesforce with other marketing automation tools
  • Ongoing Salesforce support and administration
  • Salesforce app development

This agency from San Francisco assists with the setup and transformation of Sales, Service, Nonprofit, Experience (Community) Clouds, and Pardot.

This Salesforce company primarily helps Non-Profit sectors like Science & Education, Advocacy & Humanities, and Arts.

What Data Geeks Lab’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • The team of this Salesforce consulting partner is personable, knowledgeable, and respectful of the client’s budget
  • Their responsiveness and ability to make clients’ CRM vision a reality
  • Data Geeks Lab takes time and care in learning about clients’ systems, understanding their complexities and intricacies of them, and creating solutions that seamlessly work.

5. Able Cloud Advisors



Able Cloud Advisors Home Page


Headquarters: Rochester, NY

Year of Founding: 2010

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 1


Able Cloud Advisors is a women-led Salesforce partner since 2010. They help with maximizing Salesforce investment via:

  • Salesforce implementation and re-implementation
  • Custom app development
  • License reviews, app investigation and installation
  • System integration

This Salesforce CRM consulting and custom software development company specializes in tweaking Sales, Service, Custom Cloud, and their primary industry focus is set on Professional Services, Financial Services, Advertising/Marketing, and Non-Profit.

Able Cloud Advisors also has an app on AppExchange, Able Video App, the on-demand video player for user training and communications.

What Able Cloud Advisors’ Customers Like about Provided Salesforce CRM Solutions:

  • Quick and smooth Salesforce implementation
  • Industry experience across numerous verticals


6. Integrated Media Group


Integrated Media Group Home Page

Integrated Media Group Home Page | Ascendix


Headquarters: Johnston, RI

Year of Founding: 2015

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


The Integrated Media Group is another Salesforce CRM solutions provider that specializes in:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud & Pardot rollout
  • Migration to Salesforce from platforms like Hubspot, Act, and Zoho CRM
  • Reports & dashboards customization
  • Integration with marketing automation tools
  • Training & support

This is one of the top Salesforce consulting companies in the USA that helps firms in the following fields:

  • Financial Services
  • Auto & Manufacturing
  • Media & Communications
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences


What Integrated Media Group’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • The way they translate clients’ thoughts and ideas into the platform
  • How they go above and beyond in supporting Pardot implementation and setup


7. The BlackIron Group



The BlackIron Group Home Page


Headquarters: Norwalk, CT

Year of Founding: 2002

Customer Support Languages: English, Spanish

Apps on AppExchange: 0


The BlackIron Group is one of the top Salesforce consultants specializing in :

  • System integration and refinement
  • Salesforce functional extension and web development using VisualForce, Lightning Components, and APEX triggers.

This Salesforce solutions provider operates mainly in complex technical environments of Trucking, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.


What The BlackIron Group’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • High level of professionalism and expertise
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in getting up and running on Salesforce
  • Understanding of business operations and priorities in features/applications.

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8. Agile Cloud Consulting



Agile Cloud Consulting Home Page


Headquarters: New York, NY

Year of Founding: 2010

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


Agile Cloud Consulting is Salesforce Crest Consulting Partner helping businesses with:

  • Salesforce org health check
  • Salesforce implementation strategizing
  • App development and maintenance for AppExchange
  • Data migration and warehousing
  • System integration
  • Salesforce managed services

Their Salesforce developers and consultants specialize in finetuning of the following products in the Salesforce ecosystem:

  • Sales & Service Cloud,
  • Manufacturing Cloud,
  • Health Cloud,
  • Community (Experience) Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud,
  • CPQ Cloud.

This consultancy from New York, NY specializes in customer relationship management in the Non-Profit, Education, Energy & Utilities, and Healthcare industries.


What Agile Cloud Consulting’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Exceeding expectations in answering every question
  • Amazing customer service
  • Quick and accurate adjustments


9. SaaScend


Saascend Home Page

SaaScend Home Page | Ascendix


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Year of Founding: 2015

Customer Support Languages: English, French, Spanish

Apps on AppExchange: 0


This CRM consulting company from California provides:

  • Salesforce audit and assessment
  • On-going Salesforce support
  • Data augmentation and cleaning
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Sales & marketing processes automation
  • App integration
  • Custom software development

Salesforce CRM solutions SaaScend specializes in are Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), and Service Cloud.

This Salesforce consulting company in California offers its services to RevOps, Recruitment, High Tech, Education, Manufacturing, and E-commerce companies that serve B2B.


What SaaScend’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Excellent coordination of the system development and integration into post-development activities
  • Quick and easy Salesforce products implementation
  • Provided support and confidence


10. Pedal Lucid


Pedal Lucid Home Page

Pedal Lucid Home Page


Headquarters: Missoula, MT

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


This Salesforce partner from Montana provides:

  • System assessment,
  • Salesforce implementation,
  • Migration from legacy systems to Salesforce,
  • Custom software development and architecture.

Pedal Lucid helps to implement and calibrate the following solutions:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Nonprofit Cloud
  • Customer 360 Platform
  • Experience (Community) Cloud
  • Tableau CRM

This Salesforce consulting company in Montana delivers its services to High Tech, Manufacturing, and Nonprofit.


What Pedal Lucid’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Help with navigating and understanding the similarities and differences of the two systems – terms, processes, abilities, etc.
  • Assistance with seeing how technology and data can be leveraged to achieve program outcomes.
  • Ability to set us up for a sophisticated approach to the client’s system challenge.


11. Cloudsquare




Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Year of Founding: 2017

Customer Support Languages: English, Russian, Spanish

Apps on AppExchange: 4


Cloudsquare’s CRM consulting services include:

  • Salesforce consulting and strategizing
  • System integration
  • Managed services
  • Custom app configuration & development.

They work with the following Salesforce products:

  • Sales & Service Cloud
  • Experience (Community) Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • CPQ & Billing/li>
  • Tableau

Industries this Salesforce consulting company in California focuses on are:

  • Non-Profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology & High Tech
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Lifescience

Cloudsquare also offers Salesforce-based products like:


What Cloudsquare’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Thoroughness in gathering business requirements
  • A collaborative effort to come up with a solution that makes sense for business
  • Excellent time estimates


12. SETGO Partners


SETGO Partners Home Page

SETGO Partners Home Page


Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

Year of Founding: 2020

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


SETGO Partners offers a wide spectrum of services like:

  • Salesforce health check
  • Salesforce implementation services
  • Data migration and integration
  • Salesforce support & training
  • Salesforce expansion & upgrade
  • Migration to Salesforce Lightning
  • Marketing automation

This Salesforce consulting company originated in Wisconsin and specializes in implementing and modifying Sales, Service, Experience Clouds, and Pardot.

Industries the agency focuses on are Auto & Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, & Real Estate, High Tech, and Professional Services.

What SETGO Partners’ Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Deep understanding of the business and the technical challenges
  • Great communication throughout the engagement


13. Melonleaf


Melonleaf Home Page

Melonleaf Home Page | Ascendix


Headquarters: Claymont, DE

Year of Founding: 2020

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


This CRM consulting partner helps improve business processes with the following Salesforce solutions:

  • Salesforce health check
  • Salesforce implementation, administration, and support
  • Data migration services
  • Salesforce platform and Lightning development
  • AppExchange app development

Melonleaf works with a string of Salesforce cloud-based solutions like:

  • Sales & Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot
  • Experience (Community) Cloud
  • Healthcare Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud

This Salesforce consultant serves primarily in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Education, Real Estate, and Media & Entertainment sectors.

Besides Salesforce consulting services, Melonleaf provides support for CRM platforms like HubSpot, Zendesk, and Pipedrive as well as web and mobile app development and cloud technology consulting.

What Melonleaf’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Help our organizations stay compliant with Salesforce best practices
  • Maintain frequent, transparent, and ongoing communication.


14. Magna Technology Group (Formerly Magna Marketing)


Magna Technology Group Home Page

Magna Technology Group Home Page | Ascendix


Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Year of Founding: 2017

Customer Support Languages: English

Apps on AppExchange: 0


This CRM solutions provider offers a range of Salesforce services:

  • Salesforce implementation
  • Migration to Salesforce solutions
  • System integration
  • Managed services

Primarily, Magna Technology Group works with the following products:

  • Sales & Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot
  • Consumer Goods Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Tableau

This agency helps improve customer relationship management and maximize Salesforce investments for the verticals like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities, Engineering, Construction, & Real Estate, Consumer Goods, and Professional Services.

What Magna Technology’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Services:

  • Effective scoping of the project, support through implementation and provided training services
  • Good knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem and ability to educate less-technical users on best practices and ways to get the most out of the platform.


15. Seven Results



Seven Results Home Page


Headquarters: New York, NY

Year of Founding: 2013

Customer Support Languages: English, French, Spanish

Apps on AppExchange: 0


Seven Results is a Base (formerly Registered) Salesforce partner since 2013 and another featured Salesforce consulting firm in the USA that offers:

  • Salesforce implementation
  • Ongoing platform configuration
  • Salesforce managed services, platform support, and user training
  • Custom software development on top of Salesforce.

What Seven Results’ Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Solutions:

  • Ability to meet needs throughout the engagement
  • Bringing proactive solutions to Salesforce-related challenges
  • Dedication to the understanding of clients’ business needs


16. HigherEchelon


HigherEchelon Home Page

HigherEchelon Home Page | Ascendix


Headquarters: Arlington, VA

Year of Founding: 2009

Customer Support Languages: English, Spanish

Apps on AppExchange: 0


HigherEchelon is a US-based Salesforce consulting firm that serves the public sector, private and commercial clients.

This CREST consulting partner provides Salesforce implementation services for governmental institutions and Salesforce-driven talent management & recruiting, employee portals and applicant tracking, and employee onboarding solutions.

HigherEchelon implements and optimizes the following Salesforce modules:

  • Sales & Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot
  • Mulesoft
  • Experience Cloud
  • Tableau CRM
  • Einstein AI

Besides the CRM solutions and consulting offerings, this company has a custom software development division for gaming and simulation solutions.

What HigherEchelon’ s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Solutions:

  • Commitment and willingness to help you gain a direction as you implement Salesforce into your business.
  • Recommendations and helping clients sort out their business processes (or lack their of) in Salesforce with new features and functionality.


17. V2Force


V2Force Home Page

V2Force Home Page| Ascendix


Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA

Year of Founding: 2003

Customer Support Languages: English,

Apps on AppExchange: 4


V2Force by a V2Solutions Company is another top Salesforce consulting firm in the USA that offers Salesforce implementation, data migration, and system integration services for Manufacturing, Non-profit, Energy, and Fintech sectors.

They specialize in:

  • Sales Cloud,
  • Marketing Cloud (and MC Account Engagement),
  • Service Cloud,
  • Field Service Lightning,
  • Experience Cloud,
  • CPQ & Billing,
  • Tableau.

This Salesforce consulting company also provides custom development services. It has built the following solutions for the AppExchange platform: Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive Integrators for Salesforce file storage, and Recommendation GPT app.

What V2Force’s Customers Like about Provided Salesforce Solutions:

  • Integration of Salesforce and separate systems and databases that funnel data into a data warehouse.
  • Streamlining sales operations and driving a custom report providing leadership with a 360-degree view of each market.

How to Choose the Best Salesforce Consulting Firm?

Echoing the wisdom of Jean-Paul Sartre, “We are our choices.” This philosophy rings particularly true when managing your Salesforce project. Your choice of consultants, developers, strategy, and tools can significantly impact your project’s success.

How to Choose The Right Salesforce Consulting Firm | Ascendix

How to Choose The Right Salesforce Consulting Firm | Ascendix

Remember, a solution that works wonders for one company might not suit your organization due to differing project approaches. That’s why selecting the best consulting agency is a critical decision.

To aid your selection process, we’ve crafted a checklist of essential criteria you should keep in mind while selecting the best of the best Salesforce consulting company.


1. Industry Expertise

While major domains like Communications, Education, and Financial Services are well-represented on AppExchange, more niche areas such as Commercial Real Estate or Capital Markets often remain underserved.

Remember, a successful Salesforce implementation requires more than just technical skills. It demands a deep understanding of specific business vectors – a fact often overlooked.

As such, this expertise should be a top criterion when selecting Salesforce partners. Ensure your consultant is fluent in your industry and can address your unique needs.


2. Salesforce Expertise

Salesforce certifications are vital in assessing a provider’s Salesforce consulting services. They testify to the requisite technical knowledge, skills, and resources needed for a successful salesforce implementation and project handling.

Moreover, they confirm the CRM solutions provider’s commitment to staying updated with Salesforce’s evolving landscape. Trust these markers of expertise to ensure your project’s success.


3. Agile Cost Structures

Investing in a Salesforce rollout can be substantial, but it doesn’t exclude the possibility of economical options. Establish your budget limits early and identify Salesforce partners that align with your financial scope.

Comparing different consultancies’ engagement models can also help you pinpoint the most comprehensive and budget-friendly solution for your needs.

It’s all about striking the right balance between quality and cost.


4. Client Project Portfolios

Nothing speaks louder about a company’s capabilities than its customers’ success stories. These testimonials showcase how the firm adapts to diverse business needs, navigates project challenges, and applies innovative solutions.

Exploring a potential vendor’s portfolio offers invaluable insights into their versatility and problem-solving prowess.


5. Communication and Management Style

Technical skills alone won’t guarantee a successful project. Effective communication and efficient management are equally crucial. It’s vital to understand how swiftly your queries will be addressed and issues resolved.

Reviews on platforms like AppExchange and highlight the paramount role of a technology partner ‘s project management and communication skills. At Ascendix, we prioritize an honest and open management style, dedication to client needs, and a commitment to customer experience excellence – attributes frequently commended by our clients.


6. User Training, Support, and System Administration

The Salesforce journey doesn’t conclude with solution deployment. Ensuring user comfort and proficiency requires ongoing training and support during and post-implementation.

Should your company lack the time or resources, your consulting partner can assist with sandbox creation, how-to guides, corporate training, and post-training support, ensuring all issues are addressed.

Additionally, after each Salesforce release, your system may need further configuration. This necessitates dedicated Salesforce admins to monitor new features and system upgrades, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.


Final Words

Boost your business operations with Ascendix Technologies, a premier Salesforce consulting firm based in Dallas. Our suite of services is designed to turbocharge your team’s productivity and simplify your CRM journey.

Our seasoned Salesforce consultants are primed to tailor your Salesforce org to your core business values. They strike the perfect balance between cutting-edge Salesforce technology and deep industry expertise.

Get ready to experience a streamlined, efficient, and powerful Salesforce solution that fits your business like a glove.

Book a free CRM consulting call and let’s start discussing your project today!

Top Salesforce Consultancy FAQ

What is a Salesforce consultancy?

A Salesforce consultancy is a professional service provider specializing in Salesforce, a top CRM platform. These consultancies help businesses implement, optimize, and customize Salesforce, integrate it with other systems, provide staff training, offer ongoing support, and assist in crafting effective CRM strategies. Salesforce consultancy aims to maximize a business’s investment in Salesforce.

What do Salesforce consulting companies do?

Salesforce consulting companies provide expert services to optimize the use of Salesforce, a premier CRM platform. They assist businesses in deploying and customizing Salesforce, integrating it with other systems, and providing training to staff. Additionally, they offer ongoing support, maintenance, and strategic consulting, all aimed at maximizing a business’s Salesforce investment and enhancing its customer relationships and business outcomes.

How many Salesforce consultancies are there?

As of 2023, the AppExchange marketplace features over 2,400 certified consultancies with 1 to more than 1,000 consultants onboard headquartered primarily in the USA, Canada, and India. Freelancer, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour platforms feature over 3,000 independent freelance Salesforce consultants.


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